Build & print your own keyboard shortcuts and macros for any program, from Windows to Mac.KEYMACRO Key-Macros include:
Windows: Super, Win-key, Task-Switcher, Start-Menu, Volume-Up, Volume-Down, Menu-Key, Alt-Key, Tab-Key, Space-Key, Print-Key, Alt-Tab, Windows-Key, Alt-Menu, Alt-Space, Shift-Ctrl-Esc-Key, Control-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Space, Win-Ctrl-Del-Key, Win-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Alt-Ctrl-Del-Key, Win-Tab, Ctrl-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Win-Space, Alt-Win-Space, Win-Delete-Key, Ctrl-Win-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Delete-Key, Ctrl-Win-Del-Key, Win-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Tab, Ctrl-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Tab, Win-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Tab-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Tab-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Alt-Tab, Win-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Tab, Ctrl-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Tab, Ctrl-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Tab-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Tab-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Tab-Key, Alt-Tab, Win-Tab, Ctrl-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Alt-Win-Space, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Win-Delete-Key, Ctrl-Win-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt-Del-Key, Ctrl-Alt d82f892c90

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– Get reference/example codes and macros using the most professional software.
– It is a database of the most complete and professional reference available today.
– This database is a guide to developing software that is not only a reference book but also an effective tool.
– You can find the most sophisticated and professional programming techniques in this reference.
– List of examples for all files and programs used in the book.
– Working examples for all programming functions to be used in the book.
– Good reference for programmers and professionals in the software field.
Keyreferences in the book are following :
– Aladdin
– Adobe
– Borland
– Delphi
– Free Pascal
– InConstruct
– Lucretia
– Microsoft
– Minc
– Microsoft Office
– Delphi for Android
– Delphi for Linux
– Delphi for Oracle
– Delphi for Win32
– Delphi for Unix
– Delphi for XE6
– Delphi for iOS
– Delphi for Android
– Delphi for Windows Phone
– Delphi for Windows
– Incomatec
– Ovid
– Quest
– SmartBasic
– Visual Basic
– Core Data
– Delphi
– DFM2
– FastReport
– Infosphere
– Java
– JavaFX
– JIDE C++
– JIDE Rich Client Platform
– JIDE Reporting
– JIDE Reports
– JIDE Reports Java
– JIDE Reports XML
– JLite
– JScript
– Kanji
– Kaspersky Lab
– Kevlar
– Lotus
– Lucretia
– Mascot
– MaxMind
– MFire
– MicroSoft SQL
– MicroSoft SQL Server
– MicroSoft SQL Server 2005
– Narula
– OpenOffice
– OpenOffice Java
– OpenOffice Base
– OpenOffice Calc
– OpenOffice Contacts
– OpenOffice Draw
– OpenOffice Impress
– OpenOffice Impress Java
– OpenOffice Impress XML
– OpenOffice Java
– OpenOffice JAVA
– OpenOffice JAV