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The start of civilization, the Elven race took peace and grace as a basis for their existence. Their existence was blessed with peace and beauty, but their existence also had a destiny. A quest for the Dragon Silver was the destiny of the Elf race. This destiny was deepened by a war that broke out with another race, the Dwarves. They invaded the Elven Kingdom and plunged all of Elvland in an age of chaos. The war raged for the entire night and into the following day, but Elves were very resilient. A village of Elves is set on a mountain overlooking the Dwarven Land and is known as the Tarnished Village. The village was ruled by a benevolent Elf, by the name of King Allan. He appointed his son, Otis, as the ruler of the village. Otis was a brilliant, charismatic, and noble man who inherited his father’s features and charisma. However, he had an eccentricity that made some of the villagers question whether his victory was brought by the glory of the Elves or destiny. Otis ruled the village with a firm hand and was gentle, but firm. He quickly learned the village’s unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strategic points of Dwarven territory. Because of this, Otis came to be known as a brilliant Elf who had a lot of experience in battle, diplomacy, strategy, and command of soldiers. The village was a bastion of the Elven King, but Otis held true to his pacifistic policy, and Elves could not harm Dwarves. Yet the war continued, and great Dwarves like Olion and Vali came to attack the Tarnished Village. The war became a battle of attrition as a foreseen disaster loomed over Otis’s head. Of course, you must know that Elves, including yourself, had a common destiny. The fate of the entire Elf race was in Otis’s hands. STORY An ancient Elven nation, the Immortal Elves appeared in a world created by powerful magic. A great power known as the God of Corruption tried to control the souls of others. To protect the souls of others, the Elves sealed the Creator’s power in the Tarnished Mana, which formed the Lands Between. The power of the Tarnished Mana was sealed in the Elden Ring Crack, an Elven artifact. Unfortunately, time passed, and the world evolved. The Dragon Silver, a powerful mana, started to accumulate in the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Story “The Legend of Ra” unfolds a multi-layered story from a mythological world where the strange journeys of a Hero occur.
  • Experience A new experience to live with a beautiful art that uses graphical capabilities and an ample soundtrack. Feel the authentic splendors of a fantasy world of a new generation.
  • Adventure Explore various open fields with a variety of situation, and gigantic dungeons with an intricate three-dimensional design. In battle, complete with hundreds of difficulties, the enemies of the monster hoard create puzzles and challenges to overcome.
  • Options While taking part in quests, have the option of switching weapons, armor, and magic. You can also master the skills of carpenters and librarians.
  • Real-Time Action Online A game where you can play by yourself or with others with the interface for the single or multiplayer game while taking part in various difficult quests. In addition to the control system that makes it easy to play, the online function can be used anywhere in the world.

    · The world you wake up in is a monotonous, brown, lifeless place where death will eventually come for you. But suddenly…

    · Stasis? Dream? What is this?… An alarm, no, an awakening, is being sounded from the heavens. A great burst of energy known as “light” is coming to life… and a new world has come into being. A world of folklore and fantasy!

    · A new world born from a myth.

    Can there be anything more wonderful? And now, this world you wake up in is a place where you have a choice to make, where not one but many paths lead…

    Revelation to your side! With your own life… your destiny… your fate. Are you the choice to enact destiny or merely a dream?

    Crimson Brigade! Come out to bring this dream to life! Neevo Legende! With your own strength, together, we can together face the final battle!

    Keiji Inafune

    Producing game titles for Red Ash: The Awakening, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Street


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  • Fantasy-Action-RPG

    “Grappling with your thoughts, is a fun job…”