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The Elden Ring, an elite force of warriors known to valiant adventurers throughout the world, protects the Garlean Empire in the Lands Between.

Sharing the same roots as its predecessor, Elden Ring III is the successor of “Elven Ring” and the first fantasy action RPG created by KOGE as an action RPG.

This 3D RPG where you play as a brave adventurer, equipped with a sword and armor, will take you through an adventure full of action and emotions.

The new fantasy action RPG where you control your character’s every move.

Epic, Packed with Action, and Action-Packed with Epicness!

* Summoned allies or team-up with strangers to live through epic battles

* Be immersed in a vast world full of excitement and danger as you explore, fight, and make choices

* Develop your character to how you like through 9 different classes and quests

* Become a hero that fights with power and strength

* Fight against dangerous invaders in open and detailed field maps, or fight against evilly demons in the vast dungeon setting.

* Explore the vast open worlds and dark dungeons, in search of hidden discoveries.

* Slice, slice, slice, make enemies bleed! Complete your own combo attacks using skills you have learned, to exterminate your enemies.

* Join a multiplayer battle and develop a friendship!

* Online play that loosely connects you to others, but feel the presence of others through their actions.

* Be a part of an online adventure, where you help other people through quests.

■ Features of Elden Ring III


When looking at the earth from a plane far, far away, you can see it rotating on its axis.

The Lands Between is a world that changes and is constantly evolving. It will be a world full of adventure.

◆ A Vast World Full of Excitement

The Lands Between features large open maps, and a variety of situations ranging from fierce battles and dungeon exploration to the journey to a shining realm in the sky.

Exploring the map for the first time is a thrilling, exciting experience. Discover a vast, unknown world, where the full potential of your character can be realized.

◆ Customize your own hero

Equip swords, armor, and magic. It is your character’s


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An epic, thrilling story that will keep you immersed
  • Various game modes that will dynamically change the strategies, tone, and feel of battles, allowing you to realize your own, original stories
  • Customize your weapon and learn new magic to power up your character
  • Duel and participate in groups to save the Lands Between
  • Improve and strengthen your character and strengthen ties with the other party members through the use of recipes
  • Explore the vast lands with up to three other players together
  • Instant global communications
  • Create your own map that you can share
  • System Requirements

    • iOS 7.0 or later
    • Processor:
      A processor of 1.3 GHz or more
    • RAM: 2 GB or more
    • 512MB or more of free space
    • device storage: 4GB

    App Screenshot


    Copyright Notice

    Apple, the Apple logo, App Store, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple. Roku, Roku TV, and Roku LT are trademarks of Roku, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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    Elden Ring Crack + Patch With Serial Key [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

    | 9 | Square Enix |

    [WIN]Rocky 3:

    #1. AN UNREAL WARRIOR – To win, you just need to play.

    3D action game with 4 realistic motions and a variety of action packed battle.
    • [Player’s Choice] Choose “Crazy” or “Strict”
    Play with “Crazy” to become a crazy warrior to destroy the enemy.
    Play with “Strict” to become a strict warrior to overcome the ferociousness of the game.
    [Limitless Variety] Even skilled players can enjoy the game due to game options.

    Are you really a expert warrior? Are you really a gentle and soft person? How about those character skills?
    At your choice, you can play each character as you like!

    Is your strength and courage really strong enough? “To win, you just need to play.”

    • 2 characters | 2 swords | 20 missions
    • [Attack and Avoidance] Leap, Jump, Block, Dodge, and Counter.
    • [Automation] Attack, Guard, Dodge, Counter, Air Attack, etc.
    • [A Mystery System] Unlock 12 skills by defeating enemies.

    Unlock new and more powerful weapons and deepen the weapon collection.

    Players can fight and attack enemies in the most unique and realistic 3D animation.

    [Player’s Choice] Choose “Crazy” or “Strict”

    The game is a 3D action game that provides players with infinite possibilities. “To win, you just need to play.”

    *Two players can play simultaneously, but the game is designed so that one player can still feel the presence of the other.

    *1. Unlimited Play
    2. Minimize Ads
    3. More offline maps
    4. Improved Performance
    5. New “Adventure Mode” *2 characters | 2 swords | 20 missions
    • [Attack and Avoidance] Leap, Jump, Block, Dodge, and Counter.
    • [Automation] Attack, Guard, Dodge, Counter, Air Attack, etc.
    • [A Mystery System] Unlock 12 skills by defeating enemies.

    Unlock new and more powerful weapons and deepen the weapon collection.

    Players can fight and attack enemies in the most unique and


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

    The game system of this RPG also underwent a massive restructuring, allowing you to freely enjoy your gameplay. The basic elements of the game system, which you have been playing, are the same, but how you actually enjoy your gameplay has greatly evolved.

    The Steps of Lord Character Creation

    Character Creation

    The character creation system has been completely revamped, enhancing the visual design and functionality of your character.

    Elden Lord Character Class: Warrior

    You are a Warrior with the power of the Elden Ring in your hand. In the world where you can freely manipulate objects and transform them into weapons and armor, your hands are an item you can equip. It is one of the best equipment for attack, and it is one of the best equipment for defense.

    User Interface

    User Interface It has been enhanced and simplified. You can intuitively experience the UI without spending too much time on it.

    Weapon Skill

    Weapon Skill The weapon skill has been reconstructed and enhanced. Various skills have been established as weapon skills.

    Elden Lord Equipment

    Elden Lord Equipment The prototype and result of the constant exchange between players. To achieve their highest potential, it is important to exchange information with others.

    Equip a weapon that you want to use and then pull it from your inventory. If you have sufficient experience, the name of the weapon will appear on the bottom of your screen, and you can equip it. Please note that you must have at least 0 experience to equip a weapon.

    EX Skill

    EX Skill The EX skill is a skill that is not necessary when using weapons. Now there are a variety of skills that can be used while in battle.

    Fire Remarks: All of your EXP gained from defeating monsters increases based on the amount of EXP you used.

    The firing time of your weapon is dependent on the strength of the weapon used. Please note that the range of the weapon’s effectiveness is also different.

    Skill Manipulation Mechanic

    Skill Manipulation Mechanic The skill is directly connected to the EX skill, so an EX skill will be automatically applied if you use it.

    EXP consumption Methods

    EXP consumption Methods In addition to the experience gained during battle, there is an EXP consumption method that can be used when you obtain EXP through events.

    Equipping an Equipment

    Equip an Equipment You can choose the armor, weapon, or magic that you want to equip from your


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Get ready for the most thrilling battle in Rpg history!

    Available for iPhone and iPad.
    Game can be switched to the “French” version. More information on the contents of the different versions of the game can be found on our website: >

    ◆ Highly Customizable Character
    Customize each member of your party. Change their appearance, hair color, facial features, strength, and even their individual abilities.
    ◆ Innovative Combat Method
    Run toward the nearest enemy and smash the enemy with your weapon. Can you overcome 120 different enemies in this style of combat?
    ◆ Heroic Battle
    Explore different universes. Fight over 30 different types of enemies.
    ◆ Bonding with Various NPCs
    Train with your NPC handbook and talk to various adventurers, blacksmiths, and bards.
    ◆ Fulfill Through the Power of Love
    Talk to other players using the party chat function, then exchange gifts for their character’s personality on the special gift exchange screen.
    ◆ Social Network Connections
    Post funny comments with your friends on the social media platform Nintendo Unity.
    ◆ Sports and Amusements for your Game
    Fishing and hunting in a beach or commercialized countryside region.
    ◆ Customize Your Surrounding Environment
    Battle with players from all over the world, and it is in your hands to shape a custom world.
    ◆ Free Trial Version
    Free trial version provides access to the story up to Chapter 3.
    Game credits
    e game was a joint development project between a Japanese development studio

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    Thanks for your interest in the season pass! We expect you to have a lot of fun with the characters you meet in our story.
    Unlike many games, we are happy to give you a better understanding of where the characters come from, and what they really do for a living through the opening movie, as well as the optional additional “bonus story” known as Transforming Tenshi no Shiro.
    As promised, here is a list of the additional content planned for the season pass.
    Map Card Collection
    1. Walk Through of Kintaro’s World Map (10 card)
    Location: World Map
    The world map is the main medium for the exploration of the world


    Free Elden Ring For PC

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Linux x86_64.
    OS X 10.5 or higher.
    Java SE 6 or higher.
    Mac and Windows?
    As mentioned before, you have to be aware of whether you’re using Mac and Windows. If you’re using Mac, then you have to be very familiar with the file system and the way Java saves its files. In Windows, in addition to Java files, you have to be aware of some things: the file system, the folders, and the data types.
    If you have trouble running JDB