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HD Online Player (Go Cabbies!GB Free [BETTER] Download [portabl)



HD Online Player (Go Cabbies!GB Free Download [portabl)

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i am trying to find a program that will allow me to capture video from my web cam and save it to a disc.

and nothing has worked.
i think i am lacking a ‘driver’ program.
but i have everything i should need.
i have a canon digital camera and a camcorder.
i am trying to get video from my web cam (canon digital camera) to my laptop (palm treo 600).
i used the windows-support site to download the appropriate ‘drivers’ from my web cam but they never showed up in my driver manager.

what can i do?
all i want to do is put the images from the web cam onto my laptop.

i am a very busy girl with a lot of things i have to do.
also i have never run a computer.

i need to read the manual.

now i am in texas.
are there any good sites for online help for linux?

for windows users, there is a place called microsoft resources.

but i was really looking for linux, and a way to get help from people who know what they are doing.

thanks, -never done anything before.

i am trying to use a palm pilot, a treo 600.
it does not have a disk drive.
i want to use it as a quick, handy thing to show on the web.
does anybody know how i can do this?

i am trying to connect my palm to the internet.
i can do it if i put a floppy disk on my lap top.
i bought a wireless modem from optic network but i don’t think it is compatible.
what do i do?

i am trying to work from home.

it is very unproductive, because i am unable to do anything else.
i cannot talk on the phone.

i have a palm pilot and i just got a wireless modem from optic network.

i am on a


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