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Lands Between, a dynamic fantasy action RPG where you can freely create your own character, will be released in Fall 2020 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™.

A Behind-the-Scenes Cinematic Video from Elden Ring Game

The new fantasy action RPG Lands Between is coming to consoles soon, and we’re excited to announce a new Behind-the-Scenes video—a cinematic piece that goes behind the scenes and provides a glimpse into the worlds of the game.

Meet the characters, weapons, and more

This Behind-the-Scenes video details the materials, equipment, and characters of the game; even the dungeons are revealed. Players will also learn about the characters and their past histories.

The story of Lands Between unfolds from the minds of the developers who are your allies in this epic quest:

– Director Yoshio Maeda: It takes a lot of time and effort to make a complex story come to life. We’ve been working hard to assemble a whole cast of characters who will be the basis of your adventures.

– Character Designer Yousuke Yasuda: I designed the main characters to match their original and lively designs. Each character is easy to grasp, and they are each unique with their own appearance.

– Art Director Noriaki Miura: The fierce swordsman, the mage, the monk, and the alchemist are just a handful of the collectible heroes.

– Sound Designer Hiroyuki Nakayama: The sounds of swords, spells, and hasty footsteps are determined according to the character class.

– Composer Shunichi Masuda: The fantasy rhythm game is full of different styles. From synthesizers to rock to the fierce combat of the past, it allows players to enjoy a rich sound world.

– UI/GR Designer Yosuke Tsuji: We designed a menu system that can be used seamlessly in any position.

– PR Director Ryusuke Toyoda: Each character is unique, and they all express a vivid personality in the Lands Between.

– Producer Yoshiyuki Shibata: I was impressed with the characters in recent Final Fantasy games, and I wanted to make a game that brings out the heart of those characters.

You can check out the Behind-the-Scenes video on the game’s official YouTube channel.


Official Website:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Game for Everyone!
  • Follow the story of a unique hero on an epic adventure.
  • The first fantasy action RPG from LEVEL-5, Inc.
  • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
  • Explore the Lands Between and battle the evil spirits that stalk the world.
  • This game also boasts elements such as a high definition graphical style and strong social features. Please look forward to the gaming experience we offer!

    Elden Ring ScreenshotsView the screenshots

    Community BlogsElden RingPCWed, 23 Jul 2015 00:03:46 +0000Foxy for Speed Autosport 2015 game info revealed by EA-F1cial guy in China leak video n420

    EA is hosting a client today in China. A gaming journalist named FB0223 who works for China’s biggest gaming news service, Sinonimade, managed to sneak a peak at the upcoming


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    In this game, there are 3 main features:
    ■ 【Online 1st Online】Wizard Wars
    ● ・Asynchronous online, where you can play with other players at the same time
    ・Regarding 1st Online, there is a variety of online quest, where you can enjoy an exciting quest, as you play with another player
    ● ・Different role skills, and different mission systems
    ・In various missions, you can enjoy whether you play with another player, or without another player
    ■ 【Unique online】Keyblade Wars
    ● ・Asynchronous online, where you can play with other players at the same time
    ・Regarding online, some mission is different from other players, and you can be very excited
    ・You can select in which way you want to play the game by yourself, or with other players
    ■ 【Customization】Beauty Challenge
    ● ・You can obtain different Fantasy Character
    ・You can equip different weapons, and the equipment can be customized
    ・You can equip different weapons, and change your weapon’s different features
    ・You can change your character’s skin color, which will change the appearance, and you can use the character’s decorative item at once in this game
    ■ 【Easy to Play】Easy-to-pick up and play
    ・It is easy to pick up, and easy to understand
    ■ 【Easy to Rivel】Enjoy yourself without being anxious
    ・People who have difficulty in roleplaying will not have any problem
    ・This game has no strict roleplaying, and players can enjoy themselves
    ■ 【Easy to Sustain】Enjoy yourself while you continue
    ・You can play the game continuously
    ■ 【System sufficiency】Sufficient System
    ・It is easy to continue playing the game with a variety of maps, and a variety of unique locations
    ■ 【Adaptability】Customizing your Equipment
    ・Various weapons and armor are available
    ・You can select any weapon or armor that you want, and be satisfied with it
    ■ 【Easy to Enjoy】Enjoy yourself while playing
    ・Include a variety of Content
    ・You can enjoy playing while you are connected with other players
    ■ 【Easy to Learn】Play it by yourself, or with other players
    ・You can learn only in a familiar atmosphere, such as with familiar people
    ・It is very easy to understand
    ■ 【Convenient】Easy to play at any time


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Individual Development *

    PURCHASE BELLS BOATS in the shop (single purchase is available) You can also exchange one of your Bells or Boats through the Event window (notice icon in the bottom right corner of the game window).

    Wearing expensive clothes also increases EXP and Bell volume, while resetting EXP and randomly reduced EXP increase the probability of receiving money.

    New Class: Hack Sword Class

    Equip a Hack Sword, and use it to perform the Hack motions.

    While the Hack Sword is equipped, press ‘X’ in the menu to switch to ‘Hack Motion’ mode (auto-casting hack).

    Earthen Realm Malphas Development Team Spicy Version #6

    Developed by the Earthen Realm Malphas Development Team