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In the Lands Between, there is an ever-growing number of adventurers eagerly seeking their fortune. Adventurers are called “Elden Lords”, and battle to become the strongest, so they can obtain the coveted title of “Elden Lord”. This is a fantasy action RPG that liberally draws upon the rich world of Elden Ring, a popular action RPG that quickly rose to fame in Japan. The 4-character roster, empowering character development, and dynamic combat mechanics create a breathtaking fantasy adventure. ▶ High-Quality Graphics and Design The game’s art is created with a heavy emphasis on rich colors, heavy detail, and a flow that brings the game’s vivid surroundings to life. Locales that have never been brought to life in an RPG before have been faithfully illustrated to conjure the age. ▶ Evocative Sound With more than 30 music tracks, evocative, heart-pumping music helps create an atmosphere filled with drama. When you witness the awesome explosions of Ragnarok, the sound of the soul of that legendary adventurer is so evocative that it’s like you’re seeing it happening in real life. ▶ Thrilling Combo and Skill Based Combat Combo system and speed-increasing effects make combat just as exciting as it is action packed. Furthermore, combo attacks can be used to unleash powerful attacks on the battlefield, and various skills can be buffed for even more effect. ▶ Dynamic and Intuitive Character Control System The dynamic and intuitive action on the touch screen makes controlling your character easier and more enjoyable than ever. The interactions are seamless and intuitive, and it’s easy to read the situation of the battle, so you can develop your character according to your play style. ▶ Character Art Each character has their own beautiful expression of the personality of that character. Experience the unique qualities of each character, and enjoy the cuteness of your favorite. ▶ Dynamic Exploration and Adventure Explore a vast world with a unique battle system that allows you to become a legend. The game’s 19 chapters and 8 dungeons offer a variety of goals to strive for, with huge bosses and treasures to explore. As you progress through the stages, new Elden Lords will appear, allowing you to become stronger. ▶ Items and Equipment Enhance your gear with various items, such as powerful weapons, armor, and equipment. The items have many uses beyond their initial purpose, and each item has their


Features Key:

  • Game setting: An action RPG in the Lands Between. You’ll be in the middle of a war between the forces of Gydaeth a’Geylden and the treacherous Rhodri.
  • Game play: Single-player and multiplayer. Enhance your fighting prowess and deepen your connection to your allies by levelling up the fighting attributes of your character.
  • Full customization: Some of the game settings, such as the playing style, character and equipment types, is fully customizable. You can freely combine what you like, what suits your fighting style, with what you favor in terms of presentation.
  • Aiming for the action RPG community

    We intended for Elden Ring to become an enjoyable game for all action RPG fans who want to see their desire to become strong warriors come to fruition in a good game.

    • Our primary goal is to deliver a high-quality simulation RPG, feeling much like a real RPG.
    • For us, this means: The quests will offer a pleasant and interesting story. Check out the tutorial for a look at the unique turn structure and how the battle system works.
    • We also want you to enjoy a sound RPG performance by offering the concept of “load stopping.”

    Release details

    The Elden Ring on the App Store. Play free with the 30-day “Watch only” option activated. After the trial, the price will be US$39.99, which is a fraction of that of a real RPG.

    The Elden Ring on Google Play. Play free with the 30-day “Watch only” option activated. After the trial, the price will be NZ$39.99.

    The Elden Ring on the Amazon Appstore. Play free with the 30-day “Watch only” option activated. After the trial, the price will be CA$39.99.

    >> Eld


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    New Fantasy Action RPG Review: Developer’s Thoughts”I always wanted to make a game where the player was in control of the way their game story played out. Games are all about choices, and you as a player get to decide the direction the story will go, how it will play out, and what choices are right or wrong. When I thought about the game I wanted to make, I never though I’d be able to get there, but thanks to the feedback I’ve received from the first two million people to play the demo I can finally make the game I wanted to make.” —Namco Bandai Games European PR Manager: Eva Ramos ​”I’m really happy that this NARPG is in a new, booming industry. For a long time, development cycles and schedules for these games have lasted years and years, and I’m proud to say that this game has taken just a few months to make.” —Bandai Namco Games Japan Producer, Koji Maekawa “This game is what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks to the generous work of the devs, we’ve been able to experience the game we all hoped for.” —Namco Bandai Games US PR Manager: Orin Thompson Play as either a male or female character, and use your charm to quickly eliminate your competition. The further into the ranking system you progress, the more you will evolve, your body will adapt to your playing style, and you’ll be able to make the most of your chances to fight in the arena. In order to survive in this land, you’ll need to take on the responsibility of being an Elden Lord. You’ll be able to explore a vast world with an unlimited amount of quests that require you to unlock the latest improvements for your castle. The world map is also huge, and you can travel between the vast number of lands you discover. In this fast-paced, action-packed fighting game, your movements and attacks are easy to control and easy to follow. Create your own path as you explore this vast world, revealing new lands with more difficult monsters. The main story will unfold as you progress. The parallel story of the main story will only be revealed after you finish the main story. The true path of the main story will be revealed after the parallel story is completed. Players can progress through the rankings and by defeating monsters. Rep bff6bb2d33


