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If you’re a manufacturer of various chemical products, then you already know the importance of safety and the means to encourage it. You probably already know a thing or two about safety labels and Safety Data Sheets, or SDS for short. An SDS is created to provide detailed information regarding the properties of chemicals, potential hazards, and how to use them safely.
These documents are carefully crafted according to a standard that is called the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, or GHS for short. In order to make sure that your documentation always respects the standard, you could use an authoring tool called GHSAuth.
Create proper SDS for your products
With GHSAuth you don’t have to keep track of the various sections and subsections in your documentation. Each of the 16 sections required by the GHS is presented in a separate tab; all you have to do is fill out the blanks by providing the correct information.
The program is very easy-to-use; basically, it's a word processor with a very clear purpose. Most sections just allow you to write and format your text, but there are also two exceptions. In subsection 2.2, the application offers you a series of pictograms that you can add to the SDS. In subsection 3.1, where you must specify the composition of your product, you can select the chemical components from a long list.
A useful tool for your company
If you’re a manufacturer of chemical products, then this application can certainly make the writing of your documentation more efficient. You may also use the application to create safety labels for your company. GHSAuth is a free tool, but you can choose to pay extra if you wish to add your company’s logo to the document, or if you want to remove the "Powered by" text from your documents and labels.







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GHSAuth is a software product that helps you properly label your hazardous chemicals according to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). What is the GHS? It is a system of classifications that provides information on the properties of chemicals and the potential hazards they can pose.
You can use GHSAuth with your MS Word documents to create GHS compatible labels. You can also use the software to create safety data sheets. Both labels and SDSs are intended to help protect your users as well as your property and equipment.
Features of GHSAuth:
* Create label for hazardous chemical products like Lead and its compounds, Benzene, Paint thinners, Aviation fuel, Antiseptics, Medicine, Insecticides, Potassium cyanide, Mercury and its compounds, Carbon monoxide, Oxygen.
* Create Label for safety Data Sheet like gloves, fume hood, vacum, fire extinguisher, certain type of machine, gas tank.
* It has many input formats like. a) From various websites, b) from MS Word Documents, c) you can enter the chemical composition manually.
* You can import chemical reports from ChemSpider/PubChem and bring it into MS Word.
* You can organize your chemicals according to GHS Categories, Subcategories, & Subgroups.
* Create labels for chemical products by using classification codes or chemical names and GHS labels for your hazardous chemicals.
* Create labels from or import Chemical Formulary and convert them into GHS labels.
* You can modify the text in different languages.
* It is MS Word compatible and it is designed to work with all MS Word versions.
* You can edit the label according to your needs.
* You can customize labels according to your requirement.
* Save GHS labels
* Export PDF, JPEG, PNG from the software.
* Use various colour schemes.
* It is user friendly & fun to use.
How to get the software:
* Visit
* Complete the registration
* Proceed with checkout
* Download the software

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Use GHSAuth to create GHGHS compliant labels, manuals and SDSs. GHSAuth takes care of most of the leg work for you and lets you concentrate on what you need to get done!

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A worldwide safety standard for material safety data sheets, which is designed to help people prepare, review, and use chemical products safely. Compatible with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), which ensures the compatibility of safety data sheet with various international standard agencies.

Name of the document: External names and symbols of products1.2.1 Examples of symbolisms and abbreviations1.2.2 Used symbols and abbreviations1.2.3 Examples of the application1.2.4 Examples of GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant compounds
1.2.5 Combination of compound and substance1.2.6 Examples of the application1.2.7 Examples of GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant products
1.2.8 Use of the GHS1.2.9 Legal requirements to GHS1.2.10 Examples of the application1.2.11 Examples of GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant labels
1.3.1 Example of the application1.3.2 Examples of GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant documents1.3.3 Examples of the application1.3.4 Examples of GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant documents
1.3.5 Examples of the application
1.3.6 Examples of the application
1.3.7 Examples of the application
1.3.8 Example of the application1.3.9 Examples of the application1.4 Usage of other documents
1.4.1 Examples of the application1.4.2 Other documents
1.4.3 Examples of the application1.4.4 Examples of the application
1.4.5 Examples of the application
1.4.6 Examples of the application
1.4.7 Examples of the application
1.5 Safety record
1.5.1 Example of the application
1.5.2 Example of the application
1.5.3 Example of the application1.5.4 Example of the application
1.5.5 Example of the application
1.6 Examples of the application
1.6.1 GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant label
1.6.2 GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant label
1.6.3 GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant label
1.6.4 GHS compliant and non-GHS compliant label

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System Requirements For GHSAuth:

• Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (64-bit) with 2 GB RAM and a Quad-Core Intel Core 2 Duo 1.3 GHz or greater.
• DirectX® 11-compatible graphics card with 256 MB of video memory (dual graphics cards with at least 2 GB of video memory are required to use the Frostbite Engine in single-player).
• NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 4870, and Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz (2.66 GHz for both Intel® and AMD CPU systems)