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Q: Who are the creators of this game?
This game is developed by a group of self-professed BORSTORS (Die Meistersucht wurde erfunden).

Q: I wish to make a note of that fact.
Of course you don’t have to make a note, but it is strongly recommended for the ones with health problems like myself. [↩]

Q: Where can I get information about the characters of the game?
[You must obtain the ‘Character Vouchers’ with which you can obtain the various items related to the World Map and Characters. You can receive this in ‘Training’. To learn more about ‘character’, refer to the item list for the ‘Team Up’ menu in the ‘World Map’.]

Q: What is the difference between the ‘Collector’ and the ‘Battle’ versions of the game?
This game is only available in Collector’s Pack, and is not available in the Battle Pack. [↩]

Q: Why is this game not available in the Battle Pack?
Although this game has many characters, it is focused on combat, and its content is not suitable to the Battle Pack. However, if you intend to play the Battle Pack, and are fine with the cast of characters, please read the following information. [↩]

Q: I want to get a refund of the Battle Pack, but I can’t, what can I do?
When you complete the ‘Battle Pack’, you can register the characters you own and the items you own. However, if you erase the ‘Battle Pack’ data, you can not register the characters and items. Please be aware of this. [↩]

Q: I have already registered some characters, and have purchased some items, but I can’t register the characters and items. Why is this?
All characters registered by you can not be registered. Please get out of ‘Battle Pack’ or complete the ‘Battle Pack’. [↩]

Q: When can I play in the ‘Battle Pack’?
You can play in ‘Battle Pack’ when you complete the ‘Battle Pack’. Please be aware that the process may take some time. [↩]



Features Key:

  • Fight monsters using a diverse selection of weapons in a vast three-dimensional world.

  • Create your own character to develop your own style of combat and adhere to your play style.

  • Enjoy a multilayered story where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

  • This is a Chrome Web Store compatible game, and the author has no grudge against those who do not intend to have Chrome as their primary browser. Enjoy.


    • Added a tutorial that can be viewed from the beginning of the game

      • Guide for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

        • Controls

          • LMB: move with mouse

          • RMB: mouse drag

          • Q or G: crouch and shield

          • Ctrl + F1: Show guide

          • Ctrl + F2: Show dragon-eye

        • Troubleshooting

          • An on-screen message may appear saying “Load failed” or “Application Failed to Load” during game play.

          • If you are having any technical problems with the game, check the advice on the on-screen message.

          • If “Failed to Load” or “Load Failed” still occur following any of the above suggestions, then delete the game data and re-install


            Elden Ring Crack + PC/Windows


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            Elden Ring Download For PC

            ▶Interact with the Land Between to change your world

            You will go on an adventure together with the Legendary Elden Ring.

            ▶Search for new routes

            Explore the Lands Between to find new stories, battles, and dungeons.

            ▶The Masterpiece That Automatically Keeps a Vast World Open

            Innovative Journey with The Lands Between The Void at the core of every world.

            Narrative ELDEN RING game:

            ▶The Myth of Will

            A tale of love, hate, and hate…

            ▶Imprints, 2nd Season

            The Reincarnated Elden Society’s actions and the pain of the Elden Ring.

            De la les demoiselles Gallenkuh

            L’ancien premier amiral du monde, prêtre des fonctionnaires d’esbroufe. Le régent de la reine Placide, une gentille petite fille hausse ses yeux gris pendant ses nuitées….

            Ziraan dell’anarchia

            La reine Placide est issue de la dynastie Grise. Dès sa création, c’est un crétin à l’esprit vif…

            Averelle de la finance

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            Une seule et unique blague!

            Géographie, elle est vaste et simple. La ville à la recherche de


            What’s new:

            Built in the western style of JRPG adventure games, set the Lands Between in a breath-taking fantasy atmosphere

            Trials Fusion: Whether you’re a rookie or a professional, there’s a challenge for you.
            • Play and test every new trial in the full version. With 60 different new courses for their signature trials, PLAY and TRY everything!
            • Trial Skill Points, Special Exemplary Points and a global ranking score for riders all in one!
            • Simple controls and intuitive operation with ultra-intuitive Trial Record system.
            • 30 levels of skill that you can master for free!
            • Trials Bike with realistic design that details is
            Rampaging Madness: Pure action takes you into the heat of battle in this arena-based, arcade combat game.
            • 2 new battle arenas, arenas Rinovac and Roshicps
            • Arcade Fighters that have been upgraded
            • New Training feature in which your fighters will learn to gain the most renown.
            • Play and see the button layout and formation ranking on the new announcer screen
            • Play and try hard for your perfection!

            Just as Rohan and Valefor dwell in a realm above the land of mortals, the world of the Eldar sleeps and has long awoken in a time of peril. It is time to take up the mantle to carry on the fight that continues to the golden age of the Eldar.
            • The Mantle of Activation is an additional card that is included in the purchase price of games, bringing fantasy gear like a weapon, shield or armor to your vehicles, allowing you to make the most of the bonus from them.
            • The Mantle of Unification allows a guild of cars to be formed, in which you can get help and compete with others.
            • The Mantle of Altar opens the new game’s special cave object, the Altar, which increases all stats (more details later).
            • Multiplayer battles will take place in the Arena Strip, the arcade area.

            We hope you’d like our applications! To find out more, please, make sure to click the banner below.

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          • UnRAR
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          Features of Elden Ring: