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Download →→→ https://urlin.us/2spZfA



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Now that the action adventure story of King Lelouch of Britannia and the protagonists, C.C. are set, we are looking forward to seeing you in the game. We believe that this action adventure RPG will please those who value action-packed adventures. So let’s get started!

▼How to play

To play the game, simply enter your phone number in the settings menu, and the game will automatically connect you with a friend with whom you can play. Just enjoy the action.

Players can enjoy the action even when they are not online.

[Note: When changing your primary link, the game will update to that new primary link. If you are unable to receive this update, please ensure that you are logged out of the game. If you are logged in, close the game and then relaunch the game. If this issue still occurs, please contact our customer service team. ]


□ Powerful Character
The Powerful Character can not only utilize all the skills of the different classes, but also discover the mastery skills, attack attacks, ability, and other characteristics of the class. It allows the player to select their own strategy.

The Powerful Character supports the use of the skill “Hide Away” that allows for hidden attacks.

The Powerful Character can utilize the skill “Makeup” that makes it possible to deal damage continuously without exhausting MP (MP Per Use).

The Powerful Character can utilize the skill “Absorb Strike” that allows an attack to be absorbed with the skill use strength of your character.

The Powerful Character supports the use of the skill “Flashback” that allows you to instantly access any battle situation in the past.

□ New Characters
In addition to the Powerful Character, players can select from a variety of classes. All classes can be obtained through the “Weapon Collection” and “Skill Collection”. The player can also expand and develop their characters by using the hero points (Hero Points) obtained in game.

□ Gameplay Elements
□ Battle Field

The game world is not flat, but is three-dimensional. There are various structures, such as buildings, stone walls, towers, and strongholds, between the fields. Various landscapes, such as deserts, forests, and caverns, exist between the fields.

Every time you defeat an enemy, you gain EXP points


Features Key:

  • Key Features
    • Features Unique Fantasy battles
    • Open world with a variety of dungeons and encounters
    • Create and customize a character that you will develop and grow from starting with the world’s physical strength
    • Unique events where you can get equipped with special items
    • Online play that supports multiplayer and asynchronuous play
  • Character classes, Skills, Traits, and Personality and much more
  • Rise as a Tarnished in the Legend of the Elden Ring
  • Customize your own Skills and Attributes
  • Build your own Relatively Simple and easy to use Skills system
  • Create a character that you will develop and grow starting with the strength of your physical body
  • Open World where you can freely explore the huge world
  • Establish a relationship of Pals and Links with other adventurers traveling on the same map
  • Lots of events with unlockable points that will increase your skills and your stats
  • and a Foreboding Dark Cloud that blocks the Land Between
  • About Fantagloves
    • Redeem your sins in the endless dungeons of the Elden Ring
    • The world of Elden Ring is a fantasy land where your character will rise after you complete the Tarnished trials
    • Redeem your sins and save the world
    • A fantasy world where adventures whose dimensions can only be imagined are combined with the world-beating skills created by the characters’ own imagination
    • Participate in the Sister Creation Festival where your avatar will come to life and the shape of your character and the conditions of birth will be decided
    • Create the world and develop the protagonist’s thinking
    • 100+ Characters Which you Can Develop
    • The mere fact that there are so many characters available means that you can freely become the protagonist you want
    • Unlimited Combos and Character Traits

      Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

      I really like this game. I’m glad that it’s free. I was impressed by the graphics, especially for a game from the Naruto series. I hope that the rest of the game will be as good.

      Fantastic game, they should make more!

      Seriously, this game is well worth the time I spent on it. The combat is a whole lot of fun, and the gameplay is so intuitive that after just a few hours I was already playing and enjoying it. Worth playing for sure.

      If u r looking for brawling action RPG, it’s going to be perfect for u,

      Well worth downloading. Loved the story and combat mechanics. Graphics are ok nothing amazing but the atmosphere is quite nice. Very fun.

      The game lacks anything in the game-play front and the gameplay is nice.

      The story is interesting and unlike any other Kizuna Ryoujou games but other than that the game lacks in the “boo” department.

      The battle mechanics are very nice but the game lacks in “epic” and “adventurous” game play.

      Game play needs to be changed to be more exciting, the current game-play is too “same-same” and similar to other games.

      This game is a must have if u have not played the original Kizuna Ryoujou games. If you have played them this is a must have.

      If you have not played this game, this is the game for you.

      The game is a good buy. In my opinion, it should of came out cheaper, not being so expensive but free is still a discount.

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      Elden Ring Crack + With Key Free

      ● A level system where every class excels!
      With a level system where your power increases as you level up, you can select a class that fits your play style and enjoy an exhilarating battle.
      Note that in order to achieve the required class levels, you will have to progress through an adventure called ‘Special Missions’ with other party members.
      (Note: You do not need to go through Special Missions in order to be able to play the game.)

