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In the world of Ashendelle, where the Old Gods dwell, there are places where the darkest of powers lurk in shadows. Amidst the chaos of the three territories that converge in this fantasy world, a new story is unfolding, woven through the darkness and light of the spirits.

The story begins when a fateful set of events plunged a small group of adventurers into tragedy. On the eve of the next tale, a new tale of legend is told.

Travel to the Lands Between with the power of the Elden Ring. Create a legend of your own with a character that will be strong. A World that shines in darkness. Welcome to The Elden Ring.


Well then, there is nothing we can’t do. We’ll make this world into your playground and take your own life into our hands. You’ll be able to create and add everything you want to this world.

The Lands Between is still in the early stages, but our basic framework is all you’ll need to make a fantastic world.

It’s not over yet; the world-building dream is still very much alive in our heads. In future updates, we’ll be sharing details as to how the basic world is built and our plans for the future.

This is the beginning of the narration. What will happen from here? Be sure to add a personal touch to the story of the Lands Between.

Bring to life the otherworldly world that is the Lands Between. Share your story with us through your unique character.

With a selection of powerful weapons and the enchanting Elden Ring, power up and become a legend in your own right.

This is the first part of the narrative that is currently in the works. We are still in the early stages and we’ll be adding more parts to this in the future.

We plan to keep adding more and more details as you see them unfold, so be sure to check back frequently. Also, if you enjoy our work, or if you simply want us to tell your story, then please let us know what you think of it.

The Lands Between is a dark world in many ways. But now, the mood of a different, more exciting story begins to resonate.

Our love for the world of fantasy has awoken. We couldn�


Features Key:

  • Traverse an Epic Multiplayer Fantasy World – Full of characters, and a deep world comprising of challenges, Elden Ring recreates an action RPG in world that feels like a continuous, heartwarming story. Emanate your destiny and grow as a character in an action RPG unique in its dynamic character growth system and expansive world, inspired by the variety of human cultures and ethnicities, as you rise up alongside the powerful and charismatic Elden Lords.
  • Surprise, Vastness, and Thrills – Ride a friend and explore the vast world in a soothing deep story, further filled with various challenging contents and stories. Each of the lands in the Lands Between is inhabited by an array of people, providing a variety of local stories.
  • Combat Vigour and Magic Power – In action-RPG style, you battle using weapons and armor, and then proceed to use magic. Various classes have their own characteristics, and they are strong in each of the classes.
  • Create your Own Character – Craft your signature charm, equip weapons and armor, and create your own class. Explore the adventure of an action RPG with your own style, and the battle with a sense of destiny.
  • AN Epic Drama Driven by a Multilayered Fantasy Story – An extensive story that spans across not just one, but several worlds. Every time you venture into a new world, a new story unfolds, featuring a number of characters that have various thought processes and backgrounds, leading to multiple ideals that oppose each other. Each of these contradictory forces has a different logical meaning for the player to choose from.
  • The First-ever Character Editor in an RPG – We take old documents, combine them into a uniform character record database, and seamlessly transition the effects that occur between long and short story arcs. In this fashion, no separate editing has been necessary in any work.



    • Deep Adventure world with a variety of environments
      An adventure world that has abundant sunshine and shadow, varied environments, various townspeople, and one-of-a-kind terrain, a world that faithfully portrays the fantasy worlds of history.

    • A colossal


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      Elden Ring Crack + For Windows [Updated-2022]

      -The story begins on the day of the New Year.

      -Not all of the inhabitants of the world are monsters, and the heart of them are the Elden Lords.

      -Elden Lords are the ones who build, and destroy the world.

      -The main character is a knight who doesn’t know the purpose of life.

      -Through various missions that take place in the world, his state is changed and he becomes a hero.

      -He also meets a beautiful girl named Nanaly who has a mysterious power and speaks to him through dreams.

      -Together, these two combat unknown and overwhelming demons.

      -Through the various challenges and plots to do good deeds, the main character evolves into an Elden Lord.

      What is Tarnished?

      Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG from Square Enix that will be released for iOS and Android on April 11. You can join the fight in this mysterious game with a cast of characters, including a mysterious, beautiful girl, a powerful friend, a strong guy, and more.


      The setting of this new fantasy RPG is the Lands Between, which are a place between the worlds of the living and the dead. The game begins with the main character Raol looking into a troubled world. In this troubled world, all inhabitants are monsters, and the undead attack in hordes. At this time, the main character does not know the purpose of life.

      This is an action RPG where you are able to adjust a variety of battle operations, including the role of your enemy and the change of the battle situation. You can also form a party of up to six characters and fight in the online play mode and real-time battle mode to find meaning in your life.


      The main character Raol is equipped with the weapons and armor shown in the image below. As you become more powerful, you can use new weapons, power-ups, and armor.

      When a party of characters work together, they will gain the “para-boost” effect that raises the level of the party. Thus, no matter what combinations you create, you can freely develop your characters to be powerful warriors.

      The main character can also customize his clothing. In addition to your own appearance,


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Hey, I saw the article! Tell us how much you want this game in your hands right now.comment:www.destructoid.com,2015-01-19:3204-320198.phtml#3204-320198Elden Ring review: “Tarnished” is a dark trip to a fantasy world2015-01-19T05:00:00Z2015-01-19T05:00:00Z

      In a time when fantasy action RPG games are becoming more and more mainstream, a game that really uses the more esoteric side of fantasy to create a unique game that connects with its players is worth really exploring.

      Independent Game Developer 14th Letter has released the latest content from its action RPG, The 14th Letter: Elden Ring, which is something that follows the game’s development to a great deal. The company has revealed that the game is scheduled to release in the global Vita, Wii U, and Steam markets on January 29th, 2015, while there is also a PS4 release date being planned for some time in the future. Elden Ring has been in development since the summer of last year, and the 3D dungeon crawling game will be available for $19.99.

      There are a lot of reasons to love Elden Ring. First off, the entire game is set in a world that is the product of a myth. You play as a lord of the Elden Ring who is charged with protecting new lands that the Ring expands on. Players have the chance to play as eight different classes of characters who wield a number of different weapons, as well as an array of equipments. The game is played as a three-on-three adventure, though you can play solo or Elden Ring online in a co-operative mode.


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      Tarnished – Elden Ring Repack

      Second try to get the title sorted here.

      Not sure if this is just me being crazy or not (even worse, how dare I get my hopes up, but to be fair, a lot of people have been waiting for this game for years), but it looks really pretty so far and the gameplay looks really fun as well.

      I’ll admit, it’s a bit short at the moment, and I’m wary about the free-to-play aspect, but at the very least they have a pretty solid set of mechanics and concepts to work with.

      EDIT: Okay, now I really want to play this. Honestly, I think this thing’s got potential.

      EDIT: Okay, now I really want to play this. Honestly, I think this thing’s got potential.

      I saw it. I am always amazed at how most low budget games have difficulty rising in the market. I mean many of the games that fall into that category never even make it outside of Japan, meanwhile games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Shenmue are examples of high budget games that didn’t sell well, but are still well regarded. Maybe it is the Japanese will to blame. I don’t know.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Storage: 25GB available space
    Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon™ RX 480
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    I purchased the game with the intention of beating my friend in online play, but then I realised that he was a terrible player and I couldn’t beat him no matter how hard I tried. I played several matches with him and he just killed me every time. I was annoyed by it, so I found out that I could do one on one,


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