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The Elden Ring is a third-person action RPG developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with the RPG genre fans’ group FromSoftware MUSHROOM STUDIOS. The first-of-its-kind RPG in the history of the Western market, the Elden Ring is set in a medieval fantasy world with a sense of being torn apart between the warm-hearted and gentle, and the glaringly destructive and cruel.
The decision to adapt a mature genre, for which FromSoftware has led the industry, into a third-person action RPG is the result of long years of study and countless hours spent developing. The game features unique characters, a branching plot, a selection of allies based on skills and class, and various types of monsters you need to contend with. As players become immersed in this lush fantasy world, they can expect to experience a bond with the characters they encounter and an ever-evolving journey with a story that is unrivaled in the history of the RPG genre.


Founded in 1995, the company FromSoftware is known for developing such groundbreaking games as ‘Tomba!’ (1999), ‘Metal Gear Solid’ (1998), ‘Samurai Champloo’ (2004), and ‘Dark Souls’ (2011). FromSoftware strives to combine its artistic sensibilities with the spirit of innovation and technology, producing games that transcend the boundaries of the genre and become memorable titles.


FromSoftware MUSHROOM STUDIOS INC. is a long-established production company comprised of the first team of FromSoftware formed on June 30, 1995 and one of Japan’s leading game development companies. Over the past two decades, FromSoftware has established a reputation as a creator of action games for adventure games, RPGs, and simulation games, and has achieved a wide degree of global acclaim.




Features Key:

  • RPG elements
  • One-of-a-kind story and characters
  • Outstanding visual style with dark atmosphere
  • Develop your character with freedom and depth
  • No.1 ranked games performance
  • Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay
  • A variety of challenging mission systems
  • Explore a vast and easily navigated world
  • Customize your appearance
  • Give a special skill to your familiars
  • Discover new dungeons, as well as a huge variety of weapons, armor, and magic
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    “[The Elden Ring is] a difficult game to try and describe but if you play it, the gameplay will bring you many experiences, from being scared to seeing the beauty of nature. In short, it’s a game that will always keep on surprising you.” ~ Toshiro Kudou, Game Waka! Tsubasa no Densetsu

    “[It’s] a game that could easily appeal to the hardcore JRPG fan. Elden Ring brings RPG fans and fantasy fans a challenging experience with many new technologies.” ~ Shingo Kanemaru, Famitsu

    “[It’s] a challenging game with a great combat system. The story is simple and easy to understand, which gives a lot of freedom to the player. The graphics are beautiful.” ~ Norimichi Sakura, Famitsu

    “[It] has a very hard time system. It takes a lot of effort to use the battle system. It’s a very fun and interesting story.” ~ Shiro Tanaka, Game Waka! Tsubasa no Densetsu

    “[A] unique, story-driven battle game. The graphics are beautiful and the battle system is fun.” ~ Shuichi Natsume, Famitsu

    [A] unique, story-driven battle game. The graphics are beautiful and the battle system is fun.” ~ Shuichi Natsume, Famitsu Elden Ring is a unique action-RPG that immerses you in a beautifully illustrated story. The massive action game that combines the JRPG elements from the past and the battle RPG action from today is here. Rise, tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. The ultimate combination of the two genres, Elden Ring will take you to an unknown world of fantasy.


    There are many different enemies in Elden Ring, with hundreds of types and settings. Some enemies are tasked with protecting the zones, while others are completely built for death.

    A grim and dangerous game with a mix of the classic JRPG genres of turn-based and real-time battles.

    An extremely detailed world with a variety of obstacles and unique situations. A large amount of effort and resources went into making the world the most detailed fantasy setting in the RPG genre.

    An extensive story with a challenging dialogue.

    A rich soundtrack and challenging boss battles in dynamic scenarios.

    An extensive online feature that allow players


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    • Original Graphics Featuring The Elden Ring, Tarnished, and Night
    The details and graphics of the game world, the characters, and the Enemies are all unique. In addition, the backgrounds and character models are 3D rendered.
    • Special Effects Enable Depth And Immersion
    Bringing you into a living world through special effects, especially in the enemies’ attack.


    • Tranquil Bossfights and Machine Control
    Thanks to the advances in graphics technology, this time, our fighters can be brought to life more realistically and exhibited in both the fight against the boss and in the ordinary battles.
    • It’s a Vast World That’s Free and Easy to Discover
    The new system, which uses a world map, enables you to smoothly travel through the world, and even from one place to another. A vast world that’s free and easy to discover for everyone.
    • Various Types of Dungeons
    The background music and special effects are varied, and the battles are tense thanks to the additional attack patterns that can be obtained. Over the course of time, the dungeons will be more challenging.


    Achievements are given for the combination of the value of achievement points obtained and the item level of the valuable items obtained. The status of each achievement can be viewed at the menu.
    ■ Development Team
    “The development team that has been responsible for creating the main fantasy action RPG, Tarnished, was established in 2013. From this game, we put forward the world of a game that we believe will be one of the best in the genre.”

    ■ Game System
    The combat system is an action RPG with deep and exciting battles.
    “In action RPGs, the fighting is important. We also put a strong focus on action elements in the arena battles.
    There are also various systems that the author has considered were lacking in the action RPG genre.
    We believe that this game will be even more exciting.”
    ■ Scenario
    The story revolves around the main character, who gains special abilities over the course of the story. However, those who want to take part in the challenge with your friends must go through a troubled period of self-reflection and self-growth.
    We have created the game that offers a wide variety of options.
    ■ Graphics Technology
    With the advances in


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    I like what I see so far! I really like the music, in fact while I was watching the video, I went to Youtube and I started listening to the song you are previewing for the Elden Ring (the song played during the opening). It’s a nice track, recommended by me.Keep it up!

    For the 8bit version of this, you’ve got one with the 3D model – no people around.

    Thanks for the hint. I find it strange that I worked so hard on the design, and there was no pop of anything. Anyway, it’s fixed now. I also removed the ‘Title screen’ and ‘loading screen’ before the main menu. I still liked the design too much. The boss from the Top Episode is cool in his own way.

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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Intel or AMD processor
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz or better; 1GB RAM or better
    900 MB free HDD space
    1024 x 768 minimum resolution
    Sound card with 2 output channels (no microphone)
    Download size: 1.5 GB
    Watermark Removal Software provided by the installer
    Audio Video software
    Included in main package:
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