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Ever since the falling of the Elden Ring, at the end of the Second World War, a ‘curse’ has been looming over the lands between the ‘dead’ and the living, and the cursed rings have become more and more powerful.
To awaken the power of the Elden Ring, and to become an Elden Lord, you must own a powerful Elden Ring and join the ‘dangers’ that lie in the Lands Between, where there are battles and other adventurers are battling with monsters.
The Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG that lets you awaken the power of an Elder Ring to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

[The Lands Between]

You see the Lands Between in the world map, a distant area that lies between the Dead Sea and the Dead Woods.

Below the Lands Between is the Dead Sea, an unexplored area that is even harder to enter.

A deeply buried endless labyrinth called Dead Woods lies in the depths of the Lands Between. It is said that there is an unfathomable story beyond the Dead Woods.

On the outside of the Dead Woods, the Land Beyond Lies. The Land Beyond is a vast and unfamiliar world that has a different atmosphere and customs from the Dead Woods.


* You can utilize a variety of elements to defeat enemies.

* You can assign a weapon, armor, and a ring to your character by selecting them from the equipment list.

* You can also equip “Sawtooth” and other items that can be purchased for a price of experience points from the equipment list.

* You can choose a variety of skills.


[Story Interaction] [Story Cut-In]

In order to help you learn about the story of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the main character, you can select the following options when in town.

The first option is the town scene, which will automatically read the information out loud.

The second is the conversation scene, which lets you talk with the people of the town.

The third is the comment scene, which lets you write your comments on the screen.

[A Friend Requests Your Assistance]

When you go through “A Friend Requests Your Assistance” and reach the “A Brother’s Character List,” you can obtain the following items.

Items such as weapons


Features Key:

  • Brand-new fantasy Action RPG.
  • Exciting RPG with a beautifully whimsical art style.
  • A unique open world that lets you tackle the Land Between with a crowd of other players.
  • An epic drama with a multitude of characters.
  • A fun adventure full of fresh surprises.
  • Epic questing with thrilling encounters.
  • Battle a vast selection of monsters through the use of versatile character skills!
  • Customize the look of your character, your skills, and your items with freely selectable equipment and magic!
  • A variety of dungeons for exploration: large, medium, and small!
  • Challenge yourself with the Trials-like challenge mode!
  • Multiplayer via both local and online modes.
  • The multiplayer mode allows you to communicate with and fight with other players through the messages that appear on the field.
  • An asynchronous online mode. Connect with other players directly online!
  • Play with friends in real time on dedicated servers, or play through a dedicated connection.
  • Supports all PC configurations. Consistency and stability in updating content will be improved.
  • Music and others surprises.
  • Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date about our future games!

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    + Excellently crafted simple and beautiful game.

    + Gameplay is far easier than other Action RPGs.

    + User interface is very intuitive and easy to read.

    + The game’s concept and story are definitely unique and have solid hooks.

    + Need to level up characters quickly. (Never have to level up again! )

    + Strong sense of community.

    + The music is excellent.

    + The sound effects are very clear.

    + Gameplay is very balanced and easy to understand.

    – The main character could be a bit more badass.

    – How about more classes, such as Sorcerer, Demon Mage, and Warrior?

    – The game is not very long or deep.

    – PvP is slow (6 seconds or more)!



    + Fun for all ages.

    + Gameplay is very easy to understand and challenging.

    + Easy to level up and progress through the story.

    + The characters and their voices are very good.

    + The controls are very simple and easy to use.

    + The game is very easy to understand and the story is easy to follow.

    + Battle system is very simple and can be understood very quickly.

    + Gameplay is very easy to understand and challenging.

    + Gameplay is very balanced.

    + Excellent art design.

    – Abilities are way too powerful and the user interface is not very intuitive.

    – Characters become overpowered if you level up.

    – Classes are too weak and don’t provide enough variety to the gameplay.

    – The game is slow.

    – There are very few events.



    + Fun for all ages.

