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– Transmit a keyboard shortcut from the mouse
– Send a keyboard shortcut to a target application
– Send the mouse position to another application

With the G-Shock gadget for Yahoo! Widget Engine, Yahoo! widgets can now come to life on your desktop. A variety of available and custom widgets can be easily placed on your desktop and executed, providing the start menu integration of widgets already included with Yahoo! Widget Engine.
The G-Shock gadget for Yahoo! Widget Engine provides the basic, stock set of Yahoo! widgets, allowing users to easily customize the widgets with their own content, without the need of installing additional software. The host application, Yahoo! Widget Engine must first be installed on the target PC.
The G-Shock gadget for Yahoo! Widget Engine comes in a lightweight package, able to be stored on a thumb drive along with all collection of gadgets for every other computer.
The current gadget supports Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. It is currently in beta version and will not run on Windows 8.
G-Shock gadget for Yahoo! Widget Engine FAQ:
– Is there any way to create a shortcut for specific Yahoo! widgets?
– Is there any way to define my own widgets for custom content?
– Is there any way to play GIF/JPG files?
– Is there any way to use Yahoo! browser plug-in?


When you need to add a very detailed representation of a modern racing car to your desktop, the one and only solution is G-Shock. An elegant and highly detailed gadget that can be dragged anywhere on the desktop to bring your desktop to life.

How can G-Shock help me?

G-Shock can make your desktop more fun and more personal, creating the perfect personalized touch on your computer.

G-Shock allows you to create a fully detailed representation of any product or object you want on your desktop. It is available in three different layouts:

Box – this is the default layout;

Canvas – this is a highly detailed representation of a box;

Timber – a detailed representation of a picture box.

You can change all the visual settings of G-Shock, so that you can use it to represent anything:

Any picture – you can choose from a collection of thousands of images of different brands and products. d82f892c90

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KeyMacro is an easy-to-use and trusted program designed to create and edit the content of application macros.
KeyMacro can create a macro, edit the macros content and export it to other macros. Macros are used to automate repetitive actions in software programs.
KeyMacro also allows you to insert in any text document a specific sequence of keystrokes to create and edit the content of macros.

Diskarte DiskMount is a powerful Windows disk manager that uses the filesystem API (File System API) to automatically mount and unmount (stop) different disk types. With Diskarte DiskMount the user can use his own commands or commands from one of the pre-installed commands in order to view and operate the disk.

Diskarte DiskMount features…

– disk type support (files, image, compressed file, video, etc.)
– easily mounted and unmounted any disk type
– disk attributes (size, accessed time, free space, etc.)
– scan disks and repair bad sectors
– safe disks (prevent file overwriting)
– built-in virus scanner
– additional commands for mounted disks (for example, allowing specific users to have access to specific disks)

Videxpress Viewer is a standard Windows application for viewing, organizing and managing media files. Use it to view, play, pause, fast forward, rewind, copy, record, download, share, burn, mount and more! Videxpress Viewer includes an optical drive emulator that allows you to play CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, VCDs, and S-VHS tapes. You can even view and play the contents of Audio CDs.

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FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is an audio compression codec, which was developed by the Xiph.org team to be a free, universal audio file format. As it is lossless, it can be decoded and converted back into a high-fidelity version of the source music, without any loss of quality.Q:

How can I use javascript to append to a tag attribute?

I have a tag:

I would like to append javascript to this tag after on click with: