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Drakes bid to take over waste collection in the Stockton area is based on the idea that you just don’t have to pay for rubbish. It will be free, you just have to organise a collection from your home. It won’t all get recycled, but some will be.

The arrangement needs to be done with an enterprising private provider, who will need to run the system from some kind of container, and you’ll need to start recruiting now.

Drakes already runs Waste Management in the Tees Valley area, and is talking to various suppliers for the Stockton scheme.

It has no plans to take on Accident and Emergency, where, as it notes, planning permission for storing hospital waste is very strict.Q:

Oddity related to usage of inheritance inside modules

I am somewhat sure that I have encountered this before, but I cannot find it right now.
When using inheritance inside a python module, with a parent class defined outside of the module, the derived class is not initialised correctly. The module is read in by __import__ and then when running any function on the class e.g. __init__ the default __init__ implementation is used, whereas a fully functional class is built.
What is very strange is that this is the same behaviour as if I use inheritance outside of a module. Is there a particular reason why this is the case?
The setup looks something like this (just the relevant parts that I cannot explain/find a solution
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