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Add in advanced AI which makes use of thousands of variables, and FIFA 22 is a realistic simulation game that’s more likely to produce the correct decisions than ever before.

Across four different campaigns in FIFA 22, you can find players from five countries, and the game lets you decide how to play them, using a unique set of tactics and formations, on the pitch.

Complete freedom to choose your tactics

The tactics available to you in FIFA 22 are extensive, but they all share one of three core functions – Passing, Moving, or Tackling. These are more than just simple modifiers in the way the player controls the ball – they’re more like different sets of modifications for different situations.

Passing adds more control when the player is in possession of the ball. So, if you’re a creative, offensive player who likes to receive the ball from the defence and let others support him, then you’ll appreciate the increased control passing gives you.

Moving enables the more direct style of play we’ve become used to in the modern game, while tackling requires more tactical thinking from the coaches.

But regardless of how you decide to play, your players will always adhere to the fundamental principles of real-life football. So, if you decide to play it safe and distribute the ball out wide, no matter how hard your attacking players try, they won’t just drift off the ball and be drawn offside.

Because FIFA 22 adheres to these real-life rules, it’s much more likely to produce the correct results than FIFA 21 did.

Choose your formations

While the variety in tactics is amazing, the fantastic thing about FIFA 22 is its ability to put you in the perfect formation for the right match.

Using the ‘Formation Creator,’ you can choose from a range of starting positions to play out your formation from. These positions include 4-2-3-1, 4-2-3-2, 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1 and 4-4-1-2.

This enables you to choose to play in a team where you’re going to use the ball or a team that prefers more direct, aggressive play. You can also choose to play in a formation that’s best suited to the opposition you’re facing, and that too can make


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is the biggest, deepest, and most immersive FIFA title to date, offering brand new gameplay systems and features.
  • NEW Control Design.
  • NEW Character Animation Techniques.
  • Presentation Visuals.
  • Brand New Pro Gameplay.
  • Major Changes to the Pass Game.
  • Half-Chipped Shots.
  • Work on Player Fits & Passes.
  • Team Manager Allows Alliances, Tactical Ops and Better Graphics.
  • Minor Progression Improvements/Bug Fixes.
  • Character Customisation Improvements.
  • “Create-A-Pro Player” Feature
  • Dynamics Engine.
  • New Scoreboard Display & Graphical User Interface.
  • Improved Broadcast Presentation for Matchday.
  • Regular Updates.


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FIFA is the number 1 sports franchise globally, and provides players the chance to live out their own virtual version of the beautiful game. Through FIFA U19, U17 and U15 as well as the main game, FIFA, EA SPORTS is the most authentic way to play football.

The authentic feel from FIFA is something that the fans want, and the game needs. The result is the most immersive, most authentic football experience possible.

If you can’t join the fun, stay in the know with all the news and updates on the global football tournament, English Premier League and World Cup.

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Over 100 years of football innovation

EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup™ Edition

The FIFA World Cup™ will enter its 100th edition this summer. FIFA World Cup™ has shaped the game and this time around, FIFA will show how it did with the most accurate representation of the game’s biggest tournament.

What’s new in FIFA?

FIFA is more competitive than ever before, with improved gameplay, enhanced pitch physics and a completely new game engine powered by a brand new game developer, Lead Hero.

The new game engine delivers advanced ball physics to bring the game closer to the real world. And with enhanced animations and control, players have the freedom to express themselves on the pitch.

Innovative brand new game modes

Ultimate Team™

The addition of new game modes highlights the deep strategic gameplay on offer in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players will be able to take their teams into unprecedented new leagues, such as the Hyper League, and also the chance to customise their squads in-game.

FIFA Seasons™

FIFA Seasons with Rivals brings in a whole new season of story-telling where you’ll play as one of the 32 top clubs in a League with a new star player and a host of rivalries.

FIFA Mobile

Developed by Electronic Arts Inc. to go hand-in-hand with FIFA’s award-winning season of real-world football, FIFA Mobile offers a whole new way to play football and unlock rewards.

Customise your team

The ability to customise your team is key to mastering the game and the


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Prepare to be mesmerised with the most compelling way to build and play your dream team. Virtual currency, the latest player news, and unique challenges await your every decision, bringing you closer than ever to your ultimate fantasy team.

FUT Champions –
Win exclusive, one-of-a-kind, FIFA Ultimate Team FUT Champions packs. Earn packs and rewards by playing FUT Champions.

Casual Mode – Casual mode is a free-to-play version of the game that also allows you to play a game of FIFA 22 like you’re at the beach on a sun lounger! Fun and action-packed football designed for one-off gameplay and quick matchmaking.

Casual Coins – Collect real-world money, virtual currency, coins, and FIFA coins. Earn coins by playing FIFA mobile games, watching FIFA videos and viewing sponsor advertisements while playing. With those coins, you can purchase, trade, and upgrade with items from a variety of FIFA stores and other FIFA mobile apps.

Superstar Player Generator – Build a team of the world’s best footballers.

The number of players and teams in FIFA mobile has grown to over one million, so now you’re more likely to find your favourite players than ever!


Minimum system requirements for FIFA 22:


OS Version


MicroSD Card



Internal storage






Colour screen

Managing your in-game purchases can be a hassle. You can set auto-renewal of your subscription in Settings. You can also buy a one-year subscription or use a payment card connected to PayPal to manage your subscription and buy additional content.

Here are some FAQs.

1. Can I purchase FIFA Ultimate Team packs with real money?

Yes, you can buy packs with real-world money. This applies to both season-long and season pass packs.

2. Is there a difference in the currency between mobile and console versions of the game?

Yes, there is a difference in the currency between the mobile and console versions. FIFA Ultimate Team Points are tradable between mobile and console.

3. Are there deals that can be found on FIFA mobile?

Yes, there are various mobile promotions. Each of these promotions has


What’s new in Fifa 22: