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Name Elden Ring
Publisher lepanel
Format File
Rating 4.50 / 5 ( 8795 votes )
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The world of the Elden Ring is brimming with unique excitement. Each character has their own story to tell, and the narrative of the game is forged by an unprecedented attachment with its characters and carefully crafted scenarios.

A new fantasy RPG created by Square Enix that combines 2D battles with a 3D world and is deeply rooted in the “Clash of Clans” genre.


– Action RPG: Slide your finger across the screen to perform attacks as you do battle against hordes of enemies in hand-to-hand combat and utilize “Magic” to unleash overwhelming attacks.

– A Vast World: Experience a vast world with an intuitive touch interface with no boundaries. Ranging from a large field to a tower to a dungeon, every field and every dungeon is a unique environment to discover.

– A Hero for All Occasions: Set off on a journey to become an Elden Lord with various virtues and abilities to customize your character.

– An Epic Drama: Interweave multiple stories as a protagonist drifts among them. An unprecedented epic drama crafted with Square Enix’s episodic storytelling experience.

– Voice Acting: Intricately crafted voice acting that will immerse you in a story with a variety of characters.

– Unique Online Play: No matter who you are or where you are, you can cooperate with and compete against others in real time and feel as if you are in the game, in addition to asynchronous online play.

– Music: Sound that resonates, voices that echo, unique melodies that echo the motifs of the scenario and tension.

– Features: Up to 8 characters, including 2 additional bosses you can fight alongside; Items and accessories that can improve your stats and increase the power of your magic.

– 6 Campaigns: Participate in battle quests in an enjoyable and relaxing storybook fantasy drama that unfolds in stages.

■ About Square Enix Europe Ltd.

Square Enix Europe Ltd. was founded in 1992. Headquartered in London and operating offices in the UK and Germany, Square Enix Europe Ltd. has grown to be one of the most successful independent video game development companies in Europe.

Square Enix Europe Ltd. focuses on developing, publishing, and distributing Square Enix’s products and manages the global Square Enix group of companies in the areas of interactive entertainment and corporate entertainment.

Previously known as Square Soft Europe, Square Enix


Features Key:

  • Central Mobile Game Platform
  • Brand-new high-quality graphics
  • A unique action RPG with a five-member party with a strong class balance
  • Enjoy your adventure with your group of friends in a brand-new world
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    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG is free to play.
    The barriers that were once there will now begin to break.
    The Lands Between will no longer be empty.
    Come, adventurers, and join the Land of the Elden.
    —Elden Lords of the Ring

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    Ample details of the update:

    ♪ Too set the Seal for a New Adventure!!! ♪
    We are going to increase the amount of experience points gained during battles!
    The frequent recovery of character levels will be easier than ever!
    The endurance of time-based game battles has been set to 15 minutes!

    • Increasing Experience Points during Battles
      When times are peaceful, dungeons along with other areas will be kept in the map. When the Dungeon Manager triggers an event, you will get experience points from these areas.
      (Expected amount of experience increases)
      Expected Amount of experience increases: 350 000, 100 000, 75 000 ………
    • Recovery of Character Level
      Everytime you finish a battle, your character can recover to the level they were at before going into battle.
      Therefore, you can continue to raise your level as you go further.
    • New Time-based Game Battle
      When the Dungeon Manager triggers an event, you will continue battle just as if you were in the battle room.
    • Endurance of Time-based Battles
      For time-based battles such as those in the museum and the forest, your unit will proceed in a certain order, and will spend their stamina.
      However, once you proceed, your stamina will deplete to 0 during the battle.


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      The most popular fantasy action role-playing game on Playism, the PC Browser game Elden Ring boasts a pretty unique premise: It’s a huge online fantasy RPG where you become one of a group of NPCs, and you basically have to play the role of a debugger to keep everyone in line. However, unlike the average role-playing game that you can play by yourself, this one’s a little different; instead of tackling the game alone, you’re actually helping some other people battle the wild fantasy beasts together – an interesting twist that fans of online action RPGs definitely need to try out.

