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I’m sure that you’ve been feeling a great number of fun and excitement these days. In this regard, the new fantasy action RPG “Rise, Tarnished” has released. Rise, Tarnished is a fantasy adventure action RPG for 3DS that revolves around the character class, and a player can combine a weapon or armor with a magic that match that character class. By equipping a weapon and combat, the player can throw off the restrictions of standard characters, and then play on the theme of dividing enemy forces by using a variety of tactics. For example, if a 3DS user only uses a sword to defeat enemies, they’ll be able to have such fun that they begin to feel like a battle anime. By combining the elements of three different classes, such as “Warrior”, “Lance”, and “Magic”, the player can change the situation in the dungeon and improve their battle skills. The “Rise, Tarnished” story, set in the Lands Between, revolves around the character class of “Elden Ring” in the Falna Plains. The “Elden Ring” is the name of a mythological relic that the party would want to recover from the dungeon. The story will be told in the form of fragments that overlap, and the objective is to acquire the relic. In order to do so, you must show your intuition, and use the proper method for each situation to solve the problems that emerge in the dungeon. It is a tale that relates the growth of a soldier who became a falna king. At the heart of the story, there is a set of mystery that happens to be the relationship of the heroic and anti-heroic, but in the story, that mystery is solved. There will also be a variety of mercenaries and even a mercenary woman, which will complete the story with an exciting conclusion. In addition to that, in order to enjoy the story, a variety of features have been planned, such as events, new weapons, and even a second story. Praised by many for its combat, action and strategy elements, combined with a beautiful world, the “Rise, Tarnished” project was initially developed as a 3DS game, and was later applied to the Nintendo Switch. With the wide range of changes that the Switch version


Features Key:

  • Evolved and Powerful Body Movement System – Dynamic actions and game play have been fully refined and enhanced based on player feedback, such as fine control of sword swings and high-impact attack and movement techniques with accelerated effects, and hand-to-hand combat. Each body movement is so realistic that players will find that it is easy to create their own character.
  • Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Train multiple AI characters and guide them to battle with you. While you play a single-player game, the AI will also continue to help players fight in the online game.
  • Customizable Body-Type – Offer a total of 15 customizable body types that can morph into each other. The appearance and state of your body-type can be freely changed at any time. There is also the option of choosing from seven different clothing sets to equip your character.
  • Customizable Weapons – The weapons available to you can be freely combined. Increase your physical strength by strengthening your arms, accustom yourself to well-balanced sword attacks by holding onto a sturdy weapon, and master magic by using various magic items.
  • Customizable Armor – Choose from a variety of armor types, and customize the appearance by using one of the four difficulty levels for your body type.
  • Selectable Weapon Types – Special powers can be acquired using weapons that have been used by the last god-king and the first man-king. In addition, you can use weapons that have had a special property added.
  • Fully Loaded with Monster Raids – Over 10,000 monster raids in the Lands Between await you as the climax of the game. Defend the kingdoms and spread a light, or hunt down monsters and kill them for points and their effects on equipment enhancement. There is also an element of mystery.
  • Maneuverable Controls – More than 100 different skills that have various effects and diverse combinations allow for a wide variety of user strategies.
  • A Variety of Music – The musical accompaniment of the game includes the voice and sound of the character’s cries and movements to create a world of excitement for gamers.
  • All-Round World – Explore vast forests, vast dungeons, and the castle of the man-king. Every setting is rich in details, such as the gigantic and


