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The battle begins to maul.
The lands of the Continent are one vast battlefield between the Worlds of Magic and Humanity.
In an era before the gods of both the Magic and the Human world, their battle was fierce.
While a new world that has been born out of that old battle has been ruled by peace,
it still lies at the mercy of the Gods of Magic and Humanity.
The person who can wield the power of the gods is a “Elden Lord”.
In a fantastic world where the Gods of Magic, Humans, and Machines live,
a new civilization is about to be born.
You are the first Elden Lord to have descended from the Elden continent.
All your future is decided at your birth!

©2013 Reverge Studios Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this product may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

# Play Information

Worlds of Magic

Title: Tarnished

Game Mode: Story Campaign

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Release Date: Jan. 14, 2013

Genre: Fantasy Action RPG

Languages: English

Players: 1

Localisation: English

A Fantasy Action RPG with a completely new concept and game world, “Tarnished”, is coming to the Xbox LIVE Arcade!

◆Playable Characters

Yskal Alkin
A former Commander of the Elite Council, who has been fired from his post.

A freed slave of the Elite Council, a fallen angel.

Derek Helms
A young engineer who’s not afraid to speak his mind.

A single mother with two daughters, she always wears a hood.

She’s a thief, but she’s got a conscience.

She’s an alchemist and a lot older than she looks.

She has a fierce looking appearance, but she’s actually a timid girl.

A typical combatant who is constantly making trouble.

A wizard in a white wizard’s robe.

A warrior in a robe with a red brim.



Features Key:

  • An exciting action RPG with drawn-out battles.
  • A huge, vast world to explore.
  • Unique character development and customization.
  • Lively asynchronous online play.
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    The New Fantasy Action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    The Darkness which once blazed on the horizon has started its unbridled rampage. The lands between have fallen into chaos, and the people have been scattered.

    The noble Elden and the dastardly Orin were once unified and united under the leadership of a great Elden warrior, known as the Highest Rulers, to fight the looming menace on the horizon.

    However, their struggle was cut short by a heinous act that has all but shattered the noble Elden society, igniting a path of conflict and even more loss for the future of the world.

    In a tangled web of betrayal and deceit, the chaos now rages on, and the Elden have been drawn into the maelstrom.

    The great and wise Elden Lords who once lived and ruled are now scattered as only memories.

    Having long lost its ruling power, the noble Elden has become a shadow of its former glory; and now, their remaining population is desperately looking for the one called “Power of the Elden”, in search of salvation.

    The world is in its darkest hour, as the Elden struggle to survive. As chaos spread across the lands between, the once majestic and mighty ones have become nothing but a shadow of their former glory.

    Those who once called themselves the Elden now dwell in a dismal city, awaiting for their end.

    A great unfathomable power lies at the heart of the Darkness. Only one can rise to harness this power. Only one stands on the brink of madness and madness alone, with their might and power.

    In this tragic and dark time, a forgotten child stands tall. Guided by a legacy that was passed down in cold and lonely nights of a past forgotten, he has once again risen to avenge a previous defeat.

    You have once again joined his name and his legacy, and your power of the Elden have once again been awakened.



    Rise up a New Hero! The Darkness that once blazed on the horizon has finally started its endless rampage, overwhelming the lands between. Those who once held the power of the Elden have


    Elden Ring Crack + [Latest]

    In an endless reality between the world of humans and the world of dragons, where a kindhearted heroine seeks for the magic’s weapon, a destructive dragon exists. He is the lord of the storm, the king of dragons, the legendary being to be feared, who awaits only for the day to be crowned as the king of all dragons.

    However, the evil sword’s power is stronger than ever. The code on the cursed sword reveals a shocking truth.

    At the same time, the super magic creation that the ancient elves made is now breaking free, destroying the peace on the Earth.

    In this strife-torn land, the destiny to tame the chaos and exterminate the dragon overlords and to protect the weak awaits the hero.

    Rise, Tarnished. Explore a vast world, fulfill quests, and complete the tasks you were called to accomplish in the Lands Between.

    Disclaimer: TOS.WatchMojo.com is officially affiliated with Gomer Game, publisher of “Tarnished World: Romances of A Dragon Overlord,” and at the moment we are not directly taking part in its development nor receiving any of the proceeds from the game, but we decided to give them some coverage for the sake of promoting them.

    Tarnished World is a new fantasy action RPG for smartphone and tablets, conceived and developed by Gomer Game in collaboration with Fantasy Dragon Games and by BenTech for developers and publishers.

    It uses the Unreal Engine 4 so you should be prepared to have a great graphical quality if you are playing on tablets and on phones with 4″ and 5″ screens, but the graphics could look slightly less good on 3″ screens.

    All the information of the main features for the Android and iOS version, together with the new trailer, are now listed on our dedicated website. This game is presently available for iOS in English only, with more plans for the future of Tarnished World for Android and English iOS, alongside upcoming campaigns and new languages.

    Explore a vast world. Full of excitement.

    Featuring a vast world that you can explore freely, a story that’s born from a myth, and a unique online element that allows you to feel the presence of others, Tarnished World is a refreshing fantasy action RPG that offers a brand new experience.

    There’s a lot of variety in the world of Tarnished World, where you can travel and explore a vast world


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Long a title fans wished would see the light of day, Fable III was announced last year with a whole bunch of “forks in the road” compromises for players wondering how far Microsoft would stick to the original plans for their long-anticipated third Kinect motion control RPG. While I haven’t played my copy of the game yet – far too busy working to accomplish anything – I’m hearing the Xbox One version seems to present the game in the exact form fans took it upon themselves to love when Fable III was first announced.

    In the interests of protecting spoilers and that way lead your blind eyes and ears to not learn everything, I’m going to tell you up front that “The Two Fable Covenants” is present in the Xbox One version of Fable III. I won’t spoil the specifics, but I will say that any of the seven different Fable imps of the soul, including the “Six Paths” will be open to your choices. No sorrow if you choose one of those new paths, as they will play differently than the others in the world of Albion.

    The above quote is taken from the Xbox One edition of the game. If you seek to discover more of the hard truths of the Xbox One version of Fable III early, this is your best bet.

    Xbox One owners can be heard on the Xbox One Preview Program Discord, here.

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  • Screenshot

    What is new in this version:

    • Blind Spots Battles
    • Character Specific Skill Sets
    • New Item Codes
    • Easy to Record
    • More minigames
    • Time Traveling Game Play
    • New Genres
    • And Much More!

    Online Play Features:

    • You can play with players from around the world.
    • You can interact with your friends socially.
    • You can compete in challenges and events.

    New Features:

    • Personal Story Missions
    • New Cheat Rules
    • New Features
    • And Much More!

    Other Things You Need to Know!