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The main theme of Fate/grand Order is the battle between the world of darkness, and the world of light. The battle begins over 1,000 years ago with the three Rings of Eden, called the Elden Ring, that created the world from nothing. In the ensuing age of the Holy Grail War, the Elden Ring has been reduced to an item called the Shield and scattered throughout the world. As the characters of the Fate/grand Order proceed, a host of dangerous beings arise as an ominous darkness loom over them.

With a powerful, exhilarating story where the fate of the world of light and darkness is at stake, Fate/grand Order is an action RPG that provides you with a deep, gripping story and fast-paced combat.


◆ Act of Consequence

A story of fate and self-sacrifice.

◆ Act of Supremacy

A story of redemption and rebirth.

◆ Act of Fate

A story of victory and retribution.

◆ Act of Galatea

A story of purity and reincarnation.

◆ Act of Heroes

A story of justice and sacrifice.

◆ Act of Betrayal

A story of revenge and betrayal.

◆ Act of II

A story of blood and death.

◆ Act of Revenant

A story of regeneration.

◆ Act of Despair

A story of sorrow and regret.

◆ Act of Punishment

A story of retribution and repentance.

◆ Act of Glory

A story of regeneration and victory.

◆ Act of Judgement

A story of justice and retribution.

◆ Act of Horus

A story of the future.

◆ Act of Jupiter

A story of rebirth and hope.



Features Key:

  • PvE Boss Fights – Fight the seven bosses who reside in the Lands Between.
    Your character can level up and learn new skills as you progress through the raid.
  • Fast-Action Battle – GM duel? Online PvP? You can interact with other characters anytime, at your convenience.
    Immerse yourself in fast-paced action while you explore the world as you choose your own path.
  • Wield Legendary Gear Made from the Skies of the Elden Ring – Tarnished scale armor, Gilded gloves of rhapsody, Trained falcaingigantaur, and the coveted Elden Ring.
  • Explore a Rich World – Where the sky is your limit!
    The Lands Between is composed of the mountain, dense forest, underground crystal cavern, and seashore regions. Throughout the world, there are various areas where you can discover the breath-taking scenery and breathtaking monsters.
  • Numerous Monsters – Monsters are incredibly diverse, and you will encounter even more powerful ones as you progress through the main story.
    In addition to the numerous raid bosses, as you level up you will also face enemy mages, guild magicians, and even magitech and magic beast.
    Other than their beauty, defeating monsters can grant even more rewards in the form of experience and items!
  • Infinite Variety – Each item is designed to complement the other items on hand. Increasing the quality of items you equip is beneficial.
    Selecting the proper gear sets to raise your character’s level will be an exciting experience.
  • A Truly Romantic World – A fantasy world that has its own charm! Chingam?
    Its inhabitants can be found as you travel through the Land Between, and they are in the midst of doing battle as well.
    By coordinating and assisting these NPC’s, you can strengthen your relationships and engage in romance with the NPCs you meet
  • A Race of Fair-Hearted Humans?
    More than a majority of the inhabitants of the Land Between are human. They possess various feelings, desires, and emotions which cannot be realized in real life. Due to these differing perspectives, the hearts of humans are mere drops of water when compared to the suffering and tragedy of other races.
  • Meet the Eld


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    I purchased this when it was announced it would be free for a limited time. Initially I wasn’t going to buy this after hearing it’s an action RPG in the Call of Duty style, but after playing for a couple days it certainly grew on me. From what I’ve seen the combat is fun and there’s something for everyone if you want a little bit of everything. As far as the story goes, I haven’t gotten very far but I have to say I’ve been pretty amazed by it. That’s saying a lot since I’ve mostly played the game in single-player. The character designs are amusing and the voice acting pretty great in my opinion. There are plenty of systems to keep track of, but it’s all streamlined pretty well into a convenient and fun game to play. The game’s actual development is rather well done too. The soundtrack is very good and the visuals are nice and sharp, though the character models themselves could use some tweaking to give them some style and personality. Definitely recommended for fans of fantasy JRPGs and for anyone that likes action RPG games with charming, fun characters.

