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| Protagonist | Aurelius |
!Killer! • A young knight of the Orlesian Federation
• His power is embedded within his memory• Magic that traps living beings within parallel realities
• Binded to the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Version, which he protects with his life
!Heroine! • An elf of the Northerly Elven and King Elesiar’s Royal Guard
• Has spent her entire life protecting the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen• A power granted to her by the goddess Floria
• She is a mage using the power of divine magic
!Villains! • Various ›Shadow Huntsmen‹ (uncontrolled)
• Deceitful and powerful members of a ›Shadow Organization‹
• Are shadows roaming the Lands Between to destroy the Elden Ring• Weaker members of a ›Shadow Organization‹
• Those with some power who want to make the right for the Shadows
!Enemies |
!The ›Twilight Knight‹ Wiseman
• The leader of the ›Shadow Organization‘ who wants to destroy the Elden Ring
!The ›Shadow Organization‘ and ›Shadow Organization‘:
A bunch of members of the ›Shadow Organization‘ and ›Shadow Organization‘ out to seek the Elden Ring
# The ›Ritual Masters‹:
(The only true opponent besides the ›Shadow Organization‘)
A collective of ›Ritual Masters‹ who use the monsters they catch to maintain their existence• Cynical and opportunistic members of the ›Shadow Organization‘ and ›Shadow Organization‘
An enemy that deserves your unyielding battle
“But Your Eyes are Not Yet Open…
This world is not yet yours
The minimum system requirements are as follows:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-530 / AMD Phenom™ II x4 965
Memory: 6.0 GB RAM
OS: 64-bit version of Windows 7 SP1 or later
Hard Disk: 50 GB available space
DVD Drive: DVD-R/RW (DVD-5/DVD-RW/CD-RW/CD-R) drive
AGP Graphics Accelerator: AGP8x/AGP4x
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with a 5.1 channel
Network: Internet connection for patching (optional)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Ride in PVP Modes as an Alterive.
    Beginning with the “League” mode, the Rook, Griffin and Tyrant are the only monsters that can be encountered. They are stronger than monsters in “Easy” mode, but gain experience points as they consume your fare, and they have various affinities that they can use on you. If you are the one to consume them by receiving damage from them, you will gain experience points equivalent to the monster’s size. If you consume another player instead, it will earn fewer experience points. You can use these monsters as bait to lure other players to fight you, and use their affinities as weapons to weaken them. You can also withdraw while consuming one of these monsters and leave them to their fate, earning you more rewards.
    There are five types of jewels in total: Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Black Jewel, and three categories of weapons: Fighting, Ranging and Armor. Each of these jewels receives experience points when monsters consume you. The five types of jewels have different levels of experience points, and the weapon grades are roughly equivalent. Red, Blue and Yellow Jewel can be consumed once, whereas Red, White, and Black Jewel cannot be consumed and must be maintained by consuming weapon Grades, and Blue Jewel can be consumed one per time. If a monster consumes a Jewel they did not consume previously, they receive only 50 percent of the experience points.
    When a monster consumes you and your Jewel, they generally use the consumable item that matches their type. For example, the Griffin consumes the Jewel normally associated with them, and the Rook and Tyrant consume the one associated with them for exclusive attacks.
  • Experience Points as Weapon and Equipment.
    When a monster consumes you, your character can also receive experience points. You are considered to be a weapon for them, and receive more experience points the more you are thrown out in attacks by consuming other monsters. This feature can be used to your advantage, such as by consuming the powerful monsters to receive more experience than normal. Furthermore, there are several items that have advantages, based on their magnitude.
    The damage dealt by a fighting grade weapon increases with experience. There are several weapons that provide a continuous and fixed amount of damage.
    The damage dealt by a weapon grade that is higher than this is reduced to half.
    The attack power of the Tyrant increases with experience points, and it can deliver powerful area-of-effect attacks.

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    “This is probably the best game I have ever played. I really, really recommend this for anyone interested in an RPG with a bit of action, that isn’t just a straight JRPG.” – Josh

    “The level design and level pacing is in no way lackluster. The graphics are quite smooth, and aside from a few minor issues, the game runs very well on all platforms. The sound is also quite good, and does it’s job well. It’s nothing astounding, but still a good quality game soundtrack for the price. The story, however, is one of the best I’ve experienced in an RPG. It’s a very interesting story that flows naturally, and really does make it a worthwhile experience. The characters are quite well written, and you’ll find yourself tearing through the game quite quickly, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.” – Josh

    “This game looks fantastic and the combat is really fun. Can easily be played for hours without reaching a point where you just stop and rest. There’s no shortage of abilities that lets you unleash your monster’s full power, and all are carefully designed. There’s not much to say but that the game is really fun and just looks great. There is a lot of content to the game, and I recommend everyone plays this game.” – Lee

    “This game has a lot of what I want in an RPG but the fun factor is kept at a high level. There is a wide variety of monsters to play with, the story is really well told, and the difficulty is very well handled. I enjoyed every second of my time with this game.” – Jeff

