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We live in an age where working at a desk in front of a computer is considered ideal since it is not physically demanding and is usually well paid, but no one ever takes into consideration the health hazards that come with it.
One such health hazard is the effects of exposure to monitor radiation over long periods of time, especially on the eyes, and that is something that Eye Saver tries to counter.
An easy-to-use desktop enhancement tool
From a functional point of view, it is nothing more than a monitor light and color adjustment application, as it filters out the harmful blue light emitted by the display and makes colors warmer and easier on the eyes.
Another neat aspect is that it eliminates the invisible flickering of the display backlight, a cause of eye strain and headaches. More so, 
Apart from doing that, this app can be scheduled for automatic activation, which comes in handy especially since it is mostly useful during the evening and the night when ambient light is already low.
Benefit from this program with minimal effort
Despite being the type of utility that mostly runs in the background, it didn't seem to have any effect on the other programs that were running on the PC during testing.
This means that, for example, it is a good app for when you want to enjoy a late night gaming session without fearing any performance issues.
Additionally, all color and light settings can be saved under customizable profiles, so you can easily switch between them. This means that you can create a gaming, movie watching or reading profile.
More so, you also gain the benefit of overlay effects, meaning the app can dim only the edges of the screen in order to reduce the needless light.
An overall good eye protection software tool
Eye Saver is a good software solution for anyone that spends countless hours in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any advanced settings and doesn't bring anything new to the table compared to other similar software solutions out there.







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Insufficient function and features

Sight Health Monitor has everything you need to keep your vision and eyes healthy and protected during long hours spent in front of a computer screen.
It’s designed to be a reliable software solution, useful for those looking for an easy to use app that gives them the essentials to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a comfortable life.
Keep your vision in top shape
When the lights are out, there are no lights to spare in front of your eyes. That’s why the last thing you need is a health issue. Luckily, the solution is simple: you just need to plug in your smartphone with the app and everything else is taken care of.
This happens thanks to the new Night Camera Mode, which automatically captures your vision at night. All you have to do is point your phone at a computer screen and wait for the app to do its job.
We all know how a computer monitor emits a low level of blue light that can be harmful for our eyes, even after turning the monitor off. If this causes you problems, this software solution can be of help to you.
As a side effect, the app will automatically turn on and off the monitor’s backlight, a regular annoyance for many users.
This app is so intuitive that, once installed, it has almost no settings to configure. In addition to that, it has support for both Android and iOS devices.
Don’t let your eyes get a bad name
In this day and age, we all spend long hours sitting in front of a computer monitor. While this isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, it can be if you are not careful enough. Fortunately, this app will ensure that your vision and eyes stay healthy and protected at all times, no matter where you are.


Fast and easy to use

Simple and effective

Works well


For a software of its kind, it needs improvement

Touchscreen-based software solutions are generally not that common, however, they are a very useful addition to software catalogs, due to the fact that they allow users to interact with their computer from anywhere.
Touchscreen software solutions can offer a variety of useful functions, including scheduling, detecting multiple touches and more. In this article, we are going to take a look at several useful applications that can be used for these purposes.
A very simple software that allows users to take screenshots of their screens.

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KeyMacro is a simple and useful utility. This freeware software can be used to record macros on your keyboard.
KeyMacro is not limited by keyboard layout. It is able to record macros of any keyboard layout, even if the keys are different from the original layout. Just the combinations of keys are recorded, not the actual layout.
KeyMacro will start recording as soon as you press a specific key combination. It will stop recording after a few key presses.
KeyMacro records everything you type while you are pressing one or more keys.
KeyMacro creates a new, empty batch file that contains all the recording macros.
KeyMacro stores all your recorded macros in a text file. This file is deleted once the recording stops.
KeyMacro also creates a log file with the information about the recording process.
KeyMacro can be used to record custom keyboard combinations.
Note that there is a short manual and video tutorial included.
KeyMacro is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.
KeyMacro can also record data from your mouse, so it can be used as a mouse recorder. This feature is not free.
KeyMacro is completely free of charge. You can download KeyMacro by visiting its homepage.
KeyMacro is a free but limited version of the real-time automated recorder. KeyMacro allows to capture several combinations of keys with different durations. The full version of KeyMacro allows to capture all possible combinations of keys including all durations.
There is a 30-day trial version available for KeyMacro that allows to capture 8 combinations of keys with 5 seconds of delay.
Click on the below link for the Trial Version of KeyMacro Full Version –
KeyMacro full version can be downloaded from the website
KeyMacro is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.
KeyMacro full version can record up to 20 combinations with 10 minutes delay.
Note that there is a 30-day trial version available for KeyMacro full version that allows to capture up to 5 combinations of keys with 5 minutes of delay.