    Fantasy action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, set on the frontier between a multi-faceted, four-armed god called Daein and his eight associated gods. The world is ravaged by overpopulation and a period of unrest called the Daein War. The Daein War is a war between the eight gods, and a war between the natural world and the divine. The natural world is called “The Lands Between,” and is made up of eight islands separated by a ‘ring of water’ (the ‘Sea of Razors’). Those islands are home to the eight gods, and people live in the eight lands in an uneasy peace. However, the calm peace is disturbed by a terrifying change happening in the Lands Between. A beast said to have originated from the Lands Between called “Arakil” that is spreading across the Lands Between. Even the gods themselves are affected by this change, with the war being the result of the struggle between the gods and the change in the Lands Between.

    At a time when the Daein War rages in the Lands Between, the protagonist is part of a secret organization called the Elden Ring who undertake ventures into the Lands Between to solve the problem of the Beast Arakil. Joining this group are an unnamed female fighter, a warrior with a keen sense of duty, a mage with a thirst for truth, and


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    ►1. Pick up and Play

    The game begins as you spawn in the middle of a barren land where a sword’s shadow covers the environment. There is no mark of civilization, but instead many fierce animals appear in the wilderness.

    As you advance through the vast world of the game, you will meet up with other players and exchange items, thus fulfilling the goal of getting acquainted with each other and completing quests. However, the main focus of this game lies in its turn-based (turn-based) style.

    Players can choose to play in a group where you cooperatively work to complete quests while connecting with other people or by yourself to enjoy the freedom of exploration.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Character Class: Swordsman

    Your class is a swordsman who deals massive damage with one-on-one sword fights. You are able to target your opponents, and you can freely follow-up at any time after the battle begins.

    Class Points SP(Skill Points): 100

    Your base skill points are all converted into skill points to acquire skills to improve your class. A high level of skill points is key to making the best use of your abilities, and a lot of skills are necessary to maximize your performance.

    The development of your character is based on a core class.

    Class: Warrior

    Your class is a warrior who has a diverse skill set, greatly expanding the possibilities of their play style. You are able to deal massive damage with skills such as Soul Link, and once you learn it, you’ll be able to use skills with the same result as magic skills.

    Weapon: Shield(Basic), Katana(Mid-Level), Short Sword(High-Level)

    Weapon Types: 1-handed, 2-handed

    Upon starting the game, you’re able to pick up an item that allows you to use your basic attacks with ease. You can pick up weapons of different types and strengths to suit your play style.

    Class Points SP(Skill Points): 200

    Class skills are abilities that are executed as a single action. You’re able to use these to activate unique skills that you can only learn at the appropriate level.

    Class: Mage

    Your class is


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    <> Information

    Fantasy Action RPG
    Illustrated by:
    Yoshinari Nagai
    Pocket PC YoronP (Rockets)
    Game Developer:
    ■ Beastly Heroes【World】
    Stories from the Lands between Worlds
    Explore a vast world full of danger, the games action is realistic.
    ■ Beastly Heroes【Online】
    Real time gameplay and conversation.
    Enjoy the game while communicating with others.
    ■Beastly Heroes【Weapon】
    Over 50 weapons to customize your characters
    ■Beastly Heroes【RPG】
    Fantasy Legend with its own characteristics
    Stories of years have passed from the different Worlds Between.
    ■Beastly Heroes【Online】
    Connect and exchange with others, during battle and questing.
    Character Strengths and Weaknesses
    Choose a character with talent.
    Continuously Empower your Party Members
    Mutate your Party members to muscle up to full power.
    Gaining Power and Experience through Monsters
    Sometimes you need to gain power through monsters.
    Items to Splendid Goods
    Upgrade your items, influence your quests, and obtain splendid goods.
    Relationships with NPCs
    Manage your personal relationship with the NPCs.
    ■ Online RPG Game
    Unique Online RPG Game
    【Real-Time】Pleasant gameplay experience.
    Online Battles are real-time.
    There are “Boss Battles”, where you are required to defeat multiple enemies at once.
    The action is particularly exciting here.
    In addition to multiplayer, when you play against others, you can converse online.
    In addition to two-player cooperative play, you can even play against an AI.
    By “Asynchronous Play”, you can feel the presence of others.
    The online environment supports your play style.
    Character-Powered Action
    Legend, accompanied by an endless amount of potential, is waiting just around the corner.
    Mysterious Worlds
    Use your skills to breath life into the world between worlds.
    Collect Information by Investigating
    Harness your character’s unique power and gather information from towns and NPCs.
    Build a Strong


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