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* Simple
* Small size
* Portable
* Hidden folders may be viewed, and unhidden, without end users having any access to them

Shareware As standard, you may download and use HiddenDIR fully for free. You can find information about its features and evaluation on the Download page, as well as instructions on how to use the app.

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Since Windows Server 2008 R2, you can use this tool: Folder Redirection. This tool is a lot more powerful and easy to use than HiddenDIR.
To use this feature you need to add an entry to the Group Policy Editor. To do so, open the Group Policy Editor from start menu -> Run -> gpedit.msc. Click the Policies tab -> Folder Redirection, then “Add” the group policy you want to set.
Also, you can define a policy to replace current folders with a customized folder. To do so, simply define a policy to replace “Current Folders” by a custom folder (for example /ToMyFolder/), and a new policy to redirect the folder “Current Folders” to the custom folder you just created. This way you can hide an existing folder and redirect it to another.
To hide the current folders, just don’t add any policy to this folder.


Pretend that you have never heard of this app and you are about to use it for the first time ever.
What does HiddenDIR do?
It basically generates a shell script (a text file) that runs cmd.exe on the desktop with a single parameter: cd “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\UserData\AppData\Local\Temp\$$”. The $$ means the last number in the folder name.
Not only does this create a shell script, but it also ensures that you don’t have permissions to perform any operations whatsoever with this folder. The script itself is not executable, so it is not in your path.
Is it safe to use?
I have been trying to find answers to this question since I first heard about it. Although it is definitely a very easy way to make a folder “invisible” I couldn’t find any sources telling if it is safe or not.
I myself would not use this app. I would just rename all the files I want to keep hidden in an hidden folder. Yes, you have to browse for this hidden folder manually, but that’s not that much of a hassle.
Note that since folder redirection only protects file paths and folder names, it is still possible to see the contents of a folder by replacing the filename with a “%23” or “%25” if a folder named “fakes

HiddenDIR With Key (Final 2022)

Hide a directory in Windows Explorer and Nautilus
Hide folders in Linux/ChromeOS (via shell script)
macOS Finder – Hidden folders and files


Uses GUI not requiring admin rights
Does not alter Windows registry settings


There’s no drag-and-drop functionality
Hidden dir no longer shows up in Windows Explorer

AppFaray is a free, portable GUI that allows you to find out which programs are accessing your hard drive and CPU, and block them, on your system.
Advantages of the tool are that it does not require admin rights to run; it is easy to use; and it displays information in a clear manner.
Disadvantages are that it is limited to just 7 days; and it does not have an option to hide folders that are set to be excluded from recent documents in Windows Explorer.
According to the developer, AppFaray “allows you to control who is doing what on your computer.” This frees you from users you do not trust.
In order to use the tool, you need to install it to any computer with an administrator account; then, it should run and start the process of monitoring applications.
Once it’s all done, you can go to Control Panel > AppControl, where you can see a complete overview of applications and file accesses, as well as their status.
By manually blocking unwanted users or programs, you can restrict the activities of others and keep your system running without getting distracted.
In addition, appfaray will be added to the list of applications installed to your system.
In order to start monitoring users or programs, you need to click the appfaray icon. After that, click the “Start” button in the window that pops up and select “Hide System Apps and Startup” from the list.
Then, you can run the program through the desktop shortcut or by clicking the executable inside the app package.
AppFaray or the desktop icon will open the program window, which will show you a list of active processes. You can also find out how many applications or programs are running. If you need to block, you have to press the button that will send the application to the “blocked” list, as shown in the screen capture below

What’s New in the HiddenDIR?

Allows you to temporarily make folders invisible.
Simple interface and straightforward options.
Password protection.
Does not work properly on Windows 7.
May not be portable, since it requires a registered version.

HideDesktop 2.0
HideDesktop is a simple software utility that helps you make the desktop invisible. Why would you want to do that? It is simply done to prevent others from accessing the desktop, without them getting the opportunity to look at what’s on your PC or delete anything of importance.
Best alternative: Unhide a folder
One of the most obvious alternatives to hide the desktop would be something like Unhide a folder, as its name suggests. This program comes in a portable version and is very simple to use, so it won’t take a lot of time to figure out.
Portability perks
Like HiddenDIR, Unhide a folder features the possibility to save it on a pen drive or other mass storage device. This tool is free and does not require a registration or install.
Plain interface with simple settings
Unlike the controversial HiddenDIR, Unhide a folder is simple to handle and looks great. You can make the desktop visible by clicking on the button labeled “View”. However, its only two buttons are not sufficient to hide or unhide the folder. It requires you to go through its properties and find the “Show desktop icon” option. Once it is enabled, the icon will not be visible.
Password protection
Unhide a folder allows you to determine whether others should be able to see it. It can be password protected so that only selected users can access the feature. This option is found in the “Security” tab. In other words, you can hide the icon and protect its functionality with the strength of your password.
Very reliable utility
This program does not alter any Windows registry settings, so it won’t create any problems with your PC’s stability. You can save it to a pen drive or other mass storage device, and it won’t change anything on your machine.
Moreover, you will not get any warning messages when you start using it, as it is completely trustworthy.
Evaluation and conclusion
Both Free and Portable version of Unhide a folder fulfill their advertised purposes. So, who are you waiting for? Download and enjoy!
HideDesktop Description:
Password protection.
Very simple interface and straightforward settings.
Does not work on Windows 7.

Download HideDesktop Portable for


System Requirements:

– XP or higher
– 40mb RAM
– 20mb HD space (1gb recommended)
– Soundcard (voice and music required)
– WotLK (BF3) or TFT (BF1942)
– Dual layer DVD disc with PAUSE function (optional)
– U- or Z-Finder (optional)
– Original cartridge (optional)
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