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Name Elden Ring
Publisher finbmaka
Format File
Rating 4.76 / 5 ( 5187 votes )
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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game in which you fight against hordes of undead monsters and the forces of darkness. This is the story of a strange new world full of mystery.

The world of Elden has been created by the powers of magic and technology, and is now a world of undeath. Thousands of years ago, there was a race of powerful mages that created the Ether, a new life force. The Ether, an organic chemical fluid composed of energy, which had existed since ancient times, suddenly evaporated. In the ensuing chaos, monstrous goblins evolved on the land, and humanity, who could not survive alone, created magic as a means of defending themselves. Magic is an alchemy that uses elements of the Ether. As time passed, magic’s power slowly began to wane, and thus, the Ether disappeared. This is the land of Elden.

You are a demi-god, one of the race of mortals who became the citizens of Elden. A new life force called the Athame appears. With the aid of this powerful magic, you are called to the sacred land of El.

The story of Elden is unfolding. What will you do in this new world?


▶ Comprehensive Customization
Create and play the character of your dreams by freely combining the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.

▶ Cross-Linked 3D Settings and Dungeons
Create a new world. Destroy the entrance to a shrine that was guarded by a powerful powerful and then claim the shrine as your own. Upgrade the decor and facilities to surpass those of the prior owners, and loot valuable treasures. This whole process takes place in three dimensions.

▶ Shared Online (asynchronous) Features
Go online with other players or challenge other players, all while continuing to develop your own character.

▶ Multiplayer Features
Connect with other players and adventure together in a seamless world that mixes your experience together.

▶ Dominant Role-Playing Game Style
Fight against the hordes of undead monsters and the forces of darkness, and learn of the story of the Lands Between.


♠ Alignment
Alignment is a value that has multiple determinations. It represents your basic morality and also the group you belong to. You can also obtain the status of Neutral.

Your character name is a name only and is not a


Name Elden Ring
Publisher finbmaka
Format File
Rating 4.76 / 5 ( 5187 votes )
Update (14 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Open World Action RPG Playfull Combat System.
    – High-quality impact-based graphics and visuals that depict the battle in no detail allowed, where action is concentrated on defense rather than charging an attack button.
  • An action game that has you challenge the instincts of a Warrior and the anticipation of a Hunter.
  • Multiple battle styles to suit your play style, including the ability to specialize in Magic Arts, Physical Art, and Battle Arts.
  • Diverse Randomized Battle Features.
    – Randomize battle scenarios to meet your skill level, even when you first start up.
  • Replayability – Series Design and Balanced Episode Length.
    – You can freely replay all your favorite episodes and scenarios, and all scenarios can be played over and over through approximately hundreds of boss waves.
  • Support for asynchronous online play via various online functions.
    – An easy-to-use Online Battle System that allows quick and easy play.
  • A network user management system that easily allows you to play online with your friends
  • Post your play records to give feedback and support to other players, and occasionally receive new items in treasure chests.
  • Co-op and Versus battles for up to 4 players available to all players.
    – Many can enjoy a fun and safe online battle while playing with their friends.
  • A leveling system and quest system that never ends.
  • Stat gathering and equipment up to your level during play.
    – This is carried out automatically so that you can customize your play style.
  • Map distribution for each area to easily find an area you want to clear with your group.
    – Easily find out the location of the Battle Arena of other players.
  • Edge Side: Otogirisu

    No description data are available.

    Left Side: Fuuma Monogatari

    No description data are available.

