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The upload facility of SFTP is probably a reason for the speed of the upload.

It uploads every file separately, while a batch job could (and probably should) have taken care of all files at once in one go.
The FTP upload service works like HTTP and is therefore much slower than SCP – see

That said, FTP upload of a 4.5GB file over an internet connection with a limited upload speed isn’t an easy task.

It may be that Windows does not use the available upload speed to its full capacity.

That would be a problem with the internet connection between the PC and the destination, and not with Windows nor SFTP.

It may be that the Windows firewall or Windows AV is doing their bit to reduce the upload bandwidth available, slowing things down.

There is no good reason not to disable Windows Firewall or Windows AV when you use SFTP upload.

With an upload speed of 200kbps, a 4.5GB file should take about 2 hours and 15 minutes to upload, unless I misunderstand the time requirements. That’s about 1 hour and 25 minutes for the upload, and then less than 1 hour for the transfer, leaving approximately 19 minutes to set up the install, before the update is done.
You probably just need to wait longer.

The Life and Times of an Interested and Informed Amateur Historian (Also a Civil War Reenactor and Generalist Consumate Curmudgeon)

Author: Roselle Wierd

Archive for the ‘Essays’ Category

All kidding aside, it is no doubt with considerable excitement that I am quite pleased to announce that I will be offering a fresh new course beginning in the Fall of 2013: History as an Undergraduate Minor. Starting with a strong foundation in Classics and Art History, this newly envisioned minor will be fully saturated in the study of historiographic methods, philosophy, historiography and all things in between.

The syllabus will begin with the necessary prerequisite studies in the history of ancient Greek, Roman and Germanic civilizations, the basics of art history, the origins of historiography and historiographic methods. Next will come a review of the legacy of the Enlightenment, with a specific emphasis on literature and historiographic methods. From there we will move on to the practical applications of

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Please review and let me know if you would like me to continue to keep the model in reality. It replaced the stub loop, so it’s not significant. On the other hand, it’s not unusual for users to use them interchangeably. Fsx Prepar3d Migration Tool Crac.
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Videos CNET Download.com Reviews TechHive Articles. Determining if You Should Move to 3D. 7 Tips for the First Year.”).#include “stdafx.h”
#include “PhysicsSpline.h”
#include “DudeSpawner.h”
#include “WorldMapGen.h”
#include “Land.h”


static const int landToAirHeightDiff = 1;

bool isInit = false;

void PhysicsSpline::init()
if (isInit) return;
isInit = true;

int w = width, h = height;
int nSplineSteps = 32;
int nSplinePoints = (2*nSplineSteps+1);

float* world = getAlignedData(w, h, “_world”);
vec3 worldPos = vec3(nSplineSteps) * world;

physicsMap = std::make_unique();

bool air = false;
landPos = vec3(nSplineSteps) * world;
float mapWidth = vec3(nSplinePoints) * worldPos.x;
float mapHeight = vec3(nSplineSteps) * (worldPos.y+landToAirHeightDiff);

for (int i = 0; i < nSplineSteps; i++) { float gc = 0.0f; float p1 = ((i == 0)? 0.0f : worldPos.x) / mapWidth; float p2


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