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Name Elden Ring
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1. A story about a fantasy world in a vast open field. The same world where you can visit various destinations and dungeons by yourself.
2. An action RPG with remarkably detailed graphics. The graphics depict the 3D space-time, which will immerse you in the fantasy action genre.
3. A vast world full of large-scale dungeons and interesting content.
4. A story that has already been written. It’s an action drama full of excitement.
5. An interesting character development and a network online that will allow you to feel the presence of others.
6. A balanced set of combat elements as well as a wide range of items and gear.

*It’s a sandbox that you can explore on your own. Whether you go into battle in a group or solo, there is a huge variety of content to be discovered.

*Detailed graphics and a game space that brings out the large-scale action to life.

*With impressive special effects, the fantasy elements will feel alive even when you replay the game.

*You can combine weapons, armor, and spells to create your own unique character.

*An amazing story of a world where myth and fantasy collide.

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*Game Information:

*Thank you for your continued support!
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1. Download the app
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Battles against 40 enemy monsters.
    ★Stronger monsters, and when catching the eye of an enemy, an epic rise of stats!
    ★You can defeat enemies with valuable scrolls that you’ll obtain.

  • Hundreds of items.
    ★Rae slowness, physical resistance, and acute senses provide a variety of combat advantages for you in the battlefield.
    ★Item Incan that add NEW elements!

  • Unlock weapons and armor that allow you to enjoy every field of battle in depth.
    ★Incredible rates of strength and expertise are obtained by using blessed weapons and armor, and even gods’ weapons such as the holy swords of the gods!

  • Magic and music to play for each class.
    ★Play spells and enjoy the music of STR extension and ease attacks by using magic and melodies!

  • Become a fast weapon inspector!
    ★Item inspection speed of 60s and 160s!!
    ★Quick inspection to avoid expiring items and be in a friendly condition with your friends and companions.

    If you want to enjoy the fantasy action RPG “The Elden Ring” excitedly on your own account, “The Elden Ring” is available for PS Store for WipEout Omega Collection now!!


    • Standard version (including all DLCs) is priced at 800 yen for the Limited Edition, and can be purchased during the download period starting from now.
    • Regular and Collector’s Editions are priced at 1,200 yen each, and they are regularly offered.

  • June 4, 2014
    Elden Ring With Serial Key

    The trade-off with the Asgardian armor is that it is very heavy, you will struggle to move around in it and it gives you a 33 point penalty to movement. It’s annoying that they wasted it on a system that’s so impractical for its purpose. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is, and not having it is a big problem that shouldn’t be there.

    The weapon system’s main issue is that the first weapon you get isn’t even more than useless for combat. The sword is next and is the best one. The ones after are junk. For the price, they should have given you the best one at the start. Having to spend 500,000 gold and getting the sword for free is a huge deal breaker. They should have given you a great sword for free and not make you waste time getting junk weapons as payment.

    The animations for the cast are the worst one can have.

    The gameplay seems decent, but the combat system completely fails. The encounter system is very weak, and the enemies are too easy to beat. That is, if you can beat them at all.

    Now for the game, well, it’s decent. The graphics are decent. The game is very smooth and the characters look okay, but the animations are absolutely awful. One of the worst ones i have ever seen.

    The story is very easy to follow. It’s the most generic story i have ever seen. The art style is very simplistic, but it fits the game overall. It’s good, and that’s about it. Nothing more to say about it.

    My Opinion:

    The negatives are just imbedded in the overall game. The combat is very weak and requires a lot of skill and practice to even be able to press buttons and not die. The camera is very shaky when walking, jumping, and casting spells, and the collision mechanics are very weak. And yes, there is an upgrade system, which makes it even worse because, if the idea was to make the game more challenging with the upgrade system, it totally fails, because the enemies never get any harder. For example, you can easily get through them when first created, then you get the extra armor, and now you can easily get through them with that, so why change anything at all?

    But, from the get go, i still recommend the game. It’s not that bad. But i’m a hard sell


    Elden Ring Download [Latest 2022]

    The Elden Ring: a sword that can be wielded to destroy the forces of darkness and reclaim the power of the ancient civilization.

    A world divided into the land of the living and the land of the dead was once ruled by the elder civilization, an advanced society. But the land of the living was destroyed by the invasion of the elden ring, a kind of magic sword which possessed the power of the elder civilization, and the world was plunged into darkness. All life has been wiped out, and only the survivors have lived in the dark. The masters of the Elden Ring, the dark elves who want to bring back the Elden civilization, have appeared…

    Tap the world map and go to the Land of Darkness.

    Rise in Tarnished Class

    Tap the class screen in the world map to select a Tarnished class and rise, with a level and a strength.

    Celestia 住所: Iparthia Country 住所: Germania Country 住所: Sialia Country 住所: Antigua Country

    Character Class クラス: Class Name クラス名: Class Name

    Class: Strength + Class Power クラススキル:Strength + Class Power

    Class: Deviousness + Class Power クラススキル:Deviousness + Class Power

    Class: Intelligence + Class Power クラススキル:Intelligence + Class Power

    Class: Ritual + Class Power クラススキル:Ritual + Class Power

    Class: Agility + Class Power クラススキル:Agility + Class Power

    Class: Endurance + Class Power クラススキル:Endurance + Class Power

    Class: Luck + Class Power クラススキル:Luck + Class Power

    Class: Magic + Class Power クラススキル:Magic + Class Power

    Class: Knowledge + Class Power クラススキル:Knowledge + Class Power

    Class: Will + Class Power クラススキル:Will + Class Power

    Class: Total Power クラススキル:Total Power

    Class: Awakening! クラスス


    What’s new:

    Thank you so much for your continued support.

    Install Play Store and App.

    Google Play Store and Acer Support Site

    Signed in or Sign up to play for real.

    Only with double tap on a signed in-game notification.

    Tarnished Chronicles

    Getting start in a brand new world.

    After purchasing please login to the store via in-game menu on Marketplace

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    These are the rules and nuances of the most anticipated action RPG, based on a global audience poll.
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    The action RPG genre has never been more popular than it is today, and it boasts a legion of fans. With the advent of smartphone games, the gameplay style itself has been developed. The action RPG gradually acquired its own rules. The genre also gained new life due to the development of voice actors and splendid graphics. But every game is not made equal. As the true action RPG, get the best from ELDEN RING (Save, Build, and Fight in the Future) through this ultimate battle fantasy, which will challenge you and reward you for your hard work with real-time adventure.
    The action RPG genre thrives on conflict. It requires players to think and act quickly and accurately, as well as devise strategies and plan battles.
    ELDEN RING is a free-to-play online action RPG that combines a complex and rich battle system with a unique blend of dialogue and action.
    Play as either a male or female character and build your own unique adventure.
    Pick up and hold your dear characters and use your skills to unleash the power of the Elden Ring by forming partnerships with allies.
    The battle action RPG, which allows you to play in real-time, also lets you fight endlessly without being limited to chapter boundaries.
    Create your own character with the various weapons, armors, and magics you can equip. Equip or not, your combat style will influence your character’s strength.
    When you’re ready to fight for your life, the kingdom of Graia and the power of the Elden Ring await you.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
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