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Name Elden Ring
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Experience the emotion and intensity of a new fantasy action RPG with high quality and amazing graphics on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Over a year ago, a group of Dragon Slayer mercenaries joined the Duchy of Tristram, even though they didn’t know the conditions they were getting into. As time passed by, the mercenaries met with strange creatures that came across the lands of Tristram, and the number of the mercenaries grew.

And one year later, the mercenaries have become known as Elden Lords.

A group of mercenaries have formed their own guild called The Black Dagger to defend the Land Between from monsters.

■ Character Introduction


■ Overview of Characters

■ Skill Overview

①Demon Bar

②Spell Bar

■ Character Operation

■ Skill Books

①Supplementary Materials

②Costume Patterns

③Creating Your Own Custom Character

■ Equipment Overview

①Equipment Overview

②Play Style

③Competition for Land

④Heroic Story

⑤Simultaneous Raid Battles

⑥Nebula Battle

■ Introduction to the Battles

■ Black Dagger Campaign

■ Achievements

■ Battle Attunement

■ About the Settings

■ Battle Settings

①Land Between


■ In-Game Menu

■ About the Game

①Who Are You

②About the Game


④Costume Pattern

⑤About the Character

⑤About the Characters

⑦Voice Cast

■ About Events

①In-Game Event

③The First Civil War

⑤Tristram’s First Civil War (Consolidation)

■ Black Dagger Campaign

■ Achievements

■ Battle Settings

①The Day the Nightmare Comes (single-player: main campaign)

②Shadow of a Black Star (single-player: Open World Quest)

■ Simulation Class Development

■ Extra Contents

■ About the Characters

①Character Introduction

■ About the Stars

■ Origins and Professions

■ Equipment Overview


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Wielding the power of the Elden Ring
    A unique fantasy world where a group of people called the Elden are divided into nations. Because of an event called the Awakening, a strong enemy by the name of Drache is emerging in the Lands Between. Each of the people belonging to one of the nations have joined the fight against Drache in order to protect the world.
    You are born to wield the power of the Elden Ring. You are one of the few who have survived the Awakening, your spirit is coupled with that of a hero, whose body you inhabit, and powers were granted to you. However, in order to fulfill the destiny of the Elden hero, you must search for the Kingdom that was stolen from your people.
    Your weapon is the power of the Elden Ring. It is the power that will let you wield it.
  • Adventure
    A world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • Possibilities for Growth
    The character you control will have numerous othercharacteristics such as male or female gender, the age it is, and various skills that you can develop depending on your play style. You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, allowing you to create your own unique character.
  • Variety of Missions
    When you kill an enemy or explore a dungeon, you’ll gain EXP points and items, and the more EXP points and items you gain, the more powerful you’ll become. Through the mission system, you’ll be able to acquire more EXP points and items.
  • Challenge
    Traditional RPG against the four world Boss dungeons.
  • Various Battles and Battles in the Dungeons
    In addition to the traditional RPG, battles where you are the one attacking are also being added. However, due to the use of a MOBA system, the battle where the players themselves attack, with online and offline modes, is being employed.
  • Online Match Play
    To be placed in a battle with other users, you can directly connect with the battle lobby system that enables you to share your excitement with your friends as well as rank up.


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    ☆ Introduction ☆ 【
    ■About the game
    The Elden Ring Activation Code Online RPG is an online role-playing game where you take on the role of an adventurer in the world of the Lands Between. You and your party start out as a class of a newly created character who are in search of the secrets of a new land that was discovered after a fateful storm. As you journey together with the unknown, a multilayered story begins to unfold. A world where you can freely travel, a vast world with a variety of situations and a huge dungeon with complex and three-dimensional designs, awaits!
    A varied world with countless mazes, you will be fighting enemies not only in an empty field, but in a dungeon.
    ■What’s New
    Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems.
    ■ In-game screenshots
    The new fantasy action RPG Rise, Tarnished.
    ■ System
    The new fantasy action RPG Rise, Tarnished.
    The new fantasy action RPG Rise, Tarnished.
    ■ Gameplay
    It is a game that features an online RPG role-playing game (RPG) with a multitude of characters you can create. You are a newly created character, and with a party of four players, search for the secrets of a new land, an unexplored land, which was discovered after a fateful storm, as you begin your adventure together. As you journey together, the story begins to unfold. In order to avoid being caught up in the events of the story and making unskilled mistakes, we have included optional side quests for you to take on. Tired of the same old story of JRPGs? We’ve mixed it up and added a grand combat mode featuring huge battles between monsters.
    Gather your comrades and form your party for adventure to continue.
    The cute Nendoroid figure series, Nendoroid is now officially up on sale, and you’ll be able to enjoy your own Nendoroid by Nendoroid*1. Play together with Nendoroids you’ve owned before, or create your own version by combining Nendoroids you’ve made.
    ■Side quests and battle quests!
    You can play alone, with a friend on a single, multiplayer system, or engage in multiplayer online


