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Open DHCP Server is a free Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server solution that enables network administrators to centrally control network IP addressing.
You can create and manage multiple DHCP servers, load balance to different servers, and assign custom ranges of IP addresses to your clients.
Open DHCP Server comes with a comprehensive set of configuration settings, including the ability to specify which network interfaces a DHCP server should listen to and the ability to disable DHCP server replication, which allows you to secure your DHCP server from being compromised by attackers.
Open DHCP Server can also be used to distribute network addresses to your computers on your corporate network, including servers, workstations, printers, and other devices.
Open DHCP Server offers a high level of customization and administration options. For example, you can specify which IP addresses Open DHCP Server should offer and which IP addresses it should automatically assign to new network devices.
Open DHCP Server is based on the Distributed Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) specification. It provides secure and reliable IP addressing for all networked devices and offers advanced configuration settings that are powerful and customizable.
Purchasing this software product entitles you to use it for an unlimited number of computers in your own network. You can also purchase additional licensing to support more network devices.
Open DHCP Server comes with the following features:
— Lightweight and efficient (on a per interface basis) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server that can distribute IP addresses to any connected network device — Ideal for multi-user environments, service provider deployments, or enterprise networks — Provides automatic IP allocation for devices that have the least network connectivity — Supports the bootstrap protocol (BOOTP) and Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) for bootstrapping devices on your network — Supports IPV6 addressing (DHCPv6) — Supports replication of DHCP servers to reduce the possibility of a single point of failure — Supports advanced network configuration settings that are powerful and customizable — Supports dynamic IP address allocation to network devices with the least network connectivity — One of the most comprehensive DHCP server solutions available

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Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet’s system for translating from Domain Names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. (Like IP, a Domain Name is just a number.) By translating from domain names to IP addresses, DNS allows computers to easily find each other and to be reached over the Internet. It is used to locate the nameservers, or domain controllers eea19f52d2


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Possible to escape ampersand in an ASP.NET TextBox ASP.NET RequiredFieldValidator attribute?

I’m using a RequiredFieldValidator on a field and want the following to happen.
The value of the textbox must not contain an ampersand (&) character.
However, I have to escape it to work as I want.