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Football is a game where emotions run high. It is the sport that tests mental courage, strength and durability. There are no easy football matches and hard tackles will leave their mark forever. To create more realistic reactions, combine a variety of sounds, animations, and player appearance variations. For example, every leg injury can be heard and felt. For the first time in a FIFA game, players can alter their appearance based on their performance. Adaptive Stamina As football players get into the game, stamina depletes over time. This change will be natural and realistic and players will need to be aware that certain tasks may cause them to tire. The way FIFA 22 handles stamina will become even more realistic in the near future. In FIFA 13, player stamina depletes over time after a long game and matches involving players at the top of the FIFA World Rankings often ended without a new world champion being crowned. FIFA 21 introduced Adaptive AI, to give the computer-controlled teammates a fighting chance at the top of the FIFA World Rankings. In FIFA 22, Adaptive AI will be introduced to the stamina mechanic. These changes will apply to every player on the pitch, regardless of which team they are on. When players are at a low stamina level, their run speed will be reduced and they’ll need to decide when it is more important to run versus tackle and intercept the ball. Taking the time to warm up will allow players to improve the strength and stamina of their body before tackling and tackling a player. New Player Behaviors FIFA 21 introduced Outrage, Anger, and Distress in a new animation system. These new emotions were added to create a more human and realistic reaction from the attacking player. FIFA 22 builds on the foundations of the system introduced in FIFA 21 and introduces new player emotions. FIFA 22 adds Ejection, which shows that the player has been handed a second yellow card (red card for FIFA 21). Players face a three-minute Ejection off the pitch, which causes them to be replaced by another team and will affect the team’s attacking and defensive strategy. At any point during the Ejection, the player can save themselves and leave the pitch. But if FIFA 22, Ejection is applied to a player, the referee will immediately send that player off. When a player gets sent off, they’ll immediately be replaced by a player on the bench. But players that are


Features Key:

  • Dazzling graphics and High Definition video.
  • New Cars with authentic brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren and Veyron.
  • Stunning locations in iconic and exotic places, from Dubai to the French Riviera.
  • New Terrain Engine and the most authentic ball- physics yet.
  • Revised Career Mode: Live out your dream of managing a football club in League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.
  • Improved Fans. Now you can manage a team of over 30 million real supporters.

8 Player Game Modes:

  • 1 Player: Speed up the action as you take on a particular role in each match. Take full control of the game from goalkeeper to strikers
  • 2 Player: Perform tricks, passes, dribbles and bursts, collect coins and score goals like never before.
  • 3 Player: Relive the glory of Euro 2008™, FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Confederations Cup when you play each tournament’s Champions League mode, either in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 action with your friends and opponents.
  • Online Game Modes: Play with your friends all over the world or join one of over 50 million EA Origin users to play in online leagues.


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FIFA is the best-selling sports franchise of all time, delivering more authentic football gameplay through the FIFA series, which features the most complete set of in-game mechanisms across all elements of the sport. With a diverse lineup of more than 600 licensed players from 80+ teams, FIFA fans can seamlessly experience football like never before. FIFA’s continuing commitment to the sport is seen in its award-winning official partnerships with all key football associations and leagues, as well as its contributions to grassroots and youth development by creating innovative content to be released for FIFA across all platforms. FIFA has earned more than 70 Sports Game of the Year awards and has shipped more than 100 million copies worldwide to date. It has more than a million fans across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Amazon. EA SPORTS FIFA on your favorite devices Celebrate the world’s best football game on your favorite devices. Play every match anywhere on any device connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data using any of the following platforms: Windows PC, macOS PC, iOS and Android. FIFA Mobile FIFA Mobile is available for free at EA SPORTS™ App. For more information, visit FIFA Ultimate Team Take on your opponents in a new way with FIFA Ultimate Team, the Ultimate Draft and more. Enter into the ultimate experience with a new way to use your favorite players and clubs. FIFA 18 FIFA 18 features the most comprehensive set of player intel in-game, bringing authenticity to the pitch as you create your ideal team. Gain an edge by making better strategic decisions by unlocking new player attributes. Put your team on the path to the top with dynamic new gameplay and key sport innovations including added control of the pitch. EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 Demo Get your first glimpse of the gameplay in the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 demo. Experience the intensity of real-world competition with new interactive passing, shooting and tackling controls in more than 40 matches from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. FIFA 17 Demo Play the FIFA 17 demo and experience the official game of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup or test your skills in new 5-vs-5 online challenges. FIFA 16 Demo FIFA 16 Demo is available in the PlayStation® Store, Xbox Live® Games, and the PlayStation®Network for a limited time. Download a free demo and see what the buzz is all about. FIFA 15 Demo Experience bc9d6d6daa


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This enhanced version of FIFA Ultimate Team brings the popular card collecting mode to the biggest football game yet. Play through thrilling single-player and online challenges that put you in the game-day spotlight or drop into online multiplayer matches to play the Ultimate Drop. FIFA Manager Legend – The legend of the game goes back to the past and back to the days of former greats like Maradona and Ronaldo, who carry their teams to victory through brilliant saves, saves of luck or just one special shot. With FIFA Manager Legend, you can take on the role of the inspirational leader and conquer all with your team, just like your heroes did. FIFA Manager Studio 2 – Become the ultimate football manager of your dreams in a new world of unique, tactical challenges and mesmerising, realistic matches. Manage your club through a single season, create your own player or get stuck in to multi-season competitions as you fight for league, cup and Champions League glory. EA SPORTS™ FIFA FIFA Ultimate Team – Starting out as a struggling second-tier club in Serie B you’ll work your way through the Italian pyramid league and challenge the best teams in Italy by developing your team across 4 years from lowly Serie B to the top division. FIFA 18 Career Mode – Experience authentic football on a global scale as you lead your club from club to Champions League and compete for the title. Challenge yourself in the all-new Player Career Mode to expand your player’s attributes by unlocking potential and show your managerial skills in the new Team of the Year Matchmaking. FIFA 18 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Start out your journey as a second-tier pro footballer in Serie B in FIFA 18, then step up to lead your club through the lower divisions, youth teams and into the first division of the Italian football pyramid. Make decisions and live them out as you develop your team through 4 years as you prepare for your chance to succeed at the biggest of all football tournaments: the Champions League. FIFA 18 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Begin your career as a promising pro footballer in Serie B, then step up to pro level as you lead your club through the Italian football pyramid from Serie B into the first division of the Italian football pyramid. Make decisions and live them out as you develop your team through 4 years as you prepare for your chance to succeed at the biggest of all football tournaments: the Champions League. FIFA 18 FIFA


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