KEYMACRO enables you to easily generate 16-bit and 8-bit macros in an easy to use key board. It uses a very easy and simple interface that could be used for beginners and advanced users. It has a built-in file explorer, so that you could easily save your settings or create a new file to start a new macro.
KEYMACRO Features:
– Save settings of the macro
– Generate macros from files and directories
– Reset settings and start a new macro
– Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions
– Edit configurations
– Select and create macros from available files
– Useful for beginners and advanced users
– All features available at one place
– Create and edit macros with just a click
– Adjust names of the macros
– Customize keyboard shortcuts
– Create and export macro
– Set shortcuts for key sequence
– Set label for macro
– Clean shortcuts
– Many more

S6 Application Launcher Description:
S6 Application Launcher is a Windows application that allows you to execute files, applications and processes right from your desktop and hide them by locking them in a folder.
Just drag and drop your files into a folder that you’ve created, the desktop icon will be created in this folder and the application launcher will be able to launch it. You can create your own launchers for your favorite applications by dragging them from the Start menu. You can also create keyboard shortcuts or place the shortcuts in your system tray so you can launch any application without any mouse movement.
Main features:
– Start applications, files or processes right from your desktop and hide them by locking them in a folder.
– Create launchers for your favorite applications or hide the applications, files and processes in folders on your desktop.
– Create keyboard shortcuts for applications, files or processes.
– Drag and drop files into a folder to create desktop launchers for them.
– Create and edit launchers with just a click.
– Customize icons and colors for each launcher.
– Uninstall and reset launchers with just a click.
– Set the short cut for files, applications and processes.
– Save and export all your launchers to a file or generate them as a system shortcut.
– Set names and descriptions for each launcher.
– Set shortcut keys for each launcher.
– Customize desktop and taskbar settings.
– Clear desktop and taskbar programs, files and processes with one click.
– Set priority and name for each launcher.
– Generate desktop 84e02134c1

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Keymacro is a software utility that can help you to control the mouse and keyboard. It is designed to work as a macro program that enables you to repeat a single action of mouse or keyboard a number of times. Keymacro is a useful software for fixing broken keys, remapping keyboard keys, controlling multiple computers and keystrokes simultaneously.Jurors Will Decide Felony Assault Charge Against Former Philadelphia Mayor in Video of Shoving an Ombudsman

For over three decades, the unruly City Hall has had a public advocate, officially called a “ombudsman,” to help interpret Philadelphia’s murky ethics rules and to serve as an ombudsman of sorts for the public.

But when the newest ombudsman, Jason Fetcho, refused to toe the line and wanted to hold a press conference criticizing the Department of Public Works director of construction for illegally billing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars for padded cranes, Joseph Murray allegedly decided to remove Fetcho from the job he was hired to do.

City Hall sources and Murray’s attorney believe Murray then refused to give Fetcho the raise he had been promised, which is why Fetcho allegedly decided to take his frustrations out on the city’s chief operating officer.

Fetcho’s secretary, Erica Rosen, said she thought she saw Murray coming toward her coworker, but Fetcho said he knew what was going to happen before he was even assaulted.

“I knew he was going to do it. He was the one who was picking a fight with me. He was the one who was picking a fight with me,” Fetcho told NBC10. “I figured what he was going to do was say he was going to ‘f this guy up.’ It was just coming.”

Fetcho then went to the office’s computer room where he called 911 to report he had been assaulted by Murray, but police refused to arrest the mayor for assault. Fetcho told NBC10 that “my injuries are substantial.”

But when Mayor Michael Nutter arrived at City Hall the next day, Fetcho said he was subjected to abuse by the mayor’s office employees.

“There was one very big Hispanic girl yelling at me and one very large African-American guy with his chest out there intimidating me. So I was really scared. I didn’t know what to do,”