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digestIT is a utility that enables you to hash files or selected text. It is used to quickly check whether a file was tampered with by a virus or an intruder. DigestIT calculates a hash of the file or selected text and displays it on the screen. If the hash is correct, the file has not been changed. In addition, digestIT allows you to verify a hash of the selected text, or the first 512 characters of a file, with the original data. DigestIT can verify that a file was retrieved correctly from a website, or that a file downloaded from a website was not changed in the process. It can also verify a hash of a file that you have downloaded from a website. This can be useful when downloading updates from a website. When the update is downloaded, you should verify the hash of the downloaded file with the hash of the same file on the server. If the hashes match, you can be sure that the update was not tampered with.

– Calculates MD5 and SHA-1 hashes
– Checksum verification
– Checksum generation and verification of files and selected textFrom the moment we arrived, we were excited to move into our new home. Our real estate agent, Nick, was helpful and knew exactly how to help us find our perfect home. We really appreciated all the time and effort he put into finding us the perfect home! The whole house buying process went very smoothly for us and we really appreciated Nick’s patience and professional way of doing business. He made sure that we got to meet everyone that we needed to meet. He had a good network of people and professionals that were willing to help us with anything that we needed. Nick kept us updated with the progress of our house, and was very receptive to our concerns and questions. Our home is a wonderful house, with a huge lot. Nick made sure to walk us through the house, pointing out things like the big windows on the inside, or the neat features that were under the house. Our house is situated in a quiet neighbourhood, with good neighbours. The people that we met on the street were all friendly and kind, which we appreciated. We highly recommend Nick as a realtor, and would certainly use him again in the future. Thank you, Nick, for everything!

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Upload your database into the app and the app will do the rest.
No need to update the connection strings every time you move your database
Simple intuitive and user friendly GUI for database migration
Provides all you need to get a snapshot of your database.

Want to move your SQL Server database to Azure? You need data migration software that allows you to migrate your data from one SQL Server database to another. Sql Server Agent Services, which includes SQL Server Full-Text Indexing, SQL Server Instance Database, SQL Server Logging, SQL Server Profiler, SQL Server Replication, SQL Server Replication Agent, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Snapshot Agent, and SQL Server SideBySide Agent, is required. Click here for additional information.

We also have SQL Server Agent Service for MySQL that is built on top of SQL Server Agent Services. Data Migration Services for MySQL helps you migrate your data from one MySQL instance to another. The service is provided as a free download for local installations, both for x86 and x64 OS systems.

Click on the below link to know about SQL Server Full Text Indexing.

Click here to know about Sql Server Profiler.

Click here to know about SQL Server Reporting Services.

Click here to know about SQL Server Replication.

Click here to know about SQL Server Replication Agent.

Click here to know about SQL Server Instance Database.

Click here to know about SQL Server SideBySide Agent.

Click here to know about SQL Server Logging.

Click here to know about SQL Server Replication Agent.

SQL Server Agent Service (MSFT) for MySQL

Install on the local machine or on remote servers (need to install the appropriate agent on both servers and the client).

Download and install the SQL Server Agent Service for MySQL.

Launch SQL Server Agent Services for MySQL on a client machine or a remote server where you will start the migration.

Start the SQL Server Agent Service for MySQL on a client machine or a remote server where you will start the migration.

Go to Tools > DataMigrationServices.msi to launch the Data Migration Services wizard.

The system will download the required agent services and will launch the Wizard for you.

Note: If the SQL Server Agent Service for MySQL is not installed on the client system, the wizard will not launch.

Download and install the required agent services on the client