    Bottom-Right Side: Todenki (あしこけ, Ansuki) / Todenki Sospan: Ashita (あしこけ) (アシータ, Asaito)


    Elden Ring With Key PC/Windows

    4.5/5 – Gaming Republic

    “Fans of online role-playing games are going to love this. The gameplay is simple yet rewarding, and just like in Monster Hunter, you can choose whether to be a ranged, melee, or dual wield character. It’s all very well designed, and the game has a system in place to help players that might be having trouble with progression. Everything you experience in the game is calculated from a player experience point (XP) perspective, so you can level up, buy new weapons and armor, and even choose to build new character experience paths; such as crafting, trading and improving your equipment. This is your chance to be an absolute god as a boss, slaughtering hordes of monsters and earning gold in your pockets. That’s the positive side of the game. However, there are a few negative sides of the game that may prevent it from being experienced as a classic or standout MMO. Firstly, the game controls are not particularly well thought out, which might turn some people off from playing. The controls are designed for a controller, and can be mastered relatively easily with practice. However, there’s a small learning curve here and it may take several hours to master them, especially if you haven’t played an action RPG in a while.”

    4.7/5 – TwoBrosRPG

    “In a nutshell, it’s a modern fantasy action RPG which allows you to customize your character to fit your play style. You can choose between melee, ranged and dual wielding characters, and many other options, such as crafting, trading and upgrading your equipment. Although it can be quite technical to figure out at first, it all gets pretty clear once you get into it. The character creation section is super interesting as you get to see a lot of variety in your companions, races and skills. A lot of customization is built-in, so there’s not a ton of hand holding involved. You want to become a boss? go for it! I must say, it’s the kind of game that I love being able to dive into and just get lost into and play for a long time. It offers a whole lot of replayability. The world isn’t big, but it’s got a certain charm that I’ve never really seen before in an MMO. There are tons of animals and different types of terrain that are both appealing and interesting, adding to that


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    GAME CONTENTS 1. Character Customization
    -Create a custom-shaped hero with the body parts and hair you like.
    -Gain 10 different classes and 100 different character combinations.
    -Gain an affinity with several elements and receive special advantages.
    2. Movement and Combat
    -A multi-directional action RPG.
    -Players can freely move their character during battles.
    -Players can freely switch characters, obtaining multiple, diverse combat styles.
    -Switch between attacks and magic, using the “Transport” skill.
    -Play battles using the “Transport” skill while being transported to another character.
    3. Parallel Story
    -A parallel story with other characters unfolds in the game.
    -The story is composed of various fragmented short stories, which you can enjoy.
    -Enjoy the main story with up to 15 other players who can play at the same time.
    -Enjoy the parallel story with up to 30 other players who can play at the same time.

    GAME CONTENTS 4. Item Customization
    -Create unique items by slotting and combining weapons and armor with unique skills.
    -All equipment is visually represented, so feel the weight of your character.
    -Equip items that suit the play style of your character.
    5. Magic
    -Players can change their character’s weapon and armor.
    -Users of the “Transport” skill can make the magic attacks of other characters pass through and attack the enemy.
    -Users of the “Transport” skill can change the range and attack power of other character’s magic.
    -Magic skills can be used in combat.

    GAME CONTENTS 6. Item Mixing and Allowing
    Items can be mixed and used on a character’s appearance.
    -Various items that do not appear on the character’s appearance are available.
    -Equip your character and receive special bonuses.
    -Equip your character and receive special bonuses.
    -Equip items on a character’s appearance.

    GAME CONTENTS 7. Defeat Monster + Ruins
    Explore a vast, unknown area filled with monsters and loot.
    -A visual novel of uncharted adventure.
    -Strategically dispatch enemies at the right time.
    -Conveniently manage the hit rate of attacks.

    GAME CONTENTS 8. Item Placement + Battle Scenes
    -Item placement is clearly visible in battle scenes.
    -Items can be placed at the correct time during battle scenes.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Developer < />Publisher:< />




































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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    “Warning! The time limit for this role has now expired. Please see the current time limit role for information about roles in the current cycle.
    “The Shazam role has a time limit of 3 months (approx. 2 months each month of in-game time). Failure to hit the time limit by the end of the role will result in disqualification. See the Rooster Teeth Shazam for more information.”
    “According to the last week’s forums, there have been currently 557 in-game hours played so far.


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