    “I feel that all reviewers should pay attention to this game, as no other game could even come close to its sheer addictiveness. The music is some of the best of any game I’ve played, and all of the animations are well done, looking good enough that you don’t even notice some things, such as the absence of cutscenes. Since the role of the main character is to become like a god, you’ll have to have a heart of gold to survive. I don’t know how to describe the fun, but it’s a game that will be unforgettable.” – Gabriel

    “The game really does


    Elden Ring [Updated-2022]

    Gameplay Placeholders:

    Entering a Dungeon

    Entering a Mine

    Entering a Tower

    Exiting a Dungeon

    Escaping a Mine

    Escaping a Tower

    Saving a Character

    Recharging a Magic Item

    Picking Up a Weapon

    Attacking a Character

    Defending a Character

    Equipping a Weapon

    Using an Item

    Navigating the World Map

    Equipping an Armor

    Using Items

    Protecting a Character

    Fighting an Enemy

    Fighting a Crowd of Enemies

    You can find out more at the Entering a Tower or Defending a Character pages.


    During battle, after attacking an enemy, you will gain EXP points based on the enemy’s level and the number of the hits you deal.

    If the enemy’s level is lower than the overall battle area, you will gain more EXP points.

    At the end of battle, you will gain experience points, which you can use to increase the level of your character.

    Fighting Enemies:

    Use specific weapons to attack enemy mobs with different attack speeds

    Approximately 10 times per minute, enemy mobs will appear within a certain range.

    If your character’s level increases, you will attack enemy mobs much faster and with more precision.

    After defeating an enemy, the dead enemy will drop HP, EXP, and fragments of a fragment weapon.

    Characters will also drop HP and EXP when they die in battle.

    During battle, you can carry up to 4 potions for each class.

    You can rest from battle at any point.

    You can use potions during battle.

    When your HP reaches 0, you will be returned to the Inn.

    You can find HP and EXP potions in the Inn.

    You will be returned to the Inn when your HP reaches 0.

    You can only use potions in battle.

    There is a limit of 6 spells of each class.

    You will lose the spell if the number of spells used has reached the limit.

    After gaining a spell in battle, you can use it immediately.

    You will lose the spell when you choose another spell.

    You can combine your spells using the Flipping Book.

    You can find Flipping Books in the Battle Hall.

    You can use the Flipping Book to swap your currently selected spells with another spell.


    What’s new:

    Unrest – Black Wizard
    >A first-person dungeon-crawling action adventure RPG game for Android.
    Play as Erin Solstice – half-giant, half-human specialist, and investigate numerous dungeons, collecting and gathering items to use in the battle against untold monsters.
    Prove yourself in the wild world of Drakeros to face thousands of ferocious and elemental monsters!
    Key Features

    ● Herculean Levels! Jump, climb & skid over chasms, carve tunnels through rocky wastes, and ride on raidas and crawlers.

    ● Equip powerful gear for stunning effects that can also be used as makeshift weapons.

    ● Combat by Precision – Move to the heart of a monster in an instant and turn enemies’ efforts against them.

    ● Ability to choose your own map – Use an engram to discover unlimited worlds or go on a guided quest, with new attacks and effects that you can use over and over.

    ● Cosplay-like Players and story! – Play as never-before-seen heroes of the Drakerian universe & other characters!

    • Featured indie game “THE IRON LADY: HER LIFE’S WORK”, K.K. Romanza
    (formerly known as “Story: Michiko Kakutani”)

    Dead Living Zombies!
    Real Genre: “HAREM”
    1. Drag a digital doll to the your hand.
    2. Still want more zombies for various clothes…

    Souls of the Fallen
    Battle with ghosts and demons in this unique RPG that will let you explore and learn new things about existence.
    • Troubling Events Unfold
    Encountering a strange series of events, you find yourself forced to investigate after a prolonged period of time.
    • Your Virtues Are Your Privilege
    Your traits, beliefs, and morals influence


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  • By: Ultraseediz

    8.9Elden Ring Full Version2014-06-07T00:19:51Q:

    “Invalid path in request path.. ” Error when trying to get list item with site script

    I am trying to write a site script that allows users to take the listItem and add it to their email. I am trying to achieve this using the REST interface. I am having troubles getting a listItem from the list.
    The errors are:
    [#15] – “[{“error”:null,”message”:0,”innerError”:null,”uri”:”SITE/[%7B%7D]”}]”
    [#14] – “[{“error”:null,”message”:null}]”
    I have placed a screenshot with the error to the bottom.
    $client = New-MsolServiceClient -AzureConnections -AzureCredentials Creds
    $context = New-AzureContext -Subscription -Tenant

    $result = $client.CreateSearchQuery(“__mixed”,



    System Requirements:

    Mac: OS X 10.6 or later, or Windows Vista SP1 or later
    Mac: OS X 10.6 or later, or Windows Vista SP1 or later CPU: 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later, AMD Athlon 64 x2 or faster, or Core i5 or Intel Core i3
    2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later, AMD Athlon 64 x2 or faster, or Core i5 or Intel Core i3 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or Radeon HD 5850 or later, or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260


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