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Ask HN: How do you get past the really exciting email clients? – eslaught

Let’s say you work for a company that makes a cool new web app and they ask you to come up with a fancy email client. How do you get past the really exciting email clients?I’d personally take a while, but the client is screaming in my ear saying “Oh my god, it’s so much faster than Gmail!” and I’m like “Yeah, but it’s also a better email client.” Am I missing something here? Do I just want to go work for Google?I would like to learn the “right” way to come up with these, because one day I’ll have to do it and I’d rather not be bad at it.
If I have to pick something, it’s going to be Outlook

In fairness, Google is _much_ better than Outlook for this reason (e.g. I can
manage folders without a sidebar). Is there anything that Outlook can do that
Google can’t?

Outlook has the best integration of GTD (in general), but it’s been replaced
by Gmail and Google Calendar.

That’s good to know, thanks. So it’s basically Google Apps + Outlook + Gmail?


If you really want to know, get a good text-based email client, such as
pine/epiphany/ealot/mutt/mutt-tiny, and learn all their (and your) features.
You’re just as productive as Gmail, but you learn a lot about what works
right, what works wrong, and just what makes a good email interface.

If you learn how to do it right, you’ll learn how to get past really _


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Unable to download value from txt file to local storage

I am creating a shopping app, where user can download price and quantity of products to their local storage. I have created the following so far:
function store_product_details() {
var product_name = $(‘#product_name’).val();
var price = $(‘#price’).val();
var qty = $(‘#qty’).val();
var quantity = $(‘#quantity’).val();
localStorage.setItem(“product_name”, product_name);
localStorage.setItem(“price”, price);
localStorage.setItem(“qty”, qty);
localStorage.setItem(“quantity”, quantity);

function load_product_details() {
var product_name = localStorage.getItem(“product_name”);
var price = localStorage.getItem(“price”);
var qty = localStorage.getItem(“qty”);
var quantity = localStorage.getItem(“quantity”);

I have a button in index.html that call the above function upon click like this:

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