Click on the below link for the Trial Version of KeyMacro Full Version –

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– Dimensions: 0.1 MB
– Install
– Learn More
– It does a good job at eliminating blue light and the flickering.
– Easy to use.
– It doesn’t interfere with your screen.
– It doesn’t bring anything new to the table.
– Some users say that it doesn’t work as advertised.
– Some users say that it doesn’t work at all.
– It’s not as popular as the others.
If you are a victim of those unpleasant effects of spending long hours at a computer screen, then you should definitely try this free tool.

Eye Saver is a simple yet powerful screen saver designed to increase your productivity by making your screen look nicer. Whether you’re watching movies, gaming, using a computer, or anything else, this application will make it look better. The application filters out the harmful blue light emitted by the display and makes colors warmer and more pleasant to the eye. It is not designed to be a window replacement, but rather a complement to your regular screen saver.

It’s easy to use: just click the button to activate the filter and then to enable or disable it. You can save your settings as profiles so that you can switch between them.

Also, it does not interfere with your screen. It doesn’t change the content of your windows, it only changes the appearance of the screen.

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What’s New in the?

The little-known fact is that there is such thing as invisible flickering, which can be just as harmful as visible flickering. This invisible flickering is what people of the generation before the 80s experienced, which is why many prefer to use monitors that emit invisible (i.e. UVA, UVB and blue light) and visible flicker.
The solution to that, however, is the Eye Saver – a monitor lighting and color adjustment application that filters out this harmful radiation and makes the colors on your monitor warmer and easier on your eyes.
Apart from that, Eye Saver also eliminates the invisible flickering of the monitor backlight, which is a source of eye strain and headaches.
More so, Eye Saver can be scheduled for automatic activation, which comes in handy especially since it is mostly useful during the evening and the night when ambient light is already low.
– Filters out the harmful blue light emitted by the display
– Makes colors on the monitor warmer and easier on the eyes
– Eliminates the invisible flickering of the monitor backlight
– Works in the background
– Convenient automatic activation
– All color and light settings can be saved under customizable profiles
– Reduces the strain on your eyes
– More so, Eye Saver can be scheduled for automatic activation
– Works on monitors with 2048 x 1536 resolution
– Filter color spectrum: RGB, CMYK and CMYK+A
– 6 different modes for the color and light balance
– Dual LED indicator light
– App will use about 30MB of RAM
– Works on PC and MAC
– Language: English

Are you an Apple user?
Are you always wondering what to buy for your next computer?
Are you just tired of sticking with the same system?
Do you use your PC more for reading and programming?
I don't use a Mac or an iPad, but I do find myself asking these questions every now and then.
The computer I use most is an HP netbook, so I try to stick to that brand.
For years, I've felt dissatisfied with the two choices they offered:   
•  A  small (11-inch) system with low specification and a netbook price (HP mini netbook  2011)
    •  A  small desktop with lower specifications and a normal desktop price (HP Pavilion a1-510 desktop  2011)
Why not buy a netbook with the same (or better) specifications, but a full-fledged desktop price?
The HP Pavilion A1-510 is a full-fledged desktop with the same processor and screen as the netbook I already own.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Graphics: 1280×800 or higher
To install the game, you will need the following