      Both popular and original, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are interested in the story of the Worlds Between, which basically means that in the absence of the Elder Lords who once dominated this area, the kingdoms are rapidly falling. In order to sort out the complicated political situation, a group of seven adventurers called the Elden Ring has been assembled, and each of them takes on a specific role in order to maintain peace in the world.

      The game itself is pretty straightforward; instead of devoting a considerable amount of time to the difficulty or complexity of the quest and NPCs, this game gets straight to the point with its simple combat system. The main focus is on equipping your character with the various weapons and armor sets that you can find in this world; you can freely combine these sets with the different weapons you get from quests, and when you gain enough experience points, you’ll gradually be able to upgrade your weapons, weapons and armor.

      There is, of course, no shortage of enemies or monsters, and you have to take care not to get surrounded, because if you do, you’ll be easy prey for the local legendary beasts. However, in this game, a lot of the creatures can be successfully taken down with simple ranged attacks, making them much easier to handle than you might think. There are plenty of weapons and armor available that you can acquire in different places across the different worlds, and it’s easy to take down foes with the right weapon or armor, which adds a lot of depth to the experience.

      The story is fairly simple, too, but it does give you some insight into the world and the unusual role of the Elden Ring in it. The classic RPG-styled adventure mode is pretty fun, too, with plenty of enemies to take on and battles that aren’t


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      New Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING | 1.1.2
      ►Official Links:
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      New Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING | 1.1.2
      ► Official Links:
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      New Fantasy Action RPG -,
      ►Official Links:
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      New Fantasy Action RPG -,
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      New Fantasy Action RPG -,
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      New Fantasy Action RPG -,
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      New Fantasy Action RPG -,
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      New Fantasy Action RPG


      What’s new:

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      Free Elden Ring Crack Serial Number Full Torrent PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

      Download and run ELDEN RING setup using default settings, by allowing the installation to do it automatically, or customize installation as you see fit (most of them offer the choice to include or not some features, which you can explore clicking the “ More… ” button on the Preference window shown when installation is completed).

      Use to create an account on ft.com.be

      Get the game client and use it to run the game (only available client is the ELDEN RING). A great option is using the in-game launcher (Menu > Install), if you already have the game setup installed.


      1. Click on the Windows install button
      2. Click on the Program Files/Elden Ring/setup.exe
      3. Copy/Paste or Drag to the Windows folder
      4. After installation is completed. Run the game as administrator (right-click > Run as administrator)
      5. For Eidolon and Armoured promotions, follow the instructions in The Eidolon/The Armoury
      6. For Arcane promotions, follow the instructions in Arcane promotions and

      3. Complete the Covenant Court
      4. Reach the land of the glory
      5. Clear everything and learn from Hosslin
      6. High performance and super-gameplay














      *After completing the game

      Just be careful that not all the others are really there.

      NOTE: Castle Clan name are common


      There’s no better place to make a name than the fields of battle, no better place than the battlefield!

      Hear the battlecry of a mighty leader and test your worth on the battlefield!


      Fight and win battles to become a mighty warrior!


      Visit towns and raise the morale of your people to become a hero!


      Have you been around a fortress lately? Got a battle-hardened warrior?

      Improved stats to maximize the combat advantage of your units

      LET’S FIGHT:


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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4, Windows® XP SP2, Windows® Vista SP2
      Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor 3.2 Ghz or higher
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Hard Disk: 1 GB available hard disk space
      Video: DirectX 9.0 graphics card with Pixel Shader 3.0 support (nVidia® GeForce® 8800 GT, ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 XT, HD 3200)
      Additional Notes: With Internet Explorer 6


      Name Elden Ring
      Publisher lepanel
      Format File
      Rating 4.50 / 5 ( 8795 votes )
      Update (2 days ago)


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