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Introducing “5-Space Tactical AI,” which uses five preset tactical options to choose the best move based on which player is in possession, the type of football pitch and opponent they play against

Adding in-depth news integration with an exclusive new feature, Inside the Game, that allows you to get a deeper understanding of the latest matches by watching clips and live blog commentary from the likes of CBS Sports, ESPN and more.

Watch the In-depth video to learn more about FIFA’s free-to-play adaptation of the historic “FIFA World Cup!” GameMode™ and, get inspired by FIFA 22’s detailed “Road to Moscow” video shown during the E3 2016 press conference.

FIFA 21 will be available for free on PlayStation 4 and PC on September 29. For more information on all of the above, be sure to check out our E3 2016 Press Showcase.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The most complete and authentic football experience available
  • Jump right into the action with new Real Player Motion Technology that creates the closest representation of reality on-the-ball
  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) allows players to build a team of the stars of today and tomorrow
  • New Player Rivals mode offers an alternative way of doing it.
  • FIFA Champions, a separate game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team where players can compete in head to head FUT challenges
  • FIFA 22 welcomes new lead developer on the FIFA franchise, Kav Shenoy.

At launch, PS4 will have exclusive content and content that will unlock with PlayStation Plus such as Unstoppable Gorg and Infinite Lives.

The game will be playable at PS4 Launch at invitation events in the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the U.S. and Canada. These events will be announced at a later date.

The game will be available from Sony for the following global retail channels:

  • Major UK and Online Game Stores (e.g. GAME, Game, Amazon, Tesco, WHSmith)
  • Major European retail chains (e.g. Boots, FNAC, Carrefour, Telekom and more)
  • Major online game stores (e.g.,, Game, Gamestop, HiGame, and more)
  • Major digital stores (e.g. ACS, Virgin and more)
  • Major online retailers in North America (e.g. Amazon, BestBuy and more)
  • Major digital stores in North America (e.g. Target and more)
  • For other international stores, please check local websites of the respective stores.


Fifa 22 With Serial Key Free Download [2022]

EA SPORTS™ FIFA is the number-one videogame for the real-life sport of football. FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise for sports. With over 200 million copies sold worldwide, EA SPORTS FIFA will continue to offer the deepest, most complete and engaging football gameplay. FIFA is the only videogame where you can become your dream team. In addition to the world’s top players, teams, competitions and stadiums, FIFA brings the heartbeat of the pitch to life. From your on-field performance, physical style, and off-field personality to your success and football lifestyle, you can take it all home. The real-life sport, real-life game, real-life feel.

How does the game play?

For the first time ever, every ball and every tackle are real. FIFA 22 showcases all the subtleties and nuances of the game’s advanced gameplay engine, with a host of new and deeper Player Impact Engine (PIE) behaviours that highlight the additional challenges a player faces on the pitch.


• New Sprint – A new sprint game mechanic has been introduced to FIFA that allows you to become more reactive and unpredictable. Tackle speed is also increased, and player speed is now more variable.

• Realistic Overlays – The ball changes its behaviour when it hits the ground and where it rebounds when players pass it.

• Crowds – New crowd reactions have been introduced, as well as realistic home and away crowds, new animations, including celebrations and plenty of new chants.

• Ball physics – For the first time ever, every ball and every tackle are created with a complete physics engine for more realistic, reactive gameplay.

• Ball Control – The first FIFA title to allow every player direct ball control, shoot directly from the ball, and run with their ball.

• New 3-on-3 system for Tournament Mode and Exhibition Mode – The game introduces a new system of 3v3 gameplay, which includes more realistic officiating, tougher tactics, goal celebrations, and improved ratings and statistics.

New (for FIFA):

• Updated Penalty system – Penalties are taken in the same way as penalties in the real-life game, and defended in the same way. The new penalty system now includes more realistic offside behaviours and allows you to place the ball on the penalty spot from a distance.

• New Tackles and Active Time of Possession (


Fifa 22 Patch With Serial Key [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

– Together with EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, activate the new card collecting functionality. Collect and activate players, kits, coins, and more with the new Card Packs. Boost your players before your next game to prepare for the most challenging opponents. Create a balanced and complete squad and compete in daily leagues and tournaments to earn coins and prestige.

Injuries – Take a closer look at your player’s health using a new set of tools: Physiotherapy, Strength Training, and recover functions. Make sure your players are ready to go into your next game, with all the on-field details that matter.

Ups, downs, and more
– We’re making the in-game Transfer Market more intuitive for our community. See all of the players available during a transfer window, and evaluate them to make the right move.

– Celebrate your accomplishments in professional soccer at a whole new level. EA SPORTS LIVE Team is here. Whether you’re competing in live online events, winning a promotion, or celebrating a major championship, EA SPORTS LIVE Team will put you on the podium for every game. With the addition of new team and league competitions, there’s never been more ways to enjoy FIFA.

Brand-new functionality in FIFA Ultimate Team –
– Collect 8 cards per pack to acquire more powerful Ultimate players. Exclusive talents now have more focus than before, meaning Ultimate players are significantly more powerful. Save up to 4 cards per pack and use them to customize and complete your squad. New Talents and Tricks will also be available throughout the season.

– Become a true football fan and experience how awesome a stadium can be. Share your passion for the beautiful game by decorating your stadium with the largest stadium editor in the series. Real-time cross-venue interaction can be enjoyed in-game. And, personalize and share your Stadium with the entire community.

Real-time Player Performance Indicators (RPPI) – The previously shown player performance indicators will now appear in real-time to provide instant information about the player.

New way to customize Player Appearance –
– Individualise your favourite players with a unique Player Legend appearance for the First Touch Control System, which has been completely re-designed.

Taking a break? Just close the game and pick up right where you left off by easily importing content you’ve created with FIFA Mobile.


What’s new in Fifa 22: