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The Lords of Elden Ring



Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring, a Unique Tool for Character Creation:
    – Your own, custom character tailored to your character.(This feature is a new addition to the game!)

  • Wings:
    • The Wings set you free from the burden of adherence to a location and its surroundings to be able to pursue your dreams freely.
  • Settings:
    – Optimize your game performance by adjusting the settings for picture, game sound, texture, and weather.
  • Optional Key Features

    • The Geffen Map:
      The Geffen Map allows you to explore the world of Doflamingo in a cool new way. It recreates not just the world of the game but also the unused town and content that were once planned in the game. You can see these places in detail, and can even explore old designs for Doflamingo, as well as the development progress of certain scenes.
      [Available in pre-registration for the Elden Ring 1.0 release.]
    • Map Editor:
      Make a rival’s defeat, or create a map that denies all players death. Create the map’s layout and design, or edit the map more easily than a videogame.

    • Trial:
      • Determine the ending story that will unfold based on your attitude toward your rivals and other players. During the trial, you can experience the full story of the main characters, learn their secrets, and meet other characters that live in the world.
      • Revelation:
        • Explore the complete map of the game world, or decide what to expect as you run through the trials.
        • A new Game Mode:
          – Adventure Map:
          – Explore the chaotic World of Doflamingo via a map structured around encounters.
          – Action:
          – Intercept enemy attacks in melee combat!
          – Boss:
          – Crush bosses that possess terrifying power!
          – Mission:


          Elden Ring Activation

          From the developer:

          Welcome to the world of the Elden Ring! This is a fantasy action RPG.

          Explore the Lands Between and become a lord by proving your strength through battles, quests, and achievements.

          Draw upon the souls of those who have passed over from this world to augment your strength, and use them to protect the Realm and defeat the demonic invasion!

          From the developer:

          Create a Unique Player Character
          Your Player Character is the key part of the game.

          Every character has unique skills, and players will go through different stages of development and can play their favorite character in different ways.
          Players can learn multiple skills, and can choose from multiple weapons and magic.
          Players are also able to develop their own character in a number of ways, such as increasing their muscle strength to become stronger.
          All this makes the game feel like each player is creating a unique character.


          The World Map

          The Bar

          Creating Characters

          Building your Base

          Fitting Up

          Crafting Objects

          Quest Maps

          Special Moves

          Trading with the NPC’s

          Collecting Items

          Hunting Monsters

          Crafting Food

          Battling Monsters

          Fighting Enemies

          Maintaining Harmony

          Blessing Stones

          The Darkness

          Helping Others

          The Soul Map

          The Persist system

          Monster Defeating Skills

          Party Completion Skills

          Families and Pets

          Searching for the Demonic Invaders

          Hunting Monsters in the Demonic Invader Camp

          Battle against the Demonic Invaders

          The Game’s System

          Hard Mode

          Hard Mode is a modification of the game where the point of each battle is to destroy the other character.

          Easy Mode

          Easy Mode is the normal mode of the game, and the game’s completion in Easy Mode is a significant experience for players.

          ● Training Tutorials

          Training Tutorials teach players how to play the game.

          ● Achievements

          Achievements are hidden items.

          Accomplish certain tasks to collect and display hidden items.

          Achievements are divided into 10 types, including balance, gameplay, character development, and social.

          ● Equipment

          Equipment is equipment that cannot be gathered from monsters or enemy characters.

          Equipment has three levels, and you can


          Elden Ring Full Version

          Take your blade and bow in hand and make your way to the secret land known as the Lands Between. In this new fantasy role-playing game developed by Acquire, ready yourself for a vast world that is full of excitement and drama.

          ◆ A Vast World Full of Excitement
          The Lands Between is a huge world set between two different dimensions. It consists of a huge variety of areas, and open fields, mountains, and rivers can be found at any time of the day. Even after the launch of the game, Acquire plans to update and expand the world.
          – Open Fields, Mountains, and Rivers
          In the Lands Between, you can freely explore an open field, a dungeon, or a river. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or adventuring to find rare items, you will be immersed in an exciting world. In addition to the open fields, you will also get to explore mountains and rivers as you continue on your journey.
          – An Overwhelming Variety of Monsters
          Explore the Lands Between together with a party of other adventurers. If you encounter an enemy in one area, you can move to another area to meet a different monster. The variety of monsters that have been prepared for you will keep your adventure exciting and exciting.
          – Travel with Others
          In the Lands Between, you can freely interact with and talk to other adventurers and meet new friends through your connections to other players. You will also be able to participate in role-playing events together with your fellow adventurers.