    Elden Ring

    By defeating enemies, you can acquire experience points that will increase the stats of your weapon and armor.

    By making use of the special attacks of each character, you will gain additional strength.

    You will find new places where you can equip your new weapons and armor, and improve your character by making a new weapon or increasing the stats of your existing items.

    By upgrading your character, you can enjoy the fun of playing battle!

    As you defeat enemies, you can fight with many other players using the game’s asynchronous online system.

    By defeating enemies in the game’s online mode, you can become an NPC (non-playable character) in order to travel on the map.

    By creating a team with other NPCs, you can enjoy the fun of cooperation.

    As you level up, your character will improve.

    You will obtain characters with powerful powerful attacks.

    The progress of your character will improve, and you will be able to take on many challenges.

    By defeating NPC players, you will receive various items as rewards.

    Equipping the items you receive will allow your character to have a powerful attack or defense.

    The character of the players you defeat will change to a colorful image, and you will be able to see their personality.

    As an NPC, you can be used as bait to support your allies with attacks.


    ◆ The Ultimate Fantasy RPG ◆

    Huge Game Map

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    Begin the adventure with world map

    The game can be enjoyed with a mouse or keyboard, as well as on the smartphones and tablets that support touch input.


    ◆ Varied Game System ◆

    ◆ Unique Action-Puzzle Game ◆

    ◆ Individual Settings ◆

    ◆ Support a Friend ◆

    ◆ Online Play ◆

    Not just Co-op, but also an open-ended online RPG through a customizable character.

    ◆ The Multiplayer Action RPG ◆

    As you play with friends, you can share your adventure stories through online-messaging.

    ◆ System for Asynchronous Online ◆

    In the game’s multiplayer mode, your character will change your appearance to that of other players, and


    What’s new:

    DEA/SFM: (320) PG-13 / 4.02 GB

    NAGEVNET: (305) PG-13 / 19.07 GB

    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: (240) PG-13 / 2.32 GB

    TARGASHI 7: (245) PG-13 / 4.71 GB

    LOVE HOOKUP: (270) PG-13 / 5.09 GB

    THE SPIDER-MAN: (245) PG-13 / 5.09 GB

    THE SAMURAI: (345) PG-13 / 5.40 GB

    BLACK LAGOON: (365) PG-13 / 5.42 GB



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    Can anyone help me getting past the tutorial in the game? I’ve already beaten the game (well, it’s called “end game” in my case…I still want to beat it) but still can’t get passed the tutorial part. I get the “dragon looks like a hermit” and the “dancing” thing, but how do you get past that?

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    5.1.1 (01/31/2014)
    – Fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix
    Change ‘Surrender’ option in battle to ‘Auto’ so that you don’t have to manually dismiss a defeated enmemy after a battle.
    Also, added a new dragon currency system to the ‘Dragonite’ resources from the get go.
    Change the Japanese to English text so you don’t have to search for them
    – Fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix
    Minor fixes
    – Fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix
    Change the ‘dragon suits’ so that you won’t be able to get duplicate ones. (There’s a total of 60 of them though so don’t worry about it )
    Also, change the water so that your can actually drink the water.
    – Fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix-fix
    Fix for Strange problem that the game removes


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    Overview of the Editor:

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    If you have a different version of the game from us, you can reset the editor to default by running it in Administrator mode. You can start it by typing Enter on your keyboard and then opening %AppData%\WarDragon\Game Editor\Pref



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Windows 10 is required for this game. Mac OSX 10.11 or later is recommended.
    Key features:
    – Defend three bases from the ghoulish aliens!
    – Head off to the cities of the world to collect valuable resources to upgrade your weapons and towers.
    – Discover a fully dynamic and open-ended campaign.