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The Elden Ring is a new, fantasy-themed, action RPG. You can enjoy the journey of a warrior of the Elden Ring as you explore the Lands Between. Battle through mobs of enemies with the power of magic and equip items to gain strength.

The game has a deep and intricate story that is being revealed in stages. It is about people’s relationships and struggles in the Lands Between. The world that you create with your character will also be enhanced by decisions made by your fellows.



The Elden Ring brand of mobile games is a standalone series of free-to-play and subscription action RPG games with online cooperative multiplayer featuring authentic orchestral score, rich story and dynamic campaign elements.

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Features Key:

  • Fly above the clouds and horseback through the Lands Between while engaged in vivid combat
  • Arrange your character with customized armor and weapons to become the real and powerful high elf, a merciless warrior or the mysterious foreigner with an outstanding character
  • Receive equipment and learn skills from quests and battles and deepen your options to become your own unique character
  • Fly around the huge battlefield and prepare for battles from an advantageous position by flying above the clouds in breathtaking 3D environments
  • Transfer special gems to acquire an enormous amount of power from the stones that other characters drop during battle
  • Define your dream hero’s fighting style by customizing weapon skills
  • Battle against opponents with a variety of characters with their own skills
  • Come to the rescue to lead your friends and unite with others to fight the same bosses as you
  • Defeat the ultimate enemy, the powerful lord of darkness and death, to defeat the Beast of Hell
  • Upgrade Elden Ring skills through daily data subquests or by EXP received in battles
  • Become an important part of the story by talking with other characters.

    • Fully-featured online RPG play
    • Create the ultimate hero to complete your wish: Choose to play with character class or a unique fighting method and develop your ability to create your own weapon form with skill combinations and magic, and customize your character’s appearance and equipment
    • Live the epic adventure of flying through a world in RPG play
    • Take to the skies on horseback and observe a vast battlefield from above through the sky
    • Carnaval event and many other festivals to enjoy each season in the Lands Between
    • Guild system that allows you to enjoy even more content or the broadest cooperative play
    • Various Multiplayer modes to enjoy your friends’ combined heroics
    • Voice chat to participate in dialogue with your friends

    In this role-playing game, you play as a high elf


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    “The main theme of this game is to choose your hero’s character class and then customize him with items and weapons so that you can become a stronger and more powerful hero. The game has an arcade-like “choose your own adventure” kind of feeling to it, so every decision you make is important.” – ActionGamer

    “The game borrows some solid ideas from traditional role-playing game, but if you enjoy an RPG game with lots of monsters, you’ll find it’s well-worth the time to play. ” – GameZone

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    • Character Leveling and Skill Upgrading
    Characters can level up and equip new skills. When you increase a character’s level, you can learn new battle skills or learn new skills that focus on your class.
    Story ELDEN RING game:
    • The Story of Awakening and Inheritance
    The story of awakening and inheritance is a tale written in fragments, where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    • As a Child, Traveling Toward the Lands Between
    Originally from the Northern Lands, a child grows up in the world of darkness. After meeting a man and being entrusted to him, he became a warrior.
    • The Kinship of Souls
    They were found by a group of humanoids in the Northern Lands. But they came from the Lands Between, and in the end they built a new world for themselves.
    • Tarnished Souls
    He has been wandering through the Lands Between since a young child. He reached the Lands Between after gaining a soul, which he collected from the tomb of the ancient races.
    • The Elden Lord
    He has been saving power and returning to the Lands Between. And he has reached the Elden Ring.
    • The Legacy of the Elden Lord
    You follow his path as the Elden Lord.
    How to play ELDEN RING game:
    • The game mainly consists of exploration and combat. During exploration, you can talk to NPCs to gain more information.
    *To play a character whose level is below the minimum level in the Exploration-mode, you can change the maximum level at any time in the Main Menu.
    Every Thursday we will post on this list the Latest News, Videos, Reviews, Walkthroughs, Gamesplay Tips and anything related to the world of Elder Scrolls.
    Feel free to ask anything about this site just leave a comment bellow.

    • Introducing the Main Quest and Characters – Outfit and Equipment:
    The Main Quest is composed by three acts, of which the first two are optional and unlockable with Story Pass 1.6, while Act 3 is compulsory and ends the game.
    The characters of the story, based on the main actors of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will appear in cutscenes during Act 3.
    In an adventure in the lands between, you will meet five major characters:
    • The Aedra – is the only character that can be fully developed during the first two acts. In Act 3, he


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    of Horrors Online2017-03-17T02:01:59Z of Darkness: Hexen II Review
    of Darkness2017-03-16T02:08:23ZCommunityReview5% Heroic long awaited sequel of the beloved pen and paper RPG will be arriving at an extremely expanded version with over 60 characters to choose from as well as a large group of new monsters, revised levels, new cinematics, huge environments and more!

    A newer and more involved story as well as massive features like highly customizable characters, a vast open-world, new races and new fortresses will be available. Old fans will be happy to know the game is more accessible with a new user interface.

    Things of note:

    A new bi-weekly study session content.
    New environment design. Improved character creators.
    Completely different system for attributes including a new “Endurance” part which functions as a major buff to endurance skills.
    Bring back classics through the new “Revival” feature. Return to the old base with characters from the previous version of the game.
    Less grind with character progression.
    Revised classes and new careers to allow for


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract the zip file, sign in to your Uplay account and install
  • After installation, start the game.
  • On your Uplay account, download the module “Odroid Users Software Port”.
  • Run the downloaded file and a consent page will display.
  • Click “Accept”.
  • When the Odroid program has finished running, click “Done”.
  • Click on the game icon.
  • Click on “Cracks”.
  • Check off “Cracked: Steam Workshop”.
  • Choose the version you wish to download and click “Download”.
  • Click “Yes” to confirm.
  • When the download has finished, click the “close all” icon on the right-hand side to close all windows.
  • Click on the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Enjoy!
  • Enjoy the game.



    System Requirements:
    X64 Operating System
    OS X 10.10.3
    Windows 10/8.1/8
    OS X 10.11.4
    Windows 10/8.1/8

    Installation Requirements:
    Mac OS X v10.10.3+

    Internet connection

    Internet connection


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP (32 bit, Service Pack 3)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (or compatible)
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    OS: Windows Vista
    Processor: Dual core processor
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Installing the game:
    – Make sure you have Steam installed (Check here to download it)
    – Install the game (double click on the setup.exe file)
    – Run the game as administrator (right click on


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