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Name Elliot and the Musical Journey
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Deathmatch Soccer is a twin-stick shoot em up that mixes soccer with brutal fisticuffs and sportsmanship. This super-fast, multiplayer single player has split-screen and local two player modes. Score goals to win the match. Kill the opposition using your wits, brawn, and soccer skills to secure victory.
The league is settled in a dead-end street in an unnamed urban area. A city-wide tournament is hosted in an abandoned stadium, its old stadiums have been converted into warehouses, churches, and other buildings. The top teams are invited to join this league. Tournament visitors aren’t as lucky. They’re hunted down like animals and killed on sight. Welcome to the Urban Soccer League.
About Sportsmanship:
In order to break out of their own rut, sports fans have recently started joining the leagues that are arranged by various teams. What if a group of people agreed to play against each other? You get a game where everyone plays to win, except for the goalkeepers. The games aren’t held in some stadium, but in a chaotic environment full of chaos and rough tactics. This can give players an opportunity to act out their violent impulses.
Are you ready to confront the ultimate destructive forces of man?
• Local Co-op: Play against human opponents on the same computer
• Split-Screen Local Multiplayer: Play against up to 4 players at once
• A huge variety of weapons and items to chose from
• 18 unique and fun stadiums with unique objectives
• 6 unique and diverse urban locations
• Endless survival mode
• Custom game modes, allowing you to write your own story
• Bookmarkable replays, allowing you to watch how you play to prepare for the next match
• Recompute shortcuts during replays, to allow for faster access
• Leaderboards
• Virtual currencies that can be used to unlock new items, stadiums, or more
• Steam Cloud support
• Controller support
• Support for 18+ games, only on Windows
+ Music: Deathmatch Soccer and Shoot Me! by Soundfreak Studio
+ 3D Models: Free. Modelz.com
+ Sound Effects: DoktorKosmo
+ others: G4C team, friends
If you have questions or concerns, please contact support at sfgame.com or [email protected]

Participate as a group or as individuals. Everyone receives a power up, that helps you survive or protect from attacks


Elliot And The Musical Journey Features Key:

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    Salute the great heroes of Germany, Austria and Alsace
    With this DLC you will get a bunch of new wardrobes, skins and costumes for the following countries:Austria, Germany and Alsace
    ☑ Dirndl (Green)
    ☑ Dirndl (Purple)
    ☑ Club Princess Green (Green)
    ☑ Club Princess Purple (Purple)
    The same clothes you will get as a free update in the game. All content of this DLC will be available directly from the game, in the main menu with scenes and in menu where you are making settings of the character.
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    • [Version: 3018]
    • [Version: 1.1]
    • [Official Site: >
    • [License: Freeware]
    • [Publisher: Movavi]
    • [System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10]


    • [Update Time: May, 2017—May, 2018]
    • [Version: 3.5.0]
    • [Quality: Default]
    • [Files: 676]