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Name Elden Ring
Publisher nelader
Format File
Rating 4.16 / 5 ( 4443 votes )
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Sieges and intense battles explode as the land of Elden is assaulted by an unstoppable force. Break through the intense battlefield and fight against the vast monsters of the deep abyss. Whose will will prevail?
Players will choose one of several classes and enter a land of a beautiful fantasy world where you can conquer dark dungeons, deep sea areas, and other worlds, all full of unique features.
“Eddies and Striker”

A special class that uses an attack with a long range and a pair of iconic missiles.
A unique class that has special characteristics in battle, such as “single target” or “cleansing” and other unique abilities.
Enjoy an epic experience of RPG battles with a vivid 2D graphics style.

“Fight Together”

Online multiplayer system that supports both synchronous and asynchronous online play.
Equip and dress up your own character and participate in online battles.

Indulge in the action and show your creativity as you build your own character.
With a vast world full of adventure and unexpected surprises, create your own story in the Lands Between!

Watch the whole trailer here:


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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher nelader
Format File
Rating 4.16 / 5 ( 4443 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World
  • You can freely customize your character
  • Various modes to find your own play style
  • A long story with an impressive soundtrack
  • Exciting adventures await you
  • A unique online play that connects you directly with others
  • 2D UI with 3D effects
  • Development Philosophy

    Knights of the Elden Ring is an open world fantasy RPG. To support safe gameplay for everyone, we decided to make the world smaller and players have fewer options to select.

    Therefore, the world of this game is created as multiple but small worlds. Do you want to play as a simple single player character? You can do that. However, if you wish to play with a guild, you can connect to a world where your guild members are present. Additionally, we created multiple worlds to allow for a variety of experiences and play styles.

    2D UI

    Our goal was to bring a feel to the game that would stand out from other high-quality fantasy RPGs. While creating the game engine, we drew out a naive plan of developing something new with graphics and a 2D UI. However, players wanted to enjoy the game in a 3D environment.

    So after realizing the importance of this, we created the UI to match the play style. The UI is in line with the style of the game. You can move around the game world by clicking the map, look at items in the inventory, choose whether to attack or magic, and open menus from the 3D characters.


    The game is compatible with PCs, Android mobile devices and iPhone mobile devices that support OpenGL ES 2.0. Therefore, you can enjoy the game in an environment that fits your device.

    If you play an iPhone mobile device, the iCarry app is available in the Store.


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    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “As an RPG game developer, developer works endlessly, everyone knows that. The sudden increase in the sales of DOA5 and KOEI marked a moment of change for the time being. Now development of a big project are often hard work, and it will eventually be a big disappointment to its backers.” (Gematsu)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “The graphics are more refined, more colorful than other games. The movement of the character, the exploration of the three-dimensional map, the large battle arena, make it a completely immersive 3D VR experience.” (Gematsu)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “The game is a true VR environment is a challenge. You think you know the rules, but you find out to be wrong at the very end. The effort and investment of time are very rewarding when you see a lot of friends from Game devs across the world” (Gameplanet)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “The innovation of the action RPG genre has been moving forward since Ys Seven. This game is the strongest example of this point.” (Dengeki)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “An enjoyable formula RPG, where you move forward as the character you created as the player. The action feels great, and I strongly recommend trying it if you have the chance” (Dengeki)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “My favorite game of the year is DOA5 and KOEI was responsible for it. You should check this title out as well.” (Konbini)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “Now that the winter is over, it is finally time to sit down and play. In this case, AOF decided to offer an ELDEN RING game released in spring. I’m sure all fans of this game will want to buy it” (Dengeki)

    Reviews ELDEN RING game:

    “It is not something to be easy to do, ELDEN RING. Koei-GAMING is trying their best as a company. I am very impressed.” (Dengeki


    Elden Ring License Key Full

    1. Create Your Own Character
    You can customise and develop your character by combining a variety of weapons, armour, and magic.
    You can also directly connect with other players in order to feel the presence of others in an asynchronous online element, where you can obtain rewards from battles.
    2. The Worlds of the Elden
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Start your journey as an adventurer on the first world.
    Reach the highly dangerous second world and defend it from enemy forces.
    Thrive in the third world as a noble and earn the title of an elder to become the master of the lands.
    3. Rout Your Enemies and Battle Them to Obtain Various Rewards
    Rout your enemies by using various types of allies, ranging from guards, warriors, to Elves and Half-Elves. Experience the joy of battle and obtain various rewards by defeating the different types of enemies.
    Combine spells and special skills with a variety of weapons and armour to achieve victory.
    4. Improve your Skills While Recovering from Injuries
    Recover your health by returning to a resting spot or by clearing monster traps. Use the stones in the world to improve your status.
    When you are injured, the game keeps track of the location where you were struck to automatically come to your aid.
    Any abilities that you have unlocked are usable for free. However, you will need to clear monsters in order to unlock the next level of abilities.
    5. Use the Talent Points that You Earn by Defeating Enemies
    Each time you defeat a monster, your heart will be filled with a talent point.
    Through this, you can unlock the various stats and talents that you can use to improve your skills.
    Enhancing your stats will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your magic and attacks.
    6. Learn the Skills of Your Allies
    An allied skill will appear when you use an ability that one of your characters has learned.
    By clearing dungeons or engaging in battle while you use the skill, you can gain experience and learn the skill.
    7. Find the Hidden Areas
    In the field, there are many hidden areas.
    There are rare items in those areas and a new feeling of adventure awaits you.
    There are also events that occur that you can participate in.
    8. This Is the First Stone You Have Gained a


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