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    Assemble your party and set out on an adventure in this brand new game of the Elden Ring saga! Parollel system: Change the direction of your party members freely and dynamically by selecting Parollel Swords and Parollel Shields from the hand of a character in your party. The 3D background helps you recognize your party members even when they switch positions. * Character Creation – Applying Enchantment & Stat Changes – Character Creation 1.1. Choose a Class 1.2. Choose a Race 1.3. Select a Name 1.4. Assign a UniqueID 1.5. Change Your Name 1.6. Choose Your Appearance 1.7. Select Your Hair Color 1.8. Select Your Skin Color 1.9. Customize Appearance 1.10. Change Your Attribute 1.11. Select Your Weapon 1.12. Equip Items 1.13. Select an Item Color 1.14. Equip Earring 1.15. Equip Bracelet 1.16. Equip Necklace 1.17. Equip Ring 1.18. Select Features 1.19. Equip Cloth Suit 1.20. Equip Wig 1.21. Equip Gloves 1.22. Equip Shoes 1.23. Equip Boots 1.24. Select Gender 1.25. Choose Your Weapon Skill 1.26. Choose Your Armor Skill 1.27. Change the Direction of Your Party 2. Character Customization System 2.1. Equip a Weapon 2.2. Equip an Armor 2.3. Equip a Weapon Skill 2.4. Equip an Armor Skill 2.5. Change the Direction of Your Party * Title System – The beginning of your adventure begins on the day you were born. – A Title is automatically obtained in your first battle. – Earn a title by accumulating EXP and defeating monsters. – Earn more titles by upgrading to higher classes. – Earn more titles by defeating monsters more than once. – Earn more titles for completing each area. – Earn more titles by purchasing titles for a character who has yet to obtain them. – Change the titles to easily remember your accomplishments. * Skill System – Adjust the point at which skills are acquired based on a character’s level. – When a character gains


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    00685:Alíax Games. | Posted by Matheo Mazzaroni 16230 – 19 August 2017 (Saturday) 02:54 UTC

    A passionate team behind the game, Alíax Games’ Meinel & Partners always strived for excellence in their video game development. Soon after releasing the game, they have already expanded the team, but not yet found enough developers to complete the project yet. Therefore, they have turned towards gamers, to get additional feedback on the game to make it perfect. • Game funding and development The game is currently in the planning stages (8/2017). At first, Alíax Games. already sold copies on Amazon under third party name ‘Diversions’. The sales made through this channel are being used to fund the porting of the game from Windows into other platforms. Now Alíax Games is raising funds from the community to bring Meinel & Partners. Backers pledging support for this will get an original art piece made specifically for this game. Therefore, if we reach the Minimum Project Goal, we’ll receive the art, which would otherwise not be offered to backers.

    00174:Stellify Games & Philosophy. | Posted by Fausto Carvalho 15488 – 29 December 2016 (Tuesday) 19:40 UTC

    A Cyberpunk game that imposes a philosophical question on the player: who lives and who dies? What about philosophies like Xenomorphism and Schizophrenia Theory? as Paolo Carbone’s

    [features] /?

    » Video Game A Report on CAVE

    » VN Project Closed-ish

    00773:TRAX Studio. | Posted by Adam Ferrari 11275 – 07 March 2017 (Thursday) 08:57 UTC

    A VR/AR game being developed by a team of ex-nvidia and ati employees. – the Illusion of a seamless medium is the intent- the HTC vive has been used to create a prototype – it has gained an intimate connection with the player- the point of the game is to escape from the real world; to lose track of time; to locate one’s self- an experience not fully understood or deliberate


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    I recommend you to read ELDEN RING 1.Unrar. 2.Drag and drop the cracked content into folder. 3.If your ELDEN RING have Administrator.exe in your main game folder. No need to replace. 4.Readme file included in game’s cracked content. Wipe your registry of all traces of ELDEN RING. Done. Now you can play and enjoy. Tips: -Make sure that you read ELDEN RING instruction. -To play ELDEN RING in offline mode, no need to crack, you can just unrar the game and install it. -You will find the game file as “ELDEN RING.exe” in the folder. -Make sure to read the instruction file before using cracks. -To install game and add crack, a shortcut added to desktop. -To use game properly, you must install game in offline mode. Hi, if you like this game, I think you will like these games. They are free and you can play them offline in your browser without spending money on them. You can uninstall them without affect others. Easiest and best one is called “Dungeon Hunter 5”. It’s free and it’s offline, and it’s really amazing. Follow the link below and play it Peace! God bless you and your family. Anyway, i dont have any problem with posting this kind of thing, cause i dont have a problem with those games and i played them a lot. Im very angry with a creator of “Dragon Magic”, cause i spent money on it, i bought premium version, but i can still play it offline. When i asked support, they told me that game changed to “Offline-only” version, but it still work without internet. The worst thing is that they haven’t fixed it. The game was offline in the beginning, and it still is. You can delete game files and it will work without internet. I always open their website, but they don’t reply. How can they do that? Does it a big company? I dont know, but it’s not a small company. Do they have licence? Then


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    System Requirements:

    Minimum: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 CPU: Intel Core i3-7100, 2.5 GHz or later, or AMD Phenom II X4 945, 2.5 GHz or later Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 6650 or newer, with 256 MB of VRAM Storage: 8 GB available space Additional Notes: M


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