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Email2HTTPServer enable web site developers integrate incoming email handling into their web application. The main idea in this server is to convert incoming emails to http post requests. These requests are equal to normal file upload requests from web page.
You can use this software for example for receiving data from your clients by email, in web signup process based on emails, letting your web site users add content to your web site using email, for creating more advanced auto reply emails etc.
If your company’s email server supports (usually they do) IMAP protocol, you can use your company’s email server for receiving emails and post those to your web site. Email2HTTPServer monitors an existing email account on an IMAP server.
Get Email2HTTPServer and try it for yourself to fully assess its capabilities!


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Email2HTTPServer Free Download has existed since the beginning of time but only a few people have ever heard about it. As this is not a web based system, to get Email2HTTPServer For Windows 10 Crack you must download it, install and run it. So, it is not really suitable for web based client companies, like banks, online shops etc.
Email2HTTPServer is designed to provide quick and easy web interaction with email accounts running on a standard email server like PHP, ASP, JSP etc.
Email2HTTPServer is a component, not a web based software, making it suitable for intranet email communication systems and email/customer tracking.
Email2HTTPServer Features:
1. The main aim of Email2HTTPServer is to convert incoming emails into http post requests. By applying this idea Email2HTTPServer can convert (outgoing) incoming emails to http post requests, which are really equal to normal file upload requests from web page.
So, after converting incoming emails to http post requests, if you have http server software on your web site, you can have a new and easy way for handling data posted to you by clients.
2. Email2HTTPServer supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols. If you have a PHP web site installed on your server, this email server is very easy to integrate into it. Just make sure you follow the instructions and have the PHP IMAP extension enabled.
3. Email2HTTPServer uses php as its underlying programming language which is very well supported. PHP allows you to integrate Email2HTTPServer into your website easily.
4. Email2HTTPServer is very easy to setup on your web site if you need to use this software for email based intranet client/ server. Just use the setup wizard in Email2HTTPServer for your email server.
5. Email2HTTPServer can be easily integrated into any script like PHP, ASP, JSP etc.
6. You can specify different URL for web applications, like HTML web pages, SOAP web services, Java web applications etc. If you use Email2HTTPServer in this way, you can have a flexible communication protocol for handling data posted by clients, which is not restricted to the website you are running.
7. You can handle received emails one by one (as a list) or you can attach those into different files and save them into a single file. In other words,

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It is possible to get emails to an IMAP account by sending emails to your web site over https: protocol. This way web site developers can let their users sign up or add content on their website without using a separate module (like in ordinary email clients).
As the request is already handled by your web server, no additional modules need to be installed.
Email2HTTPServer Product Key supports also SMTP protocol (for sending emails).
Incoming emails are received over POP3 (pop3) or IMAP (imap) protocol. You can monitor for emails and retrieve them.
When sending emails, SMTP protocol is used and a brand new email is created.
You can set the URL of the form in which the email should be saved in.
The email will be saved as a file upload to the new URL and the user who sent the email is notified.
You can use the “/webmail/” URL to redirect users to your web site after they send an email to you, so users sign up to your service on your web site without additional modules.
Email2HTTPServer For Windows 10 Crack is a free software, however it is possible to use it only for personal usage and not for a commercial website (then it is the same as if you bought it).
The email clients are forced to read messages over http protocol and the web site gets a copy of the email message.
It is possible to read the email messages on the server directly, or on a database by using the “/webmail/” URL.
It is also possible to convert all incoming emails (using a cronjob, every minute) to http post request and post these requests to your web site.
It is possible to use the full IMAP authentication procedure in this way, so users who are logged in on your web server can add content in your web site (or even redirect them to a separate page).
There is also an SMTP authentication, but it is not the full procedure, so you can’t really test it, because web sites don’t allow to send emails without a full authentication procedure.
It is also possible to use the SMTP authentication in the same way as in a usual email client.
Incoming emails are converted to http post requests.
At this point you need an IMAP server on your web server, but it is possible to use a

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This application converts a regular email message to a file upload post request. The software then behaves like a real browser. For example the message inbox is displayed as a file upload form. The incoming email is treated as any other file upload request by the browser.
The email handler must be present in your web application or in your web server. This software does NOT work for incoming e-mail messages that do not support HTTP communication protocol. The software is optimized to be used for HTTPS email.
Email2HTTPServer Features:
* Monitor incoming and outgoing e-mails from an IMAP server
* Handle incoming and outgoing e-mails as if it was a regular file upload
* Support file upload from all supported browsers
* Support all the same parameters as http post or file upload requests
* Send the e-mail as plain text
* Send the e-mail with an html template
* Send an automatic response based on the body of the email
* Send the e-mail with an auto generated HTML response
* Send a status code to the post request to indicate the result
* Support custom fields
* Support custom or predefined data to be inserted into the mail body
* Support custom or predefined file attachments
* Support custom or predefined MIME types
* Add custom fields and data to the email before sending
* Ignore the “to” field of the incoming email
* Multiple recipients
* Support to change the name of the attachment when saving the attachment
* Find all mails that match a regular expression
* Create a new mail message with a pre-defined body
* Reverse the order of the incoming e-mails
* Read message from the first message to the last message
* You can select what fields to be included or ignored
* You can read the email content
* You can write a response based on the email content
* You can save the attachment
* You can delete the attachment
* You can delete the message from the server
* You can save the message as a.xml file
* You can save the message in a.msg file
* Your web server can handle the requests as if it was a web page
* You can specify a file to be saved as “body of the email”
* You can specify a file to be saved as “attachment”
* You can specify the custom or predefined MIME types
* You can specify the custom fields
* You can specify the filename
* You can specify the type

What’s New in the Email2HTTPServer?

Email2HTTPServer is an easy to use yet powerful email-to-http post tool. It transforms your email to HTTP POST requests which are equal to uploading files on the web. The user sends emails with special marker @… which makes it transparent to the user. The email is handled by a specific email server which is configured on the fly. This is the essential difference with existing email-to-file (mail2file) tools.
Email2HTTPServer is run as a Windows Service. No additional setup required. You do not need to install or configure anything to use it. It can easily be set up on any Windows server.
Email2HTTPServer has many useful features such as:
• Multiple email accounts can be monitored at once.
• Multiple SSL certificates are supported.
• Transparently encrypts all outgoing traffic from the server.
• Proxy support.
• Logfile viewer and forwarder with remote and local display.

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