          ◆ Asynchronous PvP Arena to Relieve the Boredom.

          We are now welcoming our first players on our asynchronous PvP arena. In this arena, you can challenge other players’ guilds and battles take place for points. The quests to acquire points will be updated regularly, so try to earn as many points as possible and compete with other players.

          Discover otherworldly adventures as an adventurer on your quest to reclaim your homeland.
          In this fantasy role-playing game from Acquire, open the box to experience a vast world filled with excitement and drama.

          ◆ Enhancement Shop

          From all the items available for purchase, you can customize a hero by selecting the most suitable costumes, weapons, armors, and other items. You can also equip various items to make a powerful hero.
          – Change the Hero Costume
          To power up your hero, you can select a suitable hero costume. You can change your hero’s costume with various items


          What’s new in Elden Ring:

          Thu, 31 Oct 2014 15:55:13 +0900
          7 Kong: Royal Rumble TrailerHighlights (Credits)
          ‘7 Kong: Royal Rumble’ TrailerAnnounced during E3 2014, 7 Kong: Royal Rumble is a new action RPG byFromSoftware for the PlayStation3.

          Launch Trailer (03:44)

          This promotional banner was uploaded by Capcom, and was previously unknown to me. Incidentally, it’s the same view (scale and camera angle) a tourist would see watching the scene play out.The Elements:
          From (Region Free): Vietnam, the continent of ‘Between’, has seceded from the mainland land mass, with its connections to it broken.
          MonsterTrait (All Traits and Tuning): NoneMonster Class: NoneMonster Class Tactical: NoneMonster Class Strength: NoneMonster Class Skills: NoneMonster Class Ability: RegenerateMonster Vitality: NoneMonster Vitality Recovery: NoneMonster Health: 5,000Monster Age: NoneMonster Scale: RuralResource Allocation: Base
          From (Region Free): The lost city of Rome lies abandoned inside a cursed island continent, and the Witch of the Wastelands walks the forests surrounding the city.
          MonsterTrait (All Traits and Tuning): No character data available yetMonster Class: Witch class of the WastelandsMonster Class Tactical: NoneMonster Class Strength: NoneMonster Class Skills: NoneMonster Class Ability: NoneMonster Vitality: 7%Monster Vitality Recovery: NoneMonster Health: NoneMonster Age: NoneMonster Scale: WastelandsResource Allocation: Base
          From (Region Free): Within Tarnished Castle, where the Elden Alliance’s hidden labors have been conducted in the Mysteries, roam the twisted creatures of the Dark Dominion.
          MonsterTrait (All Traits and Tuning): No character data available yetMonster Class: All monstersMonster Class Tactical:


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          Features of ELDEN RING game:

          ・ The game combines the action RPG elements, Puzzle, fighting, strategy, and other genres into one.
          ・ By customizing your characters’ skills and abilities, you can freely control the game strategy according to your play style.
          ・ A large amount of content is provided with a variety of story branches and enemy appearances.
          ・ An online mode is also provided in which other players can interact with you by remote control, giving you an opportunity to share new stories, ideas, and stories.
          ・ An original and novel epic story born from a myth that has many twists and turns is provided.

          Game Features:

          ・ ELDEN RING game features a rich story born from mythology with many twists and turns
          ・ A huge world that you can explore freely, rich in variety
          ・ Various enemies and quests await you in the Fields and Dungeons
          ・ An original and novel epic story created from mythology with many twists and turns
          ・ A large amount of content with various story paths and enemies
          ・ ELDEN RING game can be enjoyed in a short period of time
          ・ HD graphics
          ・ Many translations

          Elden Ring game for 3D:

          ・ Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where there is no time or season. A world which changes every time you turn around.

          “How do you live in a world that is always changing?”

          “A world where time does not exist…”

          A world where the shape of things changes…

          Where there is no water, no land, no time, no season.

          Where the unnumbered days are not counted, and where there is no fixed sequence of


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        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are supported.
        Intel or AMD processor
        1024MB of RAM
        DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.
        DVD-ROM drive
        FPS: 2-16; PPS: 45-65
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        (c) 2017 the FBI.
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