FontBox is a lightweight Java library designed to help developers parse font files and access font files from within their applications.
FontBox is very easy to implement and can ease the development process significantly. It provides a simple method for viewing font information in Java.









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The FontBox Product Key project enables developers to more easily handle fonts within applications. FontBox is a Java library designed to parse font files and access font files from within applications. The primary intention of this project is to make the tasks of parsing and accessing font files easier for developers and to provide a method for viewing font information in Java.
The FontBox project is available on SourceForge. You can access the source code, build instructions, or download the font files in two ways:
1. Download the ZIP archive containing the FontBox source code and font files.
2. Check out the FontBox Project from the version control system of your choice. To do this, click on the File menu, then select Checkout Project.
NOTE: The FontBox project is not currently available from To get it, you can check out the FontBox source code from a version control system like CVS or Subversion.
New Releases
New versions of FontBox are released on a regular basis. You can check to see if the latest version is available by checking out the version of FontBox you are using. To do this, go to the SourceForge Project, select the View Project Files link from the Project menu, then select the version.
If you are using a newer version of FontBox than the version currently hosted on, you can download the latest version by clicking the Download link at the end of the SourceForge Project file.
A Note About Compiling FontBox Applications
The default build for the FontBox project is a class library (.jar) file. This is also the executable built by the code that compiles the source code. If you intend to use the FontBox API in an application that does not have a.jar extension, you must compile the source code for that particular application.
When building an executable (.exe) or a set of libraries (.dll) from the FontBox source code, you can simply set the IDE compiler option to be the same as the project compiler option. In other words, you can use the following command:
javac -d.\FontBox\build -source 1.4 -target 1.4 -Xlint
If you wish to add additional font files to the application, you can add them to the.jar file. To do this, place the

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FontBox Torrent Download displays the information from a font file in plain text.

You can upload files from your hard drive to the computer you are running FontBox Serial Key on. The file must be in the “.ttf” format, or in a “.otf” or “.ttc” font file.

The file can contain multiple fonts, multiple sizes of a single font, multiple script types, multiple language support, and several other properties.

Cracked FontBox With Keygen supports all popular font formats:.ttf,.ttc,.otf,.otb,.ttc,.pfb,.pfa and.pfb.

FontBox is written in Java and is self-contained, so it can be easily integrated into your development environment.

Many font formats can be imported into FontBox. Examples include.ttf,.ttc,.otf,.otb,.ttb,.pfb,.pfa,.pfb,.otc,.ots, and. otf. You can also load any text font that was exported from a text format into FontBox.

The Java version of FontBox is a Java application that functions as a very light-weight library. It has been designed so it can be easily integrated with application code. The Java version allows you to view or modify font information quickly and easily.

FontBox is written in Java and is self-contained, so it can be easily integrated into your development environment. FontBox 1.0 or later can be added to your development environment by downloading the FontBox jar ( file from the download section.

Here are a few example “.ttf” files that you can add to your development environment:

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FontBox is a Java library used to

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What’s New in the?

FontBox is a Java library designed to help developers access font files easily.
The FontBox license is free to use with commercial applications only.

FontBox is a Java library designed to access font information and create font renderers from within the application.

FontBox and GraphicsEnvironment are designed to allow a developer to apply font rendering information directly from within an application.

FontBox is intended for designers to work with font files directly from within applications.

FontBox is designed for any display system, but is highly optimized for a specific set of Java2D implementations.

FontBox is implemented as a Java2D extension to the Java platform.

The FontBox methods make it extremely easy to get and use font information and to create custom font renderers.

FontBox is divided into the following packages.

package org.fontbox.font.

Package org.fontbox.font contains all the methods and classes that are needed to access and render font information. FontBox includes an implementation of the IFontInfo interface that is used to access font information from within a Java2D application.

package org.fontbox.font.util.

The utility classes are used to manipulate font files. They are a group of classes such as Font, FontInfo and FontInfoCache that make it very easy to work with font files.

The methods and classes in package org.fontbox.font.provider.

The Provider classes are used to easily create a render font provider from within an application. FontBox comes with a basic provider and allows the developer to add additional font providers to handle more file formats.

package org.fontbox.font.provider.sfnt.

The sfnt class is used to create a provider for the OpenFont File Format (OFL). OFL is a subset of the TrueType font format that is supported by the Java2D Imaging Toolkit and other implementations.

Package org.fontbox.font.util.

The utility classes are used to access and manipulate font files. They are a group of classes such as Font, FontInfo and FontInfoCache that make it very easy to work with font files.

FontBox uses the FontInfoCache to store information about all fonts in the application. It has a simple cache strategy that should be very efficient.

The methods and classes in package


System Requirements For FontBox:

Windows 10
PC System:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2GHz, Intel Core i5 @ 2.4GHz, or AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.7GHz or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Hard Drive: 5 GB free space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or ATI/AMD/NVidia or Nvidia GT 420 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection with a download speed of at least 3 Mbps