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* Become an Elden Lord, and accept the call of the Elden Ring from the Legendary Elden Lord Sleipnir.
* The Sanctum of the Elden Ring, where the Elden Lords’ bloodline are preserved and the powers of the Elden Ring are displayed.
* The Lands Between, where the Elden Lords’ bloodline are born.
* The Elden Front, the Eternal Circle where the Elden Lords gather their strength.
* Tarnished Castle, the home of the original Sleipnir.
* Gravern Castle, where the Sleipnir is located.
* The Elden Front, the Lands Between, Tarnished Castle, and Gravern Castle, all of which are connected by the Elden Gate.
▪ Players can freely explore a vast world full of excitement in the Lands Between.
▪ You can freely select the most appropriate character class.
▪ You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic items.
▪ A four-lane highway system will bring you easy and efficient travel anywhere in the Lands Between.
▪ Various monsters will be conquered along your journey.
▪ The game allows you to freely customize your character appearance.
▪ In the game, you can develop your own play style.
▪ Unique online play means that you can freely connect with other players and travel together.
▪ In this game, the design of dungeons, each of which has its own configuration, is quite unique.
▪ Two different game modes will be featured.
▪ The front and back of the action take place in an open world and in the dungeons, respectively.
▪ The game features a dynamic battle system.
▪ The game’s story revolves around the Lands Between.
▪ In the game, characters will stop for a moment to express the emotions they feel when they do things that were unique to them.
▪ When a battle begins, characters will start the battle with their energy at its maximum.
▪ Even though players may not join a battle at the beginning of the game, they will encounter the game’s story and the great conflict between good and evil.
▪ Players can freely customise the gender, hair colour, and facial expression of their character.
▪ A separate quest menu will be given to the players according to their party members’ levels.
▪ The character’s efficiency and equipment level


Features Key:

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • A slew of weapons and beneficial equipment
  • A vast world full of exciting map designs
  • PvP mode and a PvP window
  • A powerful capacity
  • What is Fury from the Deep?

    Fury from the Deep is a thrilling fantasy action RPG where the gameplay is significantly improved for the next generation.
    In this game, you can play quickly and comfortably with thousands of other players online, making this a complete fantasy MMO with a large setting.
    Welcome to an epic world of new adventure, same as the old, only with updated intelligence.

    Download now with your mobile phone or tablet and play anywhere, anytime!

    With Fury from the Deep, become one with the power of the Elden Ring and feel the exhilarating presence of others. Feel their power.

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    Developer: Bungie

    Release: 05/13/2016

    Genre: RPG, Real-Time-Strategy, Space-Opera





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    [Developed by Mad Head Studios]
    Mad Head Studios was founded in 2015 and is a first-class game studio based in Japan. The studio’s current flagship game was the award-winning RPG Sword Art Online and Mad Head Studios was the original creator of the title. Mad Head is seeking to become a forefront game studio with an unparalleled creative staff that can realize their vision.

    Set in a fantasy world between worlds that are known by legend to exist but have never before been discovered, the game is a 3D action RPG battle that features an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility.

    With a vast world filled with mystery, the game allows players to freely explore at will, developing their own play style or style of game, including the creation of their own unique character.


    Experience an epic multilayered story where the worlds and characters of Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara’s epic novel, and other established sources and original works come to life together.


    The game is set between in-game times known as Chronos. The first story begins with a young heroine in the town of Sonora, and as she grows up, she gathers courage and unleashes an epic battle against the antagonist.

    The second story begins with a newly awakened character, and the character travels to the Lands Between. This is followed by a third story, which is set between in-game times known as Ilseus and Chronos III. Players can freely choose the order of gameplay for each story.


    1.The Battles of the Lands Between
    The heroine travels to the Lands Between through the Unland, the World of Darkness, and the World of Dreams. In the game, the World of Dreams is a place in which players can participate in activities. Fighting becomes a ritual; the battles and story are imprinted on the players’ minds.

    2. The Revenge of Sinon
    One character confronts the mystery of the Sinon. In this story, events take place between in-game times known as “Temporum” and “


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    Before you can start installing the game and start playing you will need to first install a virtual software application that is free to use and can be downloaded below. The virtual application you will need to download and install is called the “DirectX” because it is essential to the game’s installation, it is a free software application that will be needed to run the game. You can download the DirectX here.

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    How To Crack:

  • Download the latest version of the game from the publisher’s website.
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  • File Links:
    Buy Elden Ring at GeminiGames
    Or Download Maps from the DropBox

    – The download Link is down for now….

    How To Install & Crack Elden Ring:

    How To Install & Crack Elden Ring

    • Download the latest version of the game from the publisher’s website.
    • Unpack the game and install it in any location.
    • Enjoy!

    Download & rar elden ring (Gemini Games) 


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows Vista SP1 or later
    Windows 7 SP1 or later
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10
    2 GHz processor or faster
    4 GB RAM
    20 GB available space
    16 GB available space
    Please attach screenshots of the bug.
    How can I submit the bug?
    After the launch you should try to reproduce the issue


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