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Forget Button For Chrome 0.1.5 Crack+ Activation Key For PC

Forget Button is an extension that provides one-click cleaning for Chrome. It removes all types of data, history, cookies, and forms from your browser.

It automatically erases data after a specified number of days and can be toggled by date range, allowing you to completely wipe your data or set your own to reset to factory defaults.

You can also choose to ignore cookies, even if they have been set.

Forget Button is also compatible with Linux.

The browser extension is based on the free CloudFlare CDN, and the entire user-data is being stored at the level of CDN edge-servers, so it is faster and more secure than simply deleting from local storage. This means your private data is only stored on CloudFlare servers, and cannot be used to track where you have been online.

The free version of Forget Button (1 Million pageviews) limits you to a maximum of 500 Mo.

Because of the good performance and security, Forget Button for Chrome Cracked Accounts has been trending at the No.1 extension for over the past month.

Forget Button was designed to be a fast and effective method for safely erasing browser data, without requiring a lot of manual input. Users can set a custom date range to wipe out data and completely reset the browser to its original factory settings.

Forget Button for Chrome Cracked Version also wipes data from the various applications that have been installed as web extensions, such as Calendar, to-do list, and more. It can also be used to remove data stored in the URL, bookmarks, passwords, history and more.

Another important feature is that the extension removes passwords and other sensitive data, so they cannot be used to steal your account in case your browser is compromised. Forget Button is also compatible with Linux.

Forget Button supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers. It is currently available in the Chrome Web Store for free and features automatic daily, weekly, and monthly cleansing.

According to the Web Store description:

Forget Button can be set to automatically clear your browsing data, forms, passwords, downloads, cookies, history and more, using a one-click button on your toolbar.

All your data is securely and automatically removed, so you can happily browse with no worries.

You can choose any amount of days to set your data to be cleaned and you can even reset your browser to factory settings, all in a single click.

Forget Button For Chrome 0.1.5 Free Registration Code (Updated 2022)

Remove the whole browser or a single program
Select the web browser you wish to clear
Select the data you want to remove
Select the time range you want
Set a custom time span
Use the everyday language

Remove the whole browser or a single program

If you desire to erase the whole browser, you have to select the desktop, local machine or devices setting and click on the “Remove” button.

Select the web browser you wish to clear

Select the program or the device you want to purge to begin with.

Select the data you want to remove

The following icons are the available data in the web browser: History, Cookies, Cache, Downloads, Form Fills, Favorites, Password and Settings.
You can also choose what data to purge, but you have to remember that some of them are protected by your various security settings.

Select the time range you want

The time range is indicated in days.

Set a custom time span

You can choose a custom time span from 0 to 365 days.

Use the everyday language

The extension offers the following language choices: English, French, German and Spanish.

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Forget Button For Chrome 0.1.5 Crack Activation Key

Manage your Google Chrome browser data securely with this simple extension. Forget Button is fast and easy to use and enables you to clear your browser history, cookies and cache.
Cookie Kill:
Erase the cookies, history, passwords and recently opened tabs from the Google Chrome browser.
Erase the cached files, index.dat, js, ejs, page, theme, favicon.ico and images data from the Google Chrome browser.
History Clean:
Clear the history of the Google Chrome browser and all the data associated to the links you have visited.
Website Erase:
Erase the cache for the websites you have visited.
Download Clean:
Clean the cache for the downloaded files, images, videos, fonts, flash files and pdf files from the Google Chrome browser.
File Clean:
Clear the data for the installed applications.
Clear Passwords:
Clear the stored passwords and certificates from the Google Chrome browser.
Encrypted Data:
Erase the certificate and private data of the Google Chrome browser.
Erase the keywords from the Google Chrome browser.
Recent Tabs Clean:
Delete all the tabs of the Google Chrome browser that have not been opened for the last 7 days.
Remove the extension from the Google Chrome browser.
The Forget Button:
Remove the Chrome data that is stored on your computer.
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What’s New in the Forget Button For Chrome?

Delete all your browser data in a few clicks and get a fresh start.
– Creates your own date range for the data to be cleared
– 5 minutes, 2 hours, 1 week or 1 year (6 months)
– Clear history, cache, cookies, downloads, passwords, saved passwords, form data, etc
– Advanced data management, no ads, no tracking

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System Requirements:

Macintosh Quadra 950/1000 (PPC, 68020, 200MHz)
This version requires Mac OS 9.2.2, PowerPC firmware version 2.6 or higher (2.6.4 or higher for Mac OS 9.1 and earlier).
Pentium II (160MHz) or later CPU
This version requires Mac OS 9.2.2 or higher.
Macintosh Quadra 950 (PPC, 68020, 200MHz)
This version requires Mac