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The full streaming package. The software included allows you to stream your game on Twitch, Ustream and all the other services where the app can run.

It also provides a real-time error analysis that helps identify any issues with your streaming.

Out-of-the-box game-related content (e.g. game rules, how to play guides, etc.) are made available automatically.

So, now that you have seen all these attractive features, you should know why the Elgato Wave Link microphone is the best. With its impressive quality, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best streaming microphones on the market today.
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Wave Link also brings you the services and audio quality of a great microphone setup. You can use the pre-installed microphone, place it anywhere in the room, and the app will function smoothly even without a DSLR.Q:

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The best ever macro microphone for capturing of your subjects in the best quality (preferably with the highest dynamic range, or even more with “0.01” step level for precision) which will provide you with absolutely clear and crisp recording that will be perfect for your broadcasting/streaming needs.
– Super-low noise for clearer audio
– Advanced precision mic that’s perfect for concerts/sports/audio/video production
– Recorder that’s perfect for capturing an optimal quality of audio
– Great for livestreaming/broadcasting and for producing recordings of your lectures, interviews or monologues
– Protects your personal privacy
– Suitable for production, recording, and streaming.
– Meet the audio quality required to excel in your production.
– A perfect choice for voice overs, interviews, and interviews
– Immersive acoustic seal that reduces ambient noise and distortion
– Low-profile design that’s easier to set up and use.
– Soft touch on the ear cup for comfortable wearing
– Ambidextrous microphone and one-button remote control
– Can be used with any 3.5mm audio source
– Fits on a shoulder strap or a shirt-pocket for portable use
– Works perfectly with Mac and PC
– One-button remote control for easy operation
– LED indicator lights on the mic for monitoring
– Dressed in black
– Swivel mount on the mic for easy mounting
– Anti-shock foam on the ear cup for comfortable wearing
– Noise isolating effect with a noise filter
– Perfect for interviews, podcasts, lectures, and voice overs
– Adjustable Microphone with Quick-set Adjustments:
– 1-3 dB attenuation
– 0.01dB steps
– +6dB gain/attenuation
– Mute (off) and Zoom (on) switches
– Noise reduction (on) and no click (off)
– Two-way mode switch
– Rotate (+/-) switch
– Volume control
– Internal XLR/TRS connector
– Built-in 5-band EQ with a 0.1 dB switch
– Quick-cut adjustments
– 4-position low cut filter
– 12-position High cut filter
– Two-stage high and low pass filter
– Frequency/Level range: 50Hz – 22kHz/±0.1 dB
– Microphone:
– Impedance (1k or 2k

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The Elgato Wave Link software will give you the power to stream to your internet using the exceptional microphone of your choice.
When you connect Elgato Wave Link, the program will install the required drivers and firmware to allow the microphone to work as expected. Then it will calibrate the system to provide accurate settings for optimal sound. Finally, it will link the streams with your streaming app of choice.
Your streams will be built around the microphone, but you have complete control over them. You can adjust volume, switch streams on and off, even change settings for multiple streams at once.
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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Specifications, Features, And Price

Xiaomi is famous all over the globe for making high-quality smartphones at pocket-friendly prices. The latest one of their smartphones which comes with astonishing specifications is the Redmi 4. The smartphone is all set to unveil at a launch event in Beijing on May 16.

The smartphone is likely to feature a 5.45-inch Full HD display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. On the processor front, it will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 octa-core chipset. It is going to be fueled by a 3,000 mAh battery.

On the memory front, the smartphone will have a storage capacity of 64GB, although it is yet to be confirmed. In the rear, it is likely to feature a 13-megapixel camera and a 5-megapixel selfie snapper.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 will also be available in Midnight Black, Burgundy Red, and Ice Blue color options. In terms of pricing, the smartphone is expected to be priced under Rs.10,000.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Specification

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Features

Xiaomi Redmi 4 User Manuals

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Price in India

Xiaomi Redmi 4 price is yet to be announced in India. Last year, Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S price was priced under INR 7,999 in the country. The smartphone was launched in the country in March. In June 2016, the smartphone was launched in India.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Xolo Picasso Price in India

Xiaomi Redmi 4 launched in India at a price of Rs. 9,999. At a price of INR 10,000, the smartphone is going to be

What’s New in the Elgato Wave Link?

Elgato wave Link is a software for Windows to allow you to connect and control Elgato HD30 and HD60 cameras. This software uses a V4 protocol based on Hyper Streaming, which is designed to work with your Elgato streamer and the antennas in the kit. With this software you can control the camera from anywhere on the planet and stream or record video in HD to any web server that supports HLS.

You can stream through WaveLink using a server or directly through the app. No third party software is needed for this.

You can use the software without installing or without root on your phone.

App Features:
– Record video in HLS and HDS in HD resolution
– Streaming in HLS and HDS in HD resolution
– Up to 6 streams from one camera (if there is no secondary camera the 6 streams are distributed over the rest of the devices in the kit)
– Remote control via SIP or RTSP protocols
– Access to all camera features and functions, including:
– Video streaming (HLS or HDS)
– Image capture (HV10 / HV20)
– Picture taking (HV10 / HV20)
– Geotagging
– Time code recording
– Rotation and playback
– Monitoring and logging of the camera configuration
– Configuration of the wireless antennas
– Management of the devices via an application for iOS and Android (requires an internet connection)
– Logging all camera data in an internet database, including pictures, videos, metadata and time code
– Support for custom firmware – Custom Firmware (CFW) for Android phones
– Support for remote control
– Support for all Elgato amplifiers (HD25, HD30, HD60, HD100)
– Support for Elgato HD30 and HD60 wireless bridge
– Support for Elgato HD30, HD60, HD100 and HD200 receivers
– Support for Elgato Replay
– Support for Elgato Playback
– Support for Elgato Playback / Replay (HD25)
– Support for Elgato WaveApp
– Support for Elgato HDMI 2.0 (HDMI 2.0)
– Support for Elgato Stream Link
– Support for Elgato Stream Link 2
– Support for Elgato Stream Link 2 / Live+
– Support for Elgato Stream Link Plus
– Support for Elgato Stream Link Plus 2
– Support for Elgato Stream Link Plus HD
– Support for Elgato Stream Link Plus HD 2
– Support for Elgato Stream Link HD
– Support for Elgato Stream Link HD 2
– Support for Elgato Stream Link HD 2 (HDMI 2.0)
– Support for Elgato Stream Link HD 2 (HDMI 2.1)
– Support for Elg

System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (64-bit) or later
* 64-bit DirectX 10 compatible video card
* An Internet connection
* 500MB of free hard disk space
* Internet Explorer 10 or later, Firefox 4 or later, Chrome 14 or later, Safari 6 or later, or Opera 11 or later
* A physical keyboard
* Sound card or speakers
* Two 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch floppy disk drives
* A CD-ROM drive
* 512MB RAM
* How to play