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Nexon Inc. and WizKids Games announce the upcoming launch of Drakensang: Dragon Storm. The battle for the fate of the world begins as the lovable heroes from Drakensang’s Drakensang Online come together to defend their home base against an invasion of forces led by the evil Kjeldor, the Sarnak warlord. Launching in June 2015, Drakensang: Dragon Storm is the latest installment in Nexon’s epic Drakensang saga, which has enjoyed a strong following since its release on the Drakensang Online platform in 2009.

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The story begins with a young mercenary seeking to earn a fortune. He finds himself thrust into a battle he hadn’t bargained on and pursues a quest that could dramatically change the face of the world.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world that provides many different adventure experiences
  • Additional content containing new story, skills, artifacts, equipment, and monsters, set in a world that continuously expands
  • Various types of dungeons and a mode where you can join new players in an adventure
  • Support for many player characters who possess varying combinations of magic and weapons
  • Battle tactics and strategies are required to ensure victory in battles
  • System for obtaining stronger monsters as you play
  • Character skills that acquire over time to progress your character
  • Choice of story for characters of different elemental strengths. (Water, Earth, Fire, etc.)
  • Support for dual-wield wielding with two weapons at the same time.
  • Peaceful PvP battle actions that do not cause damage to other players
  • Battle scenes where the enemy attack frequently so you can add an extra layer of sensory information
  • Ability to filter away the enemy to distinguish opponents from allies
  • A set of character systems where you progress with actions and routines in your free time
  • Routine systems are regularly planned, and can be easily executed
  • Quest system
  • Challenge system
  • System for determining the rankings of players, along with rewards
  • Challenge tree system for assisting in the advancement of your character
  • Option to be blocked by monsters while moving to free up space when taking a clear path
  • Support to play in Comodo Chinese, English, or Korean
  • Support for simultaneous voice chat
  • Multiplayer-based channel system
  • Singleplayer and online modes that reflect the character skills and equipment
  • Additional map systems (Nagasawa, Hanada, and others) are constantly undergoing improvements
  • Activity system to reward you for playing
  • Elden Ring will be updated frequently as a free-to-play game. Please check the website regularly.



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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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