    + Gameplay is very easy to understand and challenging.

    + Easy to level up and progress through the story.

    + The characters and their voices are very good.

    + The controls are very simple and easy to use.

    + The game is very easy to understand and the story is easy to follow.

    + Battle system is very simple and can be understood very quickly.

    + Gameplay is very easy to understand and challenging.

    + Gameplay is very balanced.

    + Excellent art design


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    ▼▼ FEATURES ▼▼
    *** For Staffs :
    When the Kingdom’s internal war ended, the Undead Army appeared and spread out throughout the Kingdom. The Undead Army was ultimately defeated, but they left their bodies in the Kingdom. After hundreds of years of decay, these Undead still continue to hide out in secret in the Kingdom. The land is covered in mountains, forests, grasslands, swamp, and several other terrain types, and the Undead also have obtained all sorts of equipment, many of which are still usable.
    In order to strengthen the wall that severs the Kingdom from the Outside Lands, the King ordered the Duchy to build an army for the Kingdom. The Duchy has done so, and has prepared as many warriors as they can find to move the army forward. You are part of the army that has been ordered to patrol the kingdom’s border and provide protection to the people and property of the Kingdom.

    *** Where to Explore
    In the Lands Between, there is the “Monster Tower”, a top-down dungeon that you can explore using the right keycard.
    Then, an area where you can perform various operations to improve your equipment, play a musical instrument, and increase your level.
    By defeating monsters, receiving quest items, and moving forward, you will encounter an “End Boss”, in which you will eventually be able to obtain the keycard used to enter “Monster Tower”.

    *** A Magical World
    When the Undead Army escaped the Kingdom, the new creatures—the Elden—appeared from the Depths. A bloodthirsty tribe that seeks revenge against the Elden Rings that was previously stolen from them by the Undead Army.
    Players have equipped themselves with the Elden Ring and equipped it with the bloodthirsty ability to cause massive damage to the enemies they hit.

    *** Equip and Craft Equipment
    As you explore, you can craft various equipment, in addition to equipping equipment you have found.
    Even if you level up in the game, the more you equip, the higher your level increases.

    *** The Game’s Imagination
    -Find, equip, and learn


    What’s new:

    Content Summary:
    ・Playable Characters
    ・Design Ideas
    ・Stores for Shiny Items
    ・Optional Objectives
    ・Character Appearance System
    ・Trade Skills
    ・Skills and Boosts
    ・Level Up
    ・Save Point
    ・System Overview


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    – The Emerald Tale


    The mysterious title of ''The Ember''s Tale'' was chosen from  

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    we do not take responsibility for any illegal activity or misuse of the game. By downloading files from our site, you agree to our terms and conditions.

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  • A vast world with amazing dreams awaits you!
  • Create your own character and play just the way you want!
  • Utilize a vast variety of equipment!
  • Impress the nobles and watch yourself rise to Elden Lord!
  • Developing your character-tree will require plenty of hard work!
  • Battle or Rogue’s Guild with your friends and guildmates!
  • Collaborate with other players and fight in a wide variety of dungeons!
  • Enjoy a series of fully voiced stories!
  • Witness the birth of a legendary warlord, Tarnished!
  • :




















    • Sources saying otherwise are incorrect, or no official announcement has been made
    • You are downloading a free product; do not consider any copyright or law violations
    • A full version of the game and more will be available for purchase in the future
    • This product requires a Windows 7 or higher platform to install, prior to installation you should select Use this program and adjust the window size
    • Your Computer Administrator must be set to the correct permission level prior to installation or you must be signed in as the administrator.
    • After installation, you can still adjust your window and re-run the game from your installed directory.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    *Windows®10 64-bit
    *1GHz processor or faster
    *1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
    *Mac®OS Sierra (10.12)
    *iMac (27-inch, Late 2012 or newer)
    *MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2013 or newer)
    *MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015 or newer)
    *MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2014 or newer)
    *Windows®8 64-bit