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* Attribute: Control Magic and Sword Swords and create your own exciting story about the Lands Between.
* Surpasses fantasy and massive action with simple controls.
* The Asynchronous online function that defines and connects one’s adventure with others.
* A variety of weapons and armor with a number of backgrounds and characters.
* A vast landscape that has never been seen before.
* A multilayered story that touches on themes such as racism and nationalism.
* How the story continues even after your death.
* Over 10 hours of main story.

* A story begins with the main character, Tarnished, attaining the power of the Elden Ring that transcends dimensions and gives you the power to travel to other worlds.

* Due to the permissiveness of the Elden Ring’s power, the character is defined as a demon by the general public.

*With that power, you are entrusted with a life mission.

*-The goal is to defeat the Demon King of the Elden Ring.

*You are entrusted with an important mission of the Elden Ring. It is the mission that will decide the fate of the world.

– Fight the Demon King of the Elden Ring, who is opposed to the Elden Ring and has declared himself to be your nemesis.


Basic information, also applies to the game.
• – Main Story
– It is a grand action where the main character, Tarnished, discovers the power of the Elden Ring, and fights the Demon King of the Elden Ring.

* It is a different story from the game. (System Linked)
* – Multiplayer
– You can directly connect with other players through the asynchronous online function, and join their party.

– You can play a party together with other players, talk with them via various chat functions, or exchange info with the storage shared with the player’s online storage.

*-A system that can control monsters, NPCs, and other users.

– You can share the storage with other players or the storage that the player has created.

– You can change the view of other users, etc.

* It allows you to enjoy the interesting cooperative feeling of multiplayer games with anyone!
*-It is easy to connect.
-Network settings are simple to manipulate.
-The communication is easy to check.


Features Key:

  • The incredible fantasy combat between swordsman and monsters.
  • Enter a fantasy land where myriad monsters wait to be encountered.
  • A setting where you can develop your character.
  • A dramatized graphics with a three-dimensional real environment.
  • A newly developed open world.
  • Create your own heroes according to your play style.
  • A vast world full of excitement. Look forward to a different fantasy gaming experience.
  • Elden Ring will be available on the App Store and Google Play Games in 2013.

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    Monsters, Caves, and Dungeons.]]>



    Ok…Elden Ring is getting big and presents an upcoming release in the publishing industry that shall be reviewed about in the upcoming months.

    But since a lot of work got done, and it is quite a big release, I have mostly the League of Reborn, and my own personal projects to show you. Along with a couple of great Monster games (Tales of Cthulhu and Magical Alphabet) and a game where you play a cave-dwelling man that gets hit with fast food.

    So here are a couple of screenshots.




    As requested by Patreon, some nice Books are coming in. Go go go!
    The third (2nd if you discount the app) of three, “The Cathedral” is already out for a bit of a review. (Please give me the review!)

    If you read the first two, start reading here. It takes to the same place, but you get a nice collection of books.



    I have been thinking about creating a Patreon, but didn’t really know if it is good for single-person development. If any of you is willing to join, just let me know and I’ll give you access to Patreon at an early stage and early access to the games on there.

    Then you can leave a nice review and your name


    Elden Ring License Key Download [2022-Latest]

    “The result of a blend of Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Dragon Quest series.”

    – Gamezebo “A unique fantasy game in which the player ventures through a vast country.”

    – Game Revolution “A truly grand adventure”

    – Pocket Gamer “The Elden Ring is an open world RPG that mixes third-person action, turn-based combat and area exploration, and even combat skills like magic.”

    – Hardcore Gamer “Climbing atop a gargantuan beast and riding it across a vast, visually breathtaking world.”

    – IGN “The gameplay seems to be a mix between action RPG’s and a Battle System similar to the Fire Emblem.”

    – Joystiq “The graphics are beautiful.”

    – Games Radar “This is one of the most enjoyable RPG titles on the 3DS.”

    Game Description

    A Vast World Full of Excitement

    By the order of the King of Azuria, you are called forth by the countless people and communities of the kingdom of Elden to adventure into the dense and dangerous wilderness, where the remains of the ruined kingdom of Light keep their eternal battle to the east, in order to receive the aid of the people of Light for the sake of the kingdom of Elden.

    The Lands Between. A hero rises and is called to begin a new life of adventure, a life of royalty.

    In the legend of the Elden Ring, the story of the goddess Cestum and her followers is known. However, you do not know the complete story of the Elden Ring. The story is comprised of fragments that have been handed down over hundreds of years, in which various characters have left their own impressions.

    The vast world of the Lands Between is described in a deluge of words. The world is filled with hundreds of unique inhabitants who have come to be side by side with the adventurer. You will see ruins that have been left from a long history, treacherous beasts, and beautiful places as you explore the vast and diverse world.

    Game Features

    – Play as a “Landlord” in the Lands Between.

    As a lord of the Lands Between, you will receive aid from the people and learn useful information.

    – Join Combat as a Hero.

    You will be


    Elden Ring

    – Features:
    – Battles in an open world
    – Gigantic dungeons
    – Challenging battles
    – The thrill of fighting!
    – Precise controls
    – Special Moves with accurate effects
    – An exciting story filled with mystery
    – A diverse team of characters
    – A variety of enemy types
    – A broad variety of dungeons
    – Use a unique spell system with all kinds of spell effects
    – Dominate the battlefield with the “Summon True Weapon” feature
    – A wide variety of equipment
    – The “Lava Realm” style of dungeon
    – A broad variety of items to collect
    – An excellent support system with communication with other players
    – An original soundtrack, and audio effects

    Game contents:

    – Characters:
    – An array of characters and their various types
    – You can freely combine the equipment and abilities of your favorite characters
    – The archetypical Fantasy Adventurer
    – A diverse array of characters at your service, depending on your play style
    – Easily customize your character’s appearance
    – Considerate and helpful characters who will keep you company
    – It’s your job to grow the character that they created
    – More than 10 types of characters
    – More than 20 types of equipment
    – More than 100 types of equipment and items
    – More than 20 types of maps
    – More than 20 types of environment

    – Features:
    – A Variety of Entrances
    – An open world where you can freely progress and explore
    – A wide variety of environments and events
    – A variety of monsters and enemies in different maps
    – A variety of dungeons
    – Excellent battles, even with several enemies
    – A wide variety of equipment
    – A great variety of quests
    – More than 20 types of equipment and items
    – A wide variety of maps
    – A great variety of maps, and 5 types of dungeons
    – An


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Don’t just settle for the ordinary. Become an epic fantasy legend instead.

    Fri, 10 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0400
    Coming Soon to Xbox

    Coming soon

    Xbox: Dragon Hearts Earth Hearts and Dragon Hearts Heaven's Heart will be available on Japanese Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Android video games for free download.


    All About Gold

    Gold has always been a thing of value for Marvelous.

    Marvelous has always been true to its vision of creating interactive games that


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Reviewed on: Windows 10
    Year: 2020
    Genre: Action
    Developer: Mink
    Price: $15.99
    Link: NES Remixes 1
    This week I’ve been playing through a bunch of NES Remixes games on my Nintendo Switch. I like to keep a mix of NES and SNES games on my Switch. As such, I thought I’d try and list a bunch of my favourites