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Search files and folders and copy the files and folders you have found to any desired location.

Selected file or folder:
– you can add files and folders to the copy list and run copy selected files to another location or folder.
– you can drag files from the copy list to the location of the right-click-menu.
– you can drag selected files to the shell.
– the filelist (folders, files) can be shown in a tree mode.

Advanced options:
– you can enable background process to run at the same time to the copy process.
– you can show file size and date/time in a header.
– you can set the default location for the copy process.
– you can show the source file of the folder or file in a sub-menu.
– you can run a command after the copy process or automatically delete the source file after the copy process.
– you can run a command after the copy process.

– you can easily switch folders or files in the filelist.
– you can open the file list in a new window.
– you can change the size of the open window.
– you can change the default list view of a folder.
– you can change the width of the columns in the open window.

Default text:
– you can set the text that will be shown in the header.

Advanced text:
– you can set the text that will be shown in the header.
– you can set a menu of commands in the right-click-menu.
– you can set the color of a folder name in the folder list.
– you can set the color of a file name in the file list.
– you can set the color of the folder header.
– you can set the color of the folder selection.
– you can set the color of the file header.
– you can set the color of the folder selection and the file header.
– you can set the color of the file selection.

User Defined Color:
– you can define the color of a file in the file list.
– you can define the color of a folder in the folder list.

File Categories:
– you can include a predefined set of categories.
– you can include the categories of all files.
– you can include the categories of the files of a selected file.

Filecats Professional

KeyMacro is a relatively new software solution that offers you an efficient and simple solution for creating macros or automated scripts.
Being created with visual programming, the application allows you to get started by writing a simple code, which will create a series of actions you can then run using the standard menu of the application.
Once the script is completed, the code will be written into the “Included Code” section, which is where you can then edit it if you so wish, in order to change some of the parts that are produced.
Once you have set up the macro, you can run the code by double-clicking it, and KeyMacro will then execute the actions you defined in the script, which you can then save to any location of your choice.
In addition, the solution supports integrated Excel objects, such as if the code is created in Microsoft Word, the process can be exported to Excel.
Ability to handle text, images and video
KeyMacro is compatible with a variety of formats, not only text, but also images, video, sound, as well as.docx,.xlsx,.ppt, and.pdf files.
For the text files, the software can read them, recognize what kind of formatting is associated with them, and then apply it to the resulting text, for instance if you have an equation in a spreadsheet, KeyMacro will recognize the equation and will incorporate it in the document.
In addition, the application allows you to combine multiple files into one, organizing them as needed. This way, you can even combine text, images and sound into a single Excel spreadsheet.
As far as the images are concerned, you can apply the same kind of conversion to them. The software allows you to select any image from a folder and to apply the following conversions: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip, Sharpen, Mirror and Orientation.
Moreover, if you need to add video to a spreadsheet, you can apply a conversion to it. Additionally, KeyMacro also supports Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations, offering you the opportunity to insert a video inside a PowerPoint file or simply convert the text into a video.
Easy to use
As mentioned previously, KeyMacro is designed with visual programming, making the application easy to use. Once you have created your first code, you can use the standard menus to start running it, edit it if needed, and to create as many copies of it as you need.

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This is a full featured program that will play a music file, video file, a movie, or a TV show. It will play music in the background and pause when it receives a phone call. It can play music on a timer, and will automatically turn off your computer when it finishes.
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AutoTVFun is a complete media player with the following features:
1. It is a video and music player that can play video/music and music/video files on a computer, ipod, smartphone, or smart TV.
2. It has 20 built-in screensaver that are themed and animated.
3. It can play music, video, and movie on a timer.
4. It can playback music files in the background, pause when a phone rings, and automatically turn off the computer when it finishes.
5. It has the most extensive playlist file format support, the best in-built playlist editor and player, and the most extensive file format support including AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, RAM, MP3, MP2, FLAC, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, VQF,

What’s New In?

Filecats Professional is a reliable and simple to handle software solution which aims to offer you an alternative method of searching through your computer folders, by enabling you to generate a thorough list of all their contents and export it to an Excel file.
Accessible and intuitive usage
Once the setup is complete, you will be able to find the application in your shell menu, allowing you to get started with it just by right-clicking the targeted directory and selecting Filecats Professional.
Nonetheless, the utility features its own user interface, the main window letting you configure the output options, specifically the metadata to be included in your Excel document. However, bear in mind that having Microsoft Excel installed in your PC in essential for its correct functioning.
Effortlessly list the items in your folders to an XLS spreadsheet
Filecats Professional provides a fairly comprehensive preferences panel, enabling you to pick the information you want to be inserted in the output file, for instance ‘Standard Metadata’, which includes dates, authors, categories or tags, ‘Microsoft Office Documents’ (with common or less common details).
Similarly, you can grab ‘Image Data’, such as common photo metadata or GPS information, if available, ‘Media Metadata’ (audio, video or recorded TV) and ‘Outlook Metadata’ (email, calendar, contact, task, journal, body, or others).
Once you have configured the output conditions, you can click on the ‘Start’ button and within moments, Filecats Professional will export the Excel file, prompting you to save it under a preferred name. The results window also informs you of the number of objects that were processed, the total amount of time it took and the number of items per second that were examined.
A comprehensive instrument for cataloging folder contents
All in all, Filecats Professional proves to be a handy and efficient program that you can rely on for creating detailed inventories of your directories’ contents, saving you valuable time and effort by helping you easily find and work with the documents you need from your PC.
Filecats Professional Description:

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System Requirements:

-Requires a system with at least one x86 processor (four-core Intel Core or AMD equivalent).
-Requires an OS with UEFI and Secure Boot enabled.
-All USB-enabled devices must be connected during installation.
-Requires Windows 10 version 1803 or later. For Windows 10 version 1709 or later, a Windows 10 version 1803 or later update may be available to obtain the required hardware requirements. For a complete list of system requirements for Windows 10, visit: