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Emails marketing automates the execution of marketing campaigns and
the interaction with clients. The application is designed for
companies or individuals that need to communicate with their customers
via email, SMS, and mobile number. It enables users to launch marketing campaigns (creating
web forms, sending emails, SMSs, instant messaging, and so on),
track the execution of the campaigns, create specific modules for the
courses, create different email lists, and schedule automatic

The following features are included in the product:
 Email Marketing: send and track campaigns
 User forms and e-tickets: create popup forms, promote people to
register and fill in forms, track phone numbers, trigger e-mails, etc.
 Marketing modules: track a specific group of contacts, create
bookmarks with specific activities, etc.
 Mail marketing management: create and manage email lists
 SMS marketing: send SMS messages
 Web forms: create web forms for mobile and desktop users, send
emails and SMS messages, create landing pages
 Instant messaging marketing: send messages to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
 Product of the day: send a specific message to Amazon customers
 Blacklists: send emails only to selected contacts.
The software can send messages through webmail systems, instant messengers, Facebook or Twitter, SMS and MMS services, and so on.
Key features:
* Calendar: manage your business hours.
* Contact management: create new contacts or connect to external databases.
* Email marketing: send and track campaigns with many features:
– Create and manage marketing campaigns (create, modify,
save, pause, or cancel the campaigns).
– Filter campaigns by subject, list, content type, type of campaign,
geographic location, category, depth level, etc.
– Create marketing modules with predefined templates.
– Track the execution of the campaigns.
– Write email history.
– View campaign logs with all email and SMS sent/received details.
– Export emails and SMS logs to CSV,
– Free enterprise edition: option for enterprise users
– Installation and interface: easy-to-use interface with good
– Multi-language.

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Email Marketing Robot For Windows (Latest)

It’s possible to import contacts from a csv file and then use them for creating new marketing campaigns.
The application’s desktop-style interface is equipped with a well organized layout, and it can be customized to suit the needs of the user.
It includes features like the ability to select from a list of countries/regions for the campaigns, and create schedule of campaigns on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
It’s very intuitive interface comes with a rich text editor to edit campaign messages and a database feature with the option to import or export data.
Key Features:
Analyze different content types with reports
Support for HTML and CSS formatting
Ability to create content which is displayable on any email client
Automatic generation of HTML and email signatures
The application is compatible with MS Office templates
Powerful and customizable reporting
Highly customizable
Support for drag and drop templates
Support for HTML, HTML5, CSS & XHTML
Support for mailto links
Image optimization
Create, manage and send in batch campaigns
Easily add data to a list
Provide professional-looking reports
Support for import/export email addresses, SMS
SMS tokens and CSV data
Web based application
Softaculous Installer included
User guide included
30-day free trial
+83% score in our online survey
Overall score: 4.64 / 5.00
5 / 5 based on 1 rating

Price: $9.00;

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Email Marketing Robot Features & Benefits:

Email Marketing Robot is a powerful marketing tool used to send bulk marketing email messages to a company’s clientele. The tool has an easy-to-use GUI and gives users the ability to send “From” (a computer address), “To” (email addresses), “Cc” (email addresses), and “Bcc” (email addresses). From there, it is just a matter of telling the tool what type of message it needs to send.

This tool can be used to keep your company’s clients updated with new information without them having to visit your website. These emails can also be sent to those people that you have an agreement with, for future marketing projects.

This tool has a nice, clean GUI. It is easy to use and can really help to increase your marketing efforts. There is no longer a need for you to go through the email verification

Email Marketing Robot Crack+ Activator (2022)

Help you send more marketing emails than your competitors.
Send emails for your clients, customers and customers quickly and thoroughly.
Easily manage your marketing campaigns with Email Marketing Robot.
Sell it faster, sell it better, with the marketing-focussed Email Marketing Robot.


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I am trying to understand the results of a UNION query. I am not sure I am using the query correctly, but I have the following:
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Why is this not just returning one row for PMXF and one row for CIFX? Is it because of the where clause in each query?
How could I return one row per Code, with all 4 values? (So in this case the result would be: PMXF 4 2 1, CIFX 5 2 1)



Two options

Select a single row per code using the max(col) option.
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Order it by the desired order. This will be faster if the distinct codes that you are selecting from are small. For example if you are only selecting distinct values from a small list

What’s New In?

Email Marketing Robot developed by Fourleaf has the ability to manage any type of marketing campaign, from marketing email to short SMS, so that customers can receive information in a quick and easy way. This incredibly simple to use email management tool can be used by website owners and by companies, it is the perfect tool to make your website and business better.
It is designed with user-friendly interface that shows simple working process. This tool is suitable for small to medium size companies to handle all their marketing emails. It offers an in-built scheduler to control to send mails automatically, without the need for manual management. It can also be used as a software optimization tool to increase website performance.
E-mail Marketing Robot is a complete and easy to use email marketing software for email marketing. It comes with advanced email features and support advanced tasks like sending mail from multiple domains. This tool allows users to manage thousands of mails with the single installation of the software. It offers an in-built scheduler to schedule emails to be sent at specific times and send emails to multiple contacts at once. It supports different types of sms with various mobile apps like Android.
Key Features of Email Marketing Robot:
Advance email features like bulk email, sms, loop, tracking, fbp, conversion, csv export, scheduler, sms, mail merge, opt-in and opt-out support
Advanced functionality to manage thousands of mails with single install
Support different types of sms apps like Android, iPhone, win mobile and IOS
Create and manage marketing campaigns by searching by business type or location
Highly organized interface
Search by keyword, categories and keywords in the products list
Create and manage marketing campaigns
Email Marketing Robot Review:
Mail merge, sms, fbp, opt-in and opt-out, mail merge, tracking, csv export
Go to File > Export to CSV
Import HTML Files from Internet
Fully integrated with other Google Apps; Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Sheets
Support for multiple email domains. You can choose multiple email domains from your Gmail account.
Email Marketing Robot Windows 32Bit
Updates & NEW:
Added Dashboard widget to show new updates & new features of the software.
Added onboarding slide on top of the window when opening new account
Added auto email and sms in signature
Added option to specify domain contact and contact within domain for each email group.
Added option to specify domain contact and contact within domain for each

System Requirements For Email Marketing Robot:

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