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Developer Chris Arrant from EA Sports is now in a position to explain just how this technology will improve FIFA’s game data, and hopefully improve the on-field performance of these real players. The four-player panel included Chris Arrant, game designer Seppe van den Heuvel, Fifa 22 Crack Free Download gameplay supervisor, Mike Mossop and technical advisor Tom Harlan.

Arrant: “This is incredibly exciting. It’s taken 12 months of development just to get this off the ground.”

Van den Heuvel: “The stadiums, players, and crowds were used to train the system. We added the players’ movements, which we collected during play.”

Mossop: “The data that we collect is used to tailor your movements to create your own personalized on-field experience.”

Arrant: “This is not part of the face AI, it’s more about the small details, like how you dive, but it’s something that applies to every player.”

Van den Heuvel: “It’s used to set up and analyze the real player’s movements in this mode.”

Harlan: “It’s a very open source system. We want the community to be able to innovate with this.”

Arrant: “It’s not called Infinity Engine, it’s called HyperMotion Technology.”

Mossop: “We can control the player’s instinctive movements like we do with the face. If we apply this to the on-field passing, we can make much more intelligent decisions for your players. You can do all types of intelligent things that aren’t intuitive, like the lower body control, or a cross, where someone crosses you behind, you can feel the subtle boost, or lower the pass to make it more intelligent.”

Arrant: “The tools were available, but one thing that you can’t do, is you can’t see how the body will move in the air. As soon as you bring in a physics system, players react differently than the people in the suits. The suits still react realistically, but you can bring in a physics system and create a new level of player control.”

Van den Heuvel: “How you’


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager in the game’s most authentic FIFA manager experience so far.
  • Gametuned dribbling and the all-new style-making system bring the game’s controls, graphics and more to the next level.
  • Returning modes celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary with customizable ‘My Career’, an online Popstars, and a brand new mode ‘Champions’ that puts players into the shoes of current and former FIFA World Champions during their battle to regain the FIFA World Cup.
  • The FIFA StreetTM game series comes to FIFA with four new modes, special players, kits, balls, shoes and more.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the latest incarnation of the ball physics engine, based on a study of data from over 42,000 real-world FIFA balls.
  • Take the new one-touch passing system to the next level with passing drills and more, or adapt FIFA game profiles, new player positions, tactics and free kicks to make your own game more personal.
  • Get closer to the action and become a champion. New motion-capture simulation of the Player Career mode propels players’ actions into an even higher level of sensory fidelity.
  • Be at the forefront of the game’s most advanced graphics engine yet, FIFA has the most immersive visuals of any sports game. From the grain and depth of grass and dirt on the pitch to the signature tearing of the players’ clothing as they sprint.
  • Choose from over 500 licensed kits from around the world or create your own.
  • FIFA’s most authentic manager experience shows off the brand’s commitment to its community and previous gameplay milestones. Play with 12 brand new players, or create a squad as you apply brand new gameplay enhancements to one of the greatest sports franchises in the world.Over 900 players from 30 different nations and clubs, 55 gameplay improvements, four new game modes, including three new leaderboards: the all new My Career mode, the return of the popular Popstars and Legends, and a brand new mode Champions, putting players in the shoes of


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    As the global home of the EA SPORTS FIFA experience, we are responsible for all elements of the FIFA franchise, including the world’s top-selling soccer video game. The world’s most popular FIFA game is on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. EA SPORTS FIFA is available on all platforms and all systems, everywhere.


    The most authentic representation of the beautiful game across all control modalities.

    Powered by Football™, the FIFA series includes a number of new gameplay innovations. The Revolution Bench receives a comprehensive overhaul, especially in handling and the appearance of the passing animations. Headers and set pieces, including corner kicks and throw-ins, will feel more realistic, while defensive and offensive offside calls will be more intuitive.

    In the new Challenge Modes, FIFA Ultimate Team™ and The Journey™ to unlock the next level in your gameplay are brought to life in brand-new, more interactive ways.


    The new DLP – Deflecting Off Players – system further enhances the realistic reactions of players and changes the ways that players react to others, their teammates, and opponents by creating more of a feeling of competition.


    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 includes further refined and improved player motions that more accurately reflect the nuances of how players move in the real game.

    For example, we’ve introduced an enhanced Intelligence system that uses AI-powered movements to more accurately and naturally react to the flow of play.

    In addition, the DLP – Deflecting Off Players – system now adds a more natural and realistic feeling of competition to the game and brings significantly improved success rates when offside calls are made.


    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will significantly enhance the unique feeling of roughing up a defender, and continue our commitment to improving the fouling system.

    Thanks to the inclusion of more advanced AI and refined player motions, the interaction and outcomes of fouls will be more refined and more realistic, especially in physical duels with defenders and close calls.

    Mistakes in the previous FIFA 19 were largely a result of overselling how much damage would be inflicted when players collided with each other. With gameplay refinements, no one will feel pain like never before as EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will offer new reactions and actions that are more intuitive and familiar to real-life play.

    Player Intelligence System


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