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* Elden Ring Game features:
– A sprawling open-world design with multiple regions and numerous missions
– A large number of weapons and armor that you can customize
– A vast world to explore and a strong sense of immersion
– A multilayered story with a high sense of drama
– A vast world where you can freely walk around
– A massive and three-dimensional online environment that allows you to sense the presence of others

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In this fantasy action RPG, two worlds now collide. The real world has been swallowed by darkness. The darkness, a world created by the human imagination, is reflected in the visions and nightmares of people, with people themselves “switched on” to become monsters.

There are many dangerous monsters, whose “power” increases when they are driven to attacking. Were you to take on the challenge and help those who have been switched on, there is a possibility that a light might shine upon the world, and, with your guidance, this broken world would be restored.

Characters are in full 3D polygon graphics. The game uses a top-down perspective, reminiscent of dating sims.

Connect with others and attend joint events as you unlock new monsters and customize weapons and armor. Use a wide variety of weapons and armors to earn experience points and improve your monsters’ attributes.

Explore the full 3D world and numerous dungeons to collect loot and make your own unique armor. Invest your loot in various skills to increase your equipment’s usefulness.

Enjoy a wide variety of events such as music festivals and performances. Special monsters called “Incarnations” can be gained through certain events. This is an opportunity to feel the feeling of fighting powerful, unconventional monsters that show their strength in their attacks.

Featuring a complex system with which you develop your characters, a multilayered story with an overflowing sense of drama, an action game that challenges your reflexes, and a myriad of items that you can use to customize your weapon or armor, “Escape the Nightm..


SEGA Co., Ltd. is a worldwide


Features Key:

  • The Creation of an Original Fantasy World
    The highly realistic appearance of the Landscapes and the dazzling array of characters, effects, and details permeate the fantasy game atmosphere.
  • The Brand of the Elden Ring
    With the power of Tarnished, you can clearly enjoy the sense of delectation and thought into the game design.
  • Dice
    The dice system is designed to be easy and intuitive in order to maximize your enjoyment of the game as you play.
  • Multiple Characters
    The game can handle up to four players.*
  • Multiple Maps
    A variety of map topologies are enabled.
  • Battle System
    You can enjoy detailed battles while you travel.
    The battles between mobs occur regularly in game maps.
  • A New Tradition of the fantasy game genre:

    • A live online game where your actions directly connect to your character
    • A robust rule system that blends well with gameplay when the randomness of adventure arises
    • A trailer that shows how the Lands Between is connected to the Union
    • Various items that extend the game’s sense of realism
    • A cause that increases the sense of adoration of the world’s history
    • Development of a localization technology

    Support for various devices including PCs.

    • PC / Mac (Minimum System Requirements; See About for Details)
      Displays your gorgeous development while playing the game.
    • Android Tablet (Android OS 4.3 or higher only)
      Play the game when away from home with your Android tablet device.
    • PS Vita (See About for Details)

    World of Imazuki lands in English on March 27, 2014 in Japan.

    moe Life is planning to release the world of Imazuki Lands – An Original Fantasy World along with the English version of the RPG game on Steam in March 2014.



    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

    An epic RPG fantasy that allows you to enjoy the wide range of content available for the new console.

    As a result of the console’s development progress and the expanding game content, the game has many new features that you can enjoy. When you think about it, these features are not in the genre that we have come to expect from console RPGs, and are many different features. We will be outlining them below.


    In brief, we are going to be referring to a great many aspects, but a lot of them overlap, and so we have established which we will be discussing in detail for every aspect. Due to the length of this article, we are going to have a few articles for a few small topics like this.

    Concept and Theme

    I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not these are the characteristics of RPGs. This is a console RPG that is remarkably different from the types of RPGs that have come before it, so I will be paying a lot of attention to what people think about the game. We’ve included the anime version of the game in the official media, and we have just released the game’s first trailer and information. If you don’t have any prior knowledge of Elden Ring, we encourage you to watch the anime and enjoy the game.

    As you may know, Elden Ring is not an English title. It was a literal translation of the word “Elden”, but was changed when the developers decided to let the word “dōmo” (Japanese for “journey”) be used as the name of the game, and for the sake of a consistency of spelling, the English subtitles were also translated into Elden.

    Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG that takes place in the Land of Tarnished and the Lands Between. (There are no titles for Land of Tarnished and Lands Between.) At the start of the game, the title character and the heroine, Rachael Delker, arrive at the beginning of the Lands Between. They have the singular objective of retrieving a magical item called the Elden Ring, the only way to travel to the Lands Between.

    If you were unable to read the above, you might want to take a moment to refresh your memory before continuing.

    In Tarnished, that magical item is called the Elden Ring. Since it does not have the official


    Elden Ring With Keygen For PC

    -Explore the Lands Between in the State of Lost Control

    Explore the Lands Between in the State of Lost Control, and fend off demonic intrusions into your world.
    In this new content, the Lands Between is full of dangerous intrusions. You will meet a cast of characters that you will also encounter in the main game, as well as meet the new demons and come to understand their agenda. The fate of the future of Lost Control and the world between the worlds is intertwined with these intrusions.

    Character Creation

    ▲Scroll over the character head to be able to view the information

    • Evolve Your Character
    Through strengthening and refining during the early stages of Lost Control and then through the balanced leveling system in the Lands Between, you can fine-tune your character’s attributes to tailor it to your play style.
    You can customize the character’s appearance as you please, and choose the weapon, armor, and magic that you will equip.
    There are also items that you can equip that will strengthen your abilities. You can freely combine these items, but when you level up, you will only be able to equip two weapon/armor sets.

    The Dungeons of the Lands Between

    ▲You can find a variety of items in the Dungeons of the Lands Between

    A large variety of dungeons with complex three-dimensional designs await you in the new Dungeons of the Lands Between. With their considerable challenge, these dungeons are fun and exciting places to challenge yourself, and with their immense rewards, the dungeons you find in the new content are exceedingly rare.

    Character Evolutions

    ▲After evolving in the Dungeons of the Lands Between, your character evolves

    After evolving in the Dungeons of the Lands Between, the character will evolve, and with it your character’s abilities will change. You can view your character’s current level, equipment, and skills by tapping on the character head.
    After completing a Dungeon, you will obtain experience, and this experience can be used to evolve your character by acquiring an Evolution Stone.

    The Evolution Stone

    ▲The Evolution Stone is required to evolve your character

    Your character will lose the currently equipped items and gain a new set of equipment when you evolve. The Evolution Stone is used to gain that equipment, and we are also providing plenty of other items that will allow you to evolve your character. After evolving, you will be able to equip the equipment that was lost.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Watch the official site to make sure you do not miss any more information about Fantasy Heroes: The Tarnished Kingdom.

    Enjoy the beta now!
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    Fantasyrpg [ development beta firmware ]
    Nexon America

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  • Latest updates:

    How to play multi player:

    Flash 10.2 or above required for the latest game features.

    1. Go to user interface


    • Click on play the game option
    • Click on “Connect Now”
    • Click “Continue” option to connect with the game

    How to Play Single player: 


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz or better
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTS450 or better
    Storage: 1.6GB available space
    Internet: Broadband connection required
    Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or better
    Storage: 2GB available space