      ● Battle System
      Battle the powerful monster that has been lurking in the Lands Between, complete quests, and improve equipment in order to unleash all your potential. The battle system is turn-based, and has two phases: attack and reaction. In the Attack Phase, you attack the enemy. The enemy attacks with a single character, and you defeat it by using a combination of light, heavy, and magic attacks. In the Reaction Phase, you can block enemy attacks, or perform defensive moves. You can break the enemy’s defense by using you’re special move, or by attacking the enemy with your special ability.

      ● Action-Puzzle Combat
      You can enjoy the sense of creating your own action-puzzle combat by collecting items that give you powerful bonuses, using a unique collection of attacks and abilities to unleash your own tactics and master their synergy.

      ● Enjoy Combination Attacks
      The Attack Phase is what will let you truly enjoy this game. Because the game features a combination of attacks, you can enjoy a variety of different combos.
      You can freely select between light and heavy attacks, or magic. You can also select which type of weapon you want to use. You can choose from a sword, dagger, staff, polearm, cannon, and bow.
      ● The game also comes with useful gathering abilities that you can apply to your equipment. For example, you can process items that are used for cooking, or process leather into a buckler.

      ● The Magic System
      Magic is a mystery in the Lands Between. By performing magic, you will be able to call forth a mysterious power that will unlock parts of your dungeon.
      You can choose a simple spell to use, or an attack that will allow you to quickly dispatch your opponent. There are also powerful attacks that can move you to an impressive-looking expression in the world.

      ● Character Customization
      Just like in the previous games, you can customize your character by equipping weapon and armor.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      NOVEMBER 23, 2018 RELEASE

      Wii U/XboxOne/PC Unparalleled Streaming Experience with Stutter-Free Receivers



      ▼RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2018

      THE SYNTHETIC WORLD Created with Unreal Engine 4


      CITY OF SECRET WEAPONS was released for the first time on December 17, 2017.

      ©2017 Tatsumaki


      App Information

      CITY OF SECRET WEAPONS is free to play. However, some in-game items can only be collected after completing the game, such as a full set of 10 gold cards. It may be impossible to acquire such items depending on players’ progress in the game.

      This application contains In-App purchases. Please be aware that additional charges may apply for this function depending on users’ regions. In-App purchases can be managed in the settings of your device.

      In-App purchases will not cause any changes to the balance of your Google Play or Apple account, no access to any additional features, or any connection to any third-party servers.

      This game may include advertising content or sponsored content, which is indicated by the words "AD" and "AD FREE" or similar. In-App purchases can also be obtained by scanning a code.

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      Free Download Elden Ring PC/Windows

      1. Unpack the downloaded game package and run the setup exe to install the game.
      2. Copy the crack from the /Crack/ folder to the game’s directory and run the game.
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      How to install the full version of game:

      1. Unpack the downloaded game package and run the setup exe to install the game.
      2. Select [Pro], [Unlocked] and [Genre] and select the key you want to use from the pop-up menu.
      3. Have Fun!

      How to install and play ELDEN RING free on Android:

      1. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the apk file
      2. Have Fun!

      Preinstalled tools will have to be handled in different ways.
      Installation of preinstalled tools can be done in the following ways:

      1. Google Play store – Through the Play store.
      2. Contacts – The phone’s built-in tool
      3. PIN – The phone’s built-in tool
      4. Hidden – In the system settings
      6. EMUI (beware, you may need root access)
      7. Force stop the app that is using to remove the permission, use the settings menu to clear the app cache.
      8. A simple one-click uninstallation of the app on the app details page.
      9. Reboot.
      10. Possible to Google Play Store uninstallable


      Disclaimer: This app is unofficial and is not endorsed by the author, RISE ALPHA Studios Ltd.

      The Eden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that invites players to control one of two playable characters, either a rogue, Tarnished, or a knight, Araya. In the game, the two play as opposites. Tarnished is an independent, careless, and undisciplined assassin, while Araya is a pious and disciplined knight. In ELDEN RING, the two characters have a choice in what to do in what situations, so that they can find their way to face the enemy.

      ELDEN RING is set in the Lands Between, a place of over 7,000,000 square kilometers and is home to a variety of animals, plants, and monsters. The game world is divided into two regions,


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Run the setup.exe
    • Run the Crack
    • Done

    Battle System Setting For Multiplayer

    • Force Open Screen Mode
    • Force Close Opponent When Close Friendly Unit Is Killed
    • Set Behavior Of Close Friendly Unit
    • Enable Disable Fallback

    For more On how to configure Battle Settings read below.

    play Elden Ring

    download [PC] Start EROMX.png

    download [PC] Start EROM.png

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    Matching Game in Elden Ring

    • Matching Game Large Number And Character In Search Menu
    • Search Result By Made By Player Id And Character Name
    • Brief Detail About Matching Game
    • Continue On Line Character Item




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Here are a few of the things you’ll need to play the original:
    The original is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch.
    The original is not compatible with macOS Catalina or later.
    The original is not compatible with Linux.
    The original is not compatible with Windows 7 or later.
    The original is not compatible with Windows Vista or later.
    The original has a DirectX 9/OpenGL 1.1 requirement.
    The original has a 512 MB RAM requirement.
    The original has a hard drive space requirement of 500