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iWather is a free search engine rank checker and monitor, it tracks the search engine positions of thousands of web sites for you. The program displays the current ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Lycos, Excite, Dogpile, Looksmart, Scooter, Open Directory, Ask, Live, Delphi, Hotbot, Vivisimo, Looksmart and other major search engines such as Blekko and other.
Using the latest techniques for determining search engine placement, iWather constantly updates all data. You can view the positions of your own site and other web pages on search engines on a search engine basis, and even monitor your competitor’s sites!
iWather allows you to login and view any sites on any search engines, which can be very helpful when troubleshooting problems or trying to find out how the search engines rank your own or your competitors sites.
With the iWather Tester you can test your site for its position on the search engines before you invest a lot of money into promotion.
iWather Features:
■ Detailed historical rankings of every site on search engines with screenshots
■ Clear and intuitive interface
■ You can use it as a web page profiler and monitor
■ Supports almost every major search engine
■ Export results to CSV and HTML files
■ You can receive email alert when the site changes the ranking.
■ Adjust the size of the search engine to make it larger, which is a big help for those who struggle to see details.
■ A log file is generated. It can be viewed with any text editor.
■ New records show up in the window or in the log file.
■ Use the log file to visualize the search engine results (need a special text editor to open it).
The program can record the changes on each search engine. You can also see the record of the number of hits.
The log file may be seen with any text editor.
■ Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
■ Requires the Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 or 1.2
The user guide included is installed on the program CD-ROM.
iWather Screenshot:

Wynn Las Vegas
Welcome to the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. During the “Ralph’s Magn

IWatcher Crack PC/Windows

iWatcher Torrent Download is a tool that enables you to scan the search engine places of any domain name. It also helps you find out the search engine result text, title and url of the page that is shown to any keyword.

iWather is a free search engine checker for Windows that displays the results of a search for your keywords in many different search engines. Using a single search box it is easy to choose the engines you are interested in. The results are displayed in an easy to read diagram that allows you to see the positions, top and bottom ranking results, monthly and yearly rankings.
iWather Features:
-Report results for several search engines at once
-A simple search box for choosing search engines
-Displays the results graphically, allowing you to see the rank and ranking for each engine.
-Displays the results in either a monthly or yearly calendar view.
-Allows you to register to a search engine when they have added the free API
-Includes a help file that is almost the same as the program itself!
-Supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
-Supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew and Basque
-Supports Windows XP and Vista
-Only needs an Internet connection to run
-Supports all versions of all the major browsers
-Supports those firewalls that are not compatible
-Supports sockets
-Supports domain names
-Supports robots.txt files
-Supports user agents
-Supports daily, weekly and monthly updates
-Supports advanced filtering options
-Supports all major languages
-Supports advanced filtering of results
-Supports incremental updates
-Supports multiple searches in one click
-Supports saving results in HTML form
-Supports saving results in XML form
-Supports saving results in an XML-RPC interface
-Supports saving results in an RSS feed
-Supports saving results in an Atom feed
-Supports saving results as.SYSML files
-Supports saving results in an RSS feed
-Supports the option of blank results
-Supports automatically closing connections after an amount of time
-Supports when a program is run as an administrator
-Supports when a program is run as a limited user
-Supports when a program is run at a specific time

IWatcher Crack+ Serial Key For PC [Updated]

iWatcher is a free, easy and powerful tool that is used to research the placements of your web site in any search engines.
Key Features:
1. Advanced tools to help research search engines locations, keywords, forums and more.
2. History view with easy to read/print reports.
3. Export to Excel and HTML format to make analysis and search results viewing more easier.
4. You can add your own keywords and search engines,which are registered in all these search engines in an easily added list.
5. No limit to specify search engines.
6. You can export the results in HTML format to review easily.
7. The option to add all keywords to ‘delay’ search for later analysis.
8. Start and stop the recording at any time.
9. Add keywords on a flexible basis to ensure as high a ranking as possible.
10. Customize the keywords list from any number of any of the search engines on any number of keywords of your choice.
11. Supports both normal and forced search results.
About Developer:
Program was developed by Vadim Semenov ( “hacking-nuthatch” ). More info about him can be found at “www.pobodech.net”,

I Wather (www.iWather.com) can record rankings for any search engine at any time. See your website’s rankings and moves. Know when and why they did it.I Wather can also log your rankings for up to 30 days to see what keywords, phrases or operators generated them. You can schedule keyword updates or specify updates to “late”. And, you can even automatically update the rankings for every search engine every day – or every day for every search engine. I Wather is an extremely powerful keyword research tool. It’s the industry standard keyword research tool and the simple fact that it’s free is reason enough to check it out.

I Wather is a market research tool that not only finds websites by using Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines but can also help you find Websites by keyword that are included in a number of different search engines.

Within seconds I Wather can search 10,000 different engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Altavista. I Wather also has the capability to search for the exact keywords used in the Title tag, Description tag, and

What’s New In IWatcher?

■ Searches 5 major search engines, News aggregators, Social networks, Blogs & directories.
■ Removeable data log, and Historical data.
■ Set up searches in minutes using HTML source code.
■ Displays, and Searches search engine results, but not the original URLs.
■ Has a customizable interface.
Why Use iWather?
1) iWather can display search engine results, but not the original URL.
2) iWather is part of a wider suite of web analytics tools known as Top Search Analytics Suite (TSAS) which consist of iWatcher, SEO Toolbox, SEO Quotient.
3) iWather is a result oriented tool.
4) iWather is free.
5) iWather is easy to use.
6) iWather does a good job of reporting searches done, and where the search results show.
7) iWather does a fair job of reporting where the search results shows.
8) iWather does a good job of reporting where the search results shows.
9) iWather makes doing SEO very easy by relieving the need to use difficult HTML code to program searches.
10) iWather makes SEO more dynamic and less tedious by allowing you to create a search engine that can be shared with others, and modified yourself to reflect your own tastes.
11) iWather makes search marketing very easy by allowing you to simultaneously monitor a lot of search engines with one simple program.
12) iWather makes SEO very easy by allowing you to search with the search engines server side query language.
13) iWather makes SEO very easy by allowing you to use very simple criteria to search engines.
iWather Key Features:
■ Searches up to 30 search engines (with option to add more)
■ Reports only the search engine results.
■ Keeps track of search history for a maximum of 30 days.
■ Keeps track of search history for a maximum of 5 search engines.
■ Displays search engine results, but not the original URL.
■ Optional removeable log data.
■ Works with HTML source code.
■ Can be upgraded to store additional search engines.
■ Read the full description of each search engine search.
■ Can be customized to

System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
* 1 GB of RAM
* 4 GB of space on your hard disk
1. Install the Application
The application can be downloaded from the following link:
2. Start the Application
After the download, unzip and run the application. If the application does not start properly, you can manually start the application by double-clicking the’minen.exe’ file.
3. Gameplay