WinLife is a lightweight and portable application you can use to find out for how long your computer has been turned on. It doesn’t contain any sort of customization properties, since it acts only as a viewer.
This type of software comes in handy for monitoring system uptime to help you find out if the computer was restarted while you were away, whether by a running application automatically or by another person.
Portable application
The complete program’s wrapped in just one.exe file that can be saved anywhere on the disk or dropped onto a USB flash drive to directly run it on any machine without any software requirements.
No entries are added to the system registry, and no files or folders are generated on the disk without your approval. To perform an uninstall, you just have to delete this item.
Monitor Windows uptime
As far as the interface is concerned, WinLife has a single window with a simple design and layout, where the Windows uptime is automatically calculated and displayed in number of days, hours, minutes and seconds.
This information is auto-refreshed every second, so there’s no need to click any buttons or restart the program to obtain accurate data. There are no other aspects worth noting about WinLife. It doesn’t have buttons for minimizing it to the systray or taskbar.
Evaluation and conclusion
Although the product hasn’t been updated for a long time, it had no compatibility issues with the most recent edition of Windows we tested it on. It didn’t hang, crash or indicate errors. Unsurprisingly, it used minimal CPU and RAM, so it didn’t hog computer resources.
It may not look like much, but WinLife offers a straightforward method for monitoring your computer’s uptime, and it’s geared toward all types of users. Since it takes up little space and doesn’t need installation, you can make it part of your system information toolkit.

What’s new
WinLife has been recently updated to reflect the current day. We also added support for new and old editions of Windows, as well as some improvements to the main window.The invention relates to automatic welding and cutting machinery, and more particularly to an improved automatic welder having improved shielding of the weld area.
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