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If you never heard of FileZilla, then you probably have no idea what FTP is. The name is behind one of the most popular FTP solutions out there, providing high-speed transfers of files of any size, all under an open-source license.
It is worth mentioning that FileZilla delivers an all-in-one solution for both client and server. While the FTP client almost became a synonym with FTP transfers, FileZilla Server is nothing less, delivering one of the best FTP and FTPS servers on the market.
Configure settings during setup 
FileZilla Server is easily installed, but you must select the components to be installed, A full installation includes both the server and the administration panel, although you are free to choose either during setup. Furthermore, one of the next steps prompts you to choose between starting the server as a service with Windows, either manually or automatically.
The configuration you must go through during setup also requires you to enter the port number for the administration interface. As an extra security measure, a password can be set for the administration panel.
Server connections and security 
FileZilla Server boasts a comprehensive feature set and focus on data security, with support for secure encrypted connections (FTP over TLS). All the data you transfer with FileZilla is encrypted when using TLS, thus avoiding data breach and theft attempts.
While the main window reveals information about the connected clients, sessions, transfers and so on, the server’s configuration is where you can customize the application’s behavior.
First, several listeners can be added to the server to capture client requests. Secondly, the security features allow you to create IP blacklists, set login timeouts, configure signed certificates, and set client filters. Moreover, you can manage groups, users and logging data.
A reliable and user-friendly FTP server 
FileZilla Server is practically everything you need in a FTP server. Designed with ease of use and high performance in mind, it manages to deliver a top product in its field. 







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My favorite open-source FTP server
Configurable in.ini format for easy setup and maintenance
Support for encryption (FTPS) and strong security features
User-friendly administration panel, easy to manage and use
8 built-in listeners, configurable, to listen for client requests
Simple but powerful client with a focus on privacy
Built-in multi-protocol support for transfers of all types
Built-in transfer queues, protection from virus propagation
Served with a high-performance HTTPd to support great speeds in your web server
You may visit the FileZilla Project page for more information on FileZilla Server, and for further support and information on using FileZilla Server.

The following video highlights FileZilla Server:


You could try to install and configure vsftpd as suggested by Richard or install and configure proftpd – there are many tutorials available, here are some:

Proftpd Tutorial


If you’re on Windows, here’s a solution that requires a’server’ already running.
First, download and install WinSCP. If you do not already have WinSCP installed, you can download it here:

WinSCP Site

Next, download and install WinSCP on the FTP server (if you already have a server, this could be a 3rd computer on your home network, a publicly accessible server, etc.).
Next, you will need to add the following configuration lines to your WinSCP.ini file (find this file by opening WinSCP and clicking ‘Preferences…’, then ‘Configure WinSCP’.
Note: I’ve included these at the end of the file, but you can put it anywhere you want.


Now, you can visit a remote FTP server by first double-clicking a file in Windows Explorer and navigating to the location of your WinSCP folder. After you have finished typing your credentials, the WinSCP window will open on the remote FTP server.

Remote File Window

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FTP Transfer
Advanced Web File Manager
FTP Proxy Server

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FileZilla Server only requires a Windows operating system. No prior knowledge of software is required.

FileZilla Server provides an intuitive user interface. The administration panel is highly customizable and can be fully personalized.

A simple installation process and fully integrated with the Windows operating system help simplify the process of operation and automation.

The program works with all the major platforms, including iOS, Android, and macOS.

What’s New

2018 – Version 0.7.26
Bugfix for a feature problem in multi-interface mode
Bugfix for a bug in FTP session handling
Bugfix for a crash during program shutdown
Bugfix for a bug related to the automatic backup of the configuration file

* FileZilla Server Screenshots *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

* FileZilla Server Screenshot *

Paid download:

FileZilla Server Portable
FileZilla Server Portable is an installation package for a stand-alone FileZilla server. The main difference between a portable version and a full FileZilla Server is that all the files are separated between the two.

FileZilla Server Portable Edition
FileZilla Server Portable Edition is FileZilla Server without a GUI. FileZilla Server Portable Edition is not a standalone server. It can be installed as a standard installation package.

Legal Notice:

Téléchargement FileZilla Server est libre. Tout usage de ce logiciel est libre sous réserve des droits d’auteur.

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What’s New in the FileZilla Server?

Connect your web site to the world
FileZilla Server is a powerful, reliable and user-friendly FTP server and file manager that helps developers, designers, and system administrators easily upload and download files from any website. With FileZilla Server, users never have to deal with slow connections or complicated browser-based file managers.
Download now
FileZilla Server gives website developers a simple way to allow their visitors to browse and download files directly from their web sites without the use of third-party FTP clients or file sharing sites. FileZilla Server is flexible and easy to use, yet secure and reliable.
Download FileZilla Server now and experience it yourself.
Privacy Policy
FileZilla’s privacy policy describes the information we collect and how it is used.
FTP server and client
FileZilla Server is a file sharing and FTP server that connects to websites and seamlessly transfers files and directories. FTP is a way of connecting your computer to your website’s server. FileZilla Server allows you to monitor your web site’s traffic to your site. You can also upload your files and directories and directly to your website.
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FileZilla Server is available as a free download. There are no registration or licensing fees.
FileZilla Server is designed to allow you to upload and download files from your web site. It also acts as a powerful and reliable FTP server and file manager that connects to websites and seamlessly transfers files and directories.
FileZilla Server includes functions to list and connect to FTP servers. You can easily manage FTP accounts and transfers. FileZilla Server also acts as a secure file transfer protocol (FTP), providing remote file access via FTP over a secure encrypted tunnel.
FileZilla Server is a simple and easy-to-use FTP file transfer tool that does not require any third party software to perform file transfer tasks.
FileZilla Server includes functions to create, manage and access FTP accounts, secure the FTP connection, and transfer files.
FileZilla Server is a powerful and secure FTP and file manager that lets you manage your website’s files. FileZilla Server supports the latest version of FTP standards.
FileZilla Server is a fully-featured FTP and file server that connects to websites and instantly transfers files between servers.
FileZilla Server allows you to upload and download files directly from your website without the use of third-party FTP clients or file sharing sites

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10.
Graphics Card: DirectX 11 compatible.
Processor: 2.2GHz+ Quad core processor.
Hard Disk Space: 12GB+ free disk space.
How To Install?
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