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    @ReadsGame.com There’s no denying that the fantasy genre has been in the spotlight for the past ten years or so and its popularity has not wavered. This is so in part due to the stable development of recent console systems, which enable users to enjoy the worlds of magic and action with ease. Produced by Squaresoft for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance, Squaresoft’s 2002 game of the year, Final Fantasy X, could be argued to have been one of the most anticipated games to hit the store shelves. Had the game really captured the imagination of the gaming masses, and had Squaresoft not released two final episodes, it would have had a chance at achieving a solid place in the world of console gaming history. The story of Final Fantasy X follows the character of Tidus on the island of Cocoon. Cocoon was once the world’s exclusive domain to the race of air-dwelling sylphs. For the sake of the entire human race, the sylphs were forced to become the Dominators, and the humans were later exiled. After Tidus was selected by Cocoon’s ruler, the crystal-like guardian Yuna, Tidus is chosen to be a member of the ever-controversial Sazh Balhir, but he secretly plots to overthrow his leader, Seifer Almasy, and take the throne. Final Fantasy X is a deep, excellent JRPG-style roleplaying game. After a brief introduction, players travel around the land of Cocoon and are transported to a variety of different areas where they must complete quests. These quests do not necessarily have any sort of linear story line. While this might leave some Final Fantasy series fans feeling a bit disappointed, the story and structure of Final Fantasy X is far from the restrictive story arc of Final Fantasy VI, which carries players throughout the world of Cocoon. In fact, while exploring, Tidus does not proceed to any specific goal and is free to approach and complete quests at his own pace. What this does is allow players to become involved in the story much more freely. The turn-based battle system of Final Fantasy X is a standard JRPG one; players attack enemies on screen and use special attacks to deal more damage to their opponents. With a limited number of attacks, players must be careful to strategically aim their attacks and use them to their advantage. While the bff6bb2d33


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    【70】 発売日:2013年05月04日発売 税込:6,800円(税込) 【60】 発売日:2013年05月11日発売 税込:6,800円(税込) Elden: Tarnished Edition (C)2013 迪士尼公司 S.C.S. PRODUCTION INCORPORATED (C)NEIGHVILLE STUDIO CO., LTD. (C)2013 J・M・X製作委員会 (C)2013 NIS America Inc. 【60】 発売日:2013年05月11日発売 税込:6,800円(税込) Genocide: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! “The Second Coming!” That day, 12 years have passed since the worldwide disappearance of the leader of the Bizarre Adventure. Faced with this new reality, the JoJo’s gang heads west, where new enemies have appeared, and faces a new hell! “Terrifyingly horrific and alienating! But, if you think it is a trip with your own eyes, the person who became the leader of Giuseppe Joestar was Imalia Leviste.” Yuuta Takano Voice Actor: Kazumi Tanaka Kazumi Tanaka is best known for his recent voice work in the anime series Trigun and Soul Eater, but he’s also starred in a number of popular Japanese game and anime productions. JoJo’s has not yet been confirmed as one of the many new projects in which he will be involved. “I can’t believe how I’m actually voicing JoJo’s in the west.” Hideyuki Kikuchi Voice Actor: Yuki K


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Game Features

    1. As an adventure in a vast fantasy world with a huge open world, we want to provide you with the gaming experience that is closer to real life.
    – Travel with up to three other players (mutual communication allowed), communicate with each other through a unique chat system, and explore the diverse world.
    – PVE (Player vs Environment) battle is opened to you. You can learn a variety of battle types and manage your own party.
    – Enjoy the diverse and thrilling PVP (Player vs Player) battle where you go head-to-head against other players.
    – Listen to the dramas of the game’s characters by checking out the Scene event and quests. Feel the excitement of a new experience and adventure.
    – Enjoy an enormous amount of in-game items, and become even more powerful and enjoy the game even more.

    2. A reconstruction of ADOM, the classic fantasy RPG from 1997, “Tarnished” has been continued on, and we have added many new touches to make it as fun as ever.
    – A vast world that consists of open fields, mountains, fields, islands and the various facilities.
    – A compelling battle system in which you try to get a planning ahead. Moreover, we have applied the random battle systems that helped popularize the game early on.
    – Linguistically diverse systems, including a new dialogue, VO script, action scenes, etc.
    – Utilizing a variety of difficulty settings, we have made “Tarnished” even more easy-to-hard.
    – A drama produced with the strengths of ADOM.

    3. We are also planning a game where you use skill to attack others, and you will be able to enjoy the fantasy world even more.
    – As one of the most enjoyable conventional RPGs, RPG gameplay where the hero uses specialty magic that he or she has mastered to fight the demons.
    – A development of the game was carried out with love for the game’s classic features, such as an